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  1. Hello I have a problem, using an alembic file to control clouds or pyro. The points where animated in Softimage, exported as alembic, imported to Houdini and now I want create a cloudy storm with the velocity and Pointposition of these points. I already tried some of the example files I found here and on the cgwiki page... with a normap popnetwork it works, but I just dont get it to run with my alembic file. Since there are many ways, I thought about converting the points to VDB, use the VDB to controll volume like pyro and clouds. One point I dont understand and dont know how to solve: does my .abc file have velocity information? When I hover with middle mouse, it tells me, there is 'v'. But Using the vel is not working. Another question is: Since I would like to slowly switch from SI to Houdini - how would I do a setup like these in Houdini? In Softimage I used the tangent of a curve to move the points circular. After that a gravity node with + values to push the points up in the are. And a distance between emitter a point position to controll speed and gravity strength. How would a setup like that look in Houdini? Thank you very much! marc0s edit: the example.zip is an alembic file with some frames of my setup, just if you wonder. example.zip storm.mp4
  2. thx @MENOZ , @f1480187 and @Thomas Helzle, will check you input right not. Actually, its a very "bad" format, *.*jt. from siemens and the only applications that can handle the modles are some CAD programms and 3Ds Max and some other special programm. I dont own both of them, so I had to use custom script in Softimage to read it. Its working, but with alot of problems. Like Thomas mentioned, the "mesh" I get in Softimage is ugly bad. Thats why I thought, I could maybe use VDB to get a clean result. One good thing is, I can group the mesh and "only" have to work on a part of the hole engine. Its still a lot of fixing, but that could work. Got a nice result today on fixing smaller parts, creating cross-sections and putting them together with the original mesh. I again used VDB workflow to create a clean and fast model to replace the original, messed one. Tomorrow I can show some of the progress to make the problem more visible. Not sure, what I may shwo right now. Thx again for you input, will check that out now! marc0s
  3. hello Skybar, Yea, thats an option to wait, but till than I would like to test if I can handle it with other ways. I just found out that I had to change the Iterations in 'VDB Convert'. I now have quite a nice Model. Anyway, looking forward for more techniques marc0s
  4. Good evening I am trying, to boolean a very complex model inside houdini. Its an engine that has thousands of little parts. Since the original format is not supported, I had to use Softimage first and than export the geometry. The first problem of course is alot of open caps, dissconnected edges etc. Actually most of models we get from architecture/ingeneur applications, give us alot of headache Anyway, I thought first thing to use would be a 'remesh'. Takes some time, but thats working. Problem is, the geometry will be smoothed out and so on. And when using 'cookie' houdini is crashing. What about using VDB? I tried that. Super fast and actually a nice result. But when I combine the engine with a cube to cut out a cross-section and 'convert to vdb' to get a polygon model, the model has alot of holes, disconnects etc. Is there a recommended workflow? I exported the model from Softimage as Alembic btw. Thanks alot, marc0s
  5. Weight Map (XSI) to Houdini /PyroFX

    yes!!! that was easy actually, hehhe. Now I just have one more problem, but that seems to be a Softimage problem. The FBX does not save the vertex animation, only first frame... either I find a solution for that, or Ill bake the vertex into a texture map sequence... Lots of work do get it done, but lots of learning, too. Now, since I understand how to promote from vertex to point attribute, it shouldn't be a big problem to promote from texture map sequence color to point attribute. thx alot for the lesson
  6. Weight Map (XSI) to Houdini /PyroFX

    ahhh, exporting/importing vertex from Softimage is even more easy than I thought I just had to convert the weights to vertex first and export as FBX. So, I finally have a grid with Alpha, Cd, and N attributes. Like Marco mentioned, I set the " Scale by Source Attribute" at the geometry under "SDF from Geometry". But where to put the Source Attribute? In the "Source Attribute" (green)? When I do this, nothing happens. How can I find the link to the original density (since its green, the density is set somwhere else?)? I attached the vertex.fbx, but I think, thats correct since I can see the Cd attribute. vertex.fbx
  7. Weight Map (XSI) to Houdini /PyroFX

    the problem is, that I dont get the custom attributes exported - at least not on the mesh. Exporting ICE Particles with custom attributes is working just fine, but on Polymesh not.
  8. Weight Map (XSI) to Houdini /PyroFX

    okay, just found out, that softimage does not support exporting color/vertex on a Polymesh: So, maybe a solution would be emitting from pointcloud? I could create a pointcloud thats based on the weight map. Than convert the points to VDB or something would be my first idea....
  9. Weight Map (XSI) to Houdini /PyroFX

    ah okay, thx - at least I get one more attribute beside the Point Attribute (P) - a Primitive Attribute 'Path'.
  10. Weight Map (XSI) to Houdini /PyroFX

    Hey Marco, thx for your reply. Just trying to find out, how to store custom attributes from Softimage in Alembic, to import them in Houdini. Exporting the geometry as alembic gives me zero custom attributes in Houdini. The middle mouse Button over the the alembic geometry should tell me, if there is a custom attribute, right? Or do I have to copy the attributes first? So when I figured out, how to store attributes from ICE into Alembic, I'll test that. marc0s
  11. Hello together, I am quite new to Houdini (indie) and most of the informations I can find by searching the board. So thx for the mass of input and that great application. Gave us some pretty nice results in the last time we never had before! Anyway - since I/we still use alot Softimage and many of my fellows do only work with it, the addoption takes some time and like right now, I got some weight map stuff from a friend I have to use. I'll attache (if it works, otherwise put a link below the text) a video of the weight map for more understanding. Actually, the weight map shall control PyroFX emission. My first thought was, to create an animated texture map of the weight map and use that to control the PyroFX emission. But maybe there is a smarter way to get the weight map + the geometry into houdini - Alembic with vertex attributes maybe? I already tried that and of course, stuck on getting the attributes of the weight map into the alembic file and import that into houdini and again getting the attributes to create a weight map in houdini. Another way that works but is very slow and rough: emitting particles in Softimage, using a Polygonizer and export the geometry as an alembic file. Or, but there I again stuck, just exporting the particles from Softimage into Houdini and emit Pyro from these particles. What would be one good way? Thank you very much and have a nice weekend marc0s Weights Grow.m4v