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  1. Stick RBD Objects On Collision/Impact

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone out there could give me a hand or point me in the right direction for something I am trying to achieve with an RBD simulation. Basically I have created a fracture simulation which gets launched at a character and I'd like to be able to stick the pieces into/on the character. I have been trying to investigate dynamically creating glue constraints but have hit a bit of a wall. I have seen that I can record impact data but I am not too sure how to process this in a way that would then lock the RBD object to the collision object. Any help would be super appreciated.
  2. Brilliant! Thanks for such a thorough response David! Good point about the transform too.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys! Dominik, really appreciate the advice, I am aware that in houdini it doesn't really matter what format it is in as they are all vectors regardless, however importing these into Maya as an alembic seems to fail unless they are in the format rgb. I realised I was approaching the attribute create incorrectly, so instead of setting the type to vector, the correct approach as you said would be to leave the type as a float with the type qualifier set to color, then increase the size to 3. That all seems to work perfectly with that set up, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Henry, the setattribtypeinfo() type info also worked a treat for switching it once it had already been created, so thanks for that too!
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to make custom colour attributes so that I can export various properties across to Maya. In the past to access this data in Maya via alembic I have had to make sure there is a vertex vector attribute with the channels being rgb(Cd.r, Cd.g, Cd.b). This is fine if I am just taking across just the standard colour, but ideally I would like to take across several custom colour attributes. So I have tried creating new attributes but they always seem to default to being in the format of customColour.0, customColour.1, customColour.2, even if I select the attribute type to be colour. I'm sure I'm probably missing something fairly obvious, but is there any way to change this format or create the attribute with rgb channels rather than 012? I hope all that makes sense let me know if any of it is unclear or if you need any other details and I'll get that to you as soon as I can. Thanks guys!