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  1. arnold shaders not showing on tab menu

    hey! problem solved, this is what they replied from solid angle We removed the depreciated shaders from the root SHOP menu. You will find all the shaders after creating an Arnold Shading Network, and creating your network inside that VOP network. https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/x/2IBQAg Thanks
  2. arnold shaders not showing on tab menu

    Hey Mike thanks, I tried but unfortunately no luck, arnold shaders are still missing
  3. fit mass for bullet

    oh btw I think I managed right now to apply what Char was saying, appended a point wrangle in a sop solver and override the mass seems to work, but I have to keep the "calculate mass" in the rbd packed object and override it every frame, otherwise mass go back to the calculated number
  4. fit mass for bullet

    Hey Dominik, I'm struggling cause I have a bunch of pieces from a fracture, so I'm trying to apply this in a for each loop...attached an example calculate_mass.hiplc
  5. fit mass for bullet

    hmm tried to calculate mass in sop via a for each loop but no luck, I'll investigate further, thanks for your ideas!
  6. fit mass for bullet

    Hey! I have a bunch of pieces from a fractured geo, and I plug them into a rbd bullet sim. I have very big and very small pieces, which is fine, but the problem is that if I let the rbd packed object to calculate the mass obviously I get very different mass result (and that is absolutely correct), but you know, sometimes we don't want exactly the real thing so is there any way of fit the mass so after is calculated I can fit it to more suitable values? I was trying to find a way of setting the mass in the fractured pieces and turn off the calculation in the rbd packed object, but I'm not sure if there's a way of calculating the mass at sop level... thanks!
  7. hey! I just installed arnold 5.2.1 on houdini 16.5.571, it works fine *but* shaders are not in the tab menu in shop context, but if I manually install a digital asset library and browse to the standard surface otl file and choose to "install and create" the shader is there and is working!, just not appearing in the tab menu doen anybady experienced this before? any workaround or a way to manually add those nodes to the tab menu? cheers!
  8. particle trails fading

    hey Dominik, thanks! it worked exactly as expected!
  9. particle trails fading

    hey! sorry for the dumb question, but I couldn't find an answer I have a pop sim with some points, and I'm trailing them with the trail/add combo, it's all good but I can't find a way to map Alpha or color to the length of the trail to let the trail fade away, any idea? cheers!
  10. fit UV into 0-1

    aww thanks! I didn't think about vops! I guess wrangle can do the same!
  11. fit UV into 0-1

    that's what I was doing...I was hoping for something a little more procedural!
  12. fit UV into 0-1

    hmmm my question it might be even more stupid I don't deal with UVs so much...thing is I dropped a UVtexture with texture type set to face, and uvs are fine, except they are way outside of 0-1. if I drop a uv layout they are into 0-1 but also different (obviously). I just want to fit them (scale them) into 0-1
  13. fit UV into 0-1

    hey! is there a simple way to fit the UV into the 0-1 space? cheers!
  14. cache out RBDs as separate sims

    Hey Andrea! what I meant was something more generic, say you have a building collapsing, and is made of several packed object (glass, floors, ceilings...) and I wanted them to be separated at the end of the process. I found out that I can name them differently in the assemble sop when I pack them, so after the cache I still have the name in the primitive, so problem solved!
  15. cache out RBDs as separate sims

    hey all! I have a rbd sim made of several rbd packed objects, and now I'd like to cache it out but export each rbd packed object as a single alembic file, ideally I'd like to cache the entire sim for review and secondary simulations (smoke and debris) and then separate the cached version by those packed objects and create different alembics...any idea on how to do that? I'm looking into dop import to mask the packed object I want, but I'm missing the step of caching the entire sim first... cheers!