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  1. helium balloon sim

    that is a great source! thanks for pointing me to it!
  2. helium balloon sim

    hey all! I'm about to try to do a sim like this one, and wondering which is the best approach. My balloons are already flying and not colliding that much, so my goal is to have a decent amount of control in terms of motion, and calculate collisions. Any idea on what to use? rbd? cloth?
  3. sim bounding box of pyro trails

    yup, clustering, and yes there's a resize, I found out the size of each is driven by the scale attribute of the points created for the clustering, so plugging a wrangle to that you can increase the size of each cluster, so I made it bigger as needed...the resize has a delay otherwise the sim won't pick up correctly the emitter. so I activate the resize right after the emission is completed. This kinda work, maybe there's a smarter solution
  4. sim bounding box of pyro trails

    hey I'm trying to set up a missile trail, and started from the shelf tool I encountered an issue due to a strong wind I'm applying. basically the sim is going out of the bbox of each segment of the trail. Is there any way of letting the sim going out of the original bbox size? cheers!
  5. static gas turbulence?

    Hey James, thanks for that I'll look into it as soon as possible!
  6. static gas turbulence?

    Hey Atom, thanks! I opened a ticket and sidefx asked for a scene to investigate...will update here asap here the issue is double I'm afraid, in the CL code time is just as it is, with no reference to a multiplier, but at least I could modify it to suit my need, without openCL I did not find a way to make it work...
  7. Hey all! I'm using more and more a technique with fetch multiple nodes and render them all in one go, so I can set the sim, cache it and render it overnight and come the morning after with all done! What I cannot seems to figure out is if it's possible to send this in background, like a simple render on a mantra rop, without keeping houdini locked cheers!
  8. static gas turbulence?

    okay so looks like I found a solution, I had to activate open cl, then dive inside the gas turbulence and looking at the code in the compute_turbulence_cl time was just multiplied as it is, in fact no further math is applied to consider the pulse length...so manually changing time to 0 did the trick of having a static turbulence...not sure if it's a bug, will flag that to sidefx
  9. static gas turbulence?

    hey Andrii, tried but no luck, still moving, looking like is not affected at all
  10. static gas turbulence?

    hmmm weird, in the fluid source pulse at 0 kepps the noise static, but in the gas turbulence node looks like the pulse lenght is not connected to anything, this flipbook was made eith pulse at 0
  11. static gas turbulence?

    Hey Evan! thanks for your reply, but I'm not sure I explained myself correctly, I'm looking into a way of keeping the velocity vectors of the turbulence static, at the moment they move, the help says to increase the pulse length but they still move, slowly but still moving...
  12. static gas turbulence?

    Hey! I'm trying to get a very low freq turbulence in my smoke trail sim, but even if I put pulse length to a very high number, 10000, the turbulence keeps moving with time, while I want some sort of static turbulence to break my trail line..any idea? cheers
  13. flip object explosding

    hey Nigel sorry just saw your reply, I ended up using some footage (ahah shame on me), sorry what do you mean -ve surface tension?
  14. flip object explosding

    hey! I'm trying to turn a deformed box into a flip and let it explode (the deformed box is just to fake some numbers exploding into water). I'm looking into some way of applying a radial force to my flip sim, but metaballs doesn't work, not sure if I'm missing something...or if there's a smarter way of doing it... countdown_explosion_v002_t000.hiplc
  15. whitewater - discount version

    Hey Andrea, thanks for your reply, I made some step forward, and decided to discard whitewater and use only flip fluid, the issue I'm having is still there anyway...here I uploaded 2 videos showing my scenario: shotcam is what I need to render (obviously), I don't need water surface, only the splash in the air. but if you look at the second video, witness cam, you see I'm simulating a huge container...it's okay like this, I mean I can do it, is just that to me it looks a big waste of time...I'm meshing only in the area where I need it so in the end the cache is quite light still unnecessary slow to sim in my opinion