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  1. Evenly Distributed Hexagons On A Object

    Hi Konstantin, Thanks for your great suggestion ! However, When I follow those techniques and combined them together, the edges are getting cut. The surface is not fully consist of hexagons. It's not like the perfect evenly distributed hexagon grid. I'm trying to get a hexagon surface on a car geo, but I'm still not completely achieving what I want.
  2. Hi, I've been trying to generate an even hexagon tile on an object but unfortunately, I couldn't achieve the look I want. Either the hexagons are different size when I project them onto the surface of an object or some of them stretches. I know that even-sized hexagons can be created on a grid or a sphere but how about on a car mesh? I have some approaches that work fairly but not completely. I'd really appreciate if I can get any help on this subject.