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  1. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    you just need to take care of normals so the cubes will align properly, and I think it could be a little trickier if you need to add some rotations to randomize the cubes as you need to enter quaternion-land!
  2. how to paint points direction while sliding on surface

    Hey Konstantin thanks for your reply, just saw it today coming back from xmas holiday. I tried to open your hip but I get an error of probably an hda missing or something in the distancealonggeometry1 node but maybe is beacuse I opened it with an older version of houdini (16.5) I was looking at the entagma tutorial, very interesting! I was also looking into the comb sop, so basically I think I can groom vectors with it, and the use those vectors to move the points! this way I have the artistic control I need
  3. hey! I'm looking into some techniques to move points along a surface where I define (paint maybe) the direction they should follow. any idea on how to do that? I was thinking on painting in some way some curve guides and then transfer the direction of the curve to the surface, and then maybe sample the closest point on surface to get the velocity I should apply to the points...but I'm not sure that would be the smarter idea...I was trying to stay away from uvs to get complete control over the sim without having to go back to uv layout... cheers!
  4. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    are you packing when you copy to points? My setup was sort of a matrioska (the russian dolls that gets smaller and smaller) so I packed one tile, then copy the packed tile to more tiles...that kept my memory low! btw the image you see is rendered in 2 layers, foreground and background...
  5. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    ... and this is one of the frame of the final result...roughly 1 billion cubes rendered!!!
  6. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    Hey! I'm glad this thread is still useful! first I want to say thanks to all the guys that came and helped almost 2 months ago. I finally managed to deliver the shots I was working on and I'm really happy with the result! Dan, from my experience I would say that using color to drive Y scale is definitely the smarter way, I mean you paint/import/draw maps in color so you have a visual feedback of what is driving the height of the cubes, than convert color to the scale value as suggested by toadstorm! Purely from an artistic point of view, so very personal, I would suggest to not just use color to drive scale, but experiment with noises and other stuff, in my experience the most successful approach is to extract some features from the color map, and then add more informations to it to make it look more interesting and organic...but again this is very subjective here's an example of my stuff, as you can see you can find some feature of the color in the height map as well, but then I added a lot more informations to make it look more interesting, well at least that was the plan
  7. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    hey all! thanks for all the replies, I'll look into all of them asap, I've been busy trying to get outof a shitstorm of work lately
  8. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    Hey thanks! I didn't think about extruding primitives, definitely faster, the only problem is that this way you are limited on the shape of the geos, I think I need to have more control over the shape of the instanced geo
  9. Hey! I'm looking into a way of doing this sort of abstract models, and I'm copy/stamping cubes on a grid, driving colors from a map and the height of the cubes (from another map + noise) is piped into a copy stamp, it works fine but I find it very slow when the number of copies rises too much, it takes roughly one minute to copy/stamp 1 million cubes. I noticed is not multi threaded so I wonder if there's a smarter/faster/better way of approaching this cheers!
  10. ocean + ripple solver setup

    hey! sorry for the late reply just came back from holiday, do you still need it? I don't have access to my houdini right now but I can put something together in the next few days if you still need it
  11. cloud with interaction

    I'm glad it was useful!
  12. how to export material stylesheet

    thanks! didn't notice it!
  13. how to export material stylesheet

    Hey, thanks for your reply, I'm using 16.5 and it doesn't seem to work, I can't find the "view JSON" option...
  14. Hey! I'm working on some material stylesheet for crowd, and I'm wondering if there's a way to export those rules to a separate file, so I can import it in different lighting scenes cheers!
  15. kill pop force contribution on Y

    thanks Filip!