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  1. hey! I have thousands of primitives and I need to filter them and delete the ones that has a bounding box volume bigger than a certain value, I tried the measure sop but no luck, at the moment what I'm doing is a very tedious procedure of playblasting one for each frame based on their name and review the playblast to spot the bigger ones, but I know there must be something smarter...
  2. filter pointDeform with attribute

    found this which explains exactly what I was looking for at minute 06:00
  3. Hey! does anybody know if there's a way to pointDeform geos filtering by an attribute? I have hundreds of wheat ears deformed by wires, each wire shares an attribute with the corresponding wheat plant, so I'd like to say something like "each point should deform only the points that has the same value for a plantId" I really hope that makes sense!
  4. remesh fluid sim

    thanks Evan, I had a look at your file very interesting, on my side I was looking for something more like this images attached
  5. remesh fluid sim

    hey! I'm looking into remeshing a flip mesh to constraint it to a particular topology, so basically I want to project a given grid vertically into a flip mesh surface. I think I can do it via the ray sop but I can't seems to find the right way
  6. post process volumes

    thanks! really helpful!
  7. post process volumes

    hey! I meant a static area! how can I tell inside the volume vop to reduce the density inside a bounding box with some sort of smoothness?
  8. post process volumes

    Hey I'm looking into some volume post processing, I need to be very art directable on a volume after the sim so basically what I need to do is define areas where I need to increase density for instance, or decrease it. which is the best way?
  9. ocean + ripple solver setup

    just to update who's interested in the topic, after a few test I think the best is to simulate the wake with the ripple solver, and then apply the ocean displacement to that mesh, main reason is the fact that the ripple solver is simulated over time, so I think is better to get that sorted, and after apply the ocean displacement, which is easier to control. I'm happy to share an example scene if someone needs it
  10. ocean + ripple solver setup

    interesting enough I was looking into the same page, on another topic, I found a way to add deformations on a plane http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Houdini#Point_and_attribute_transfer_with_lag_via_solver_sop and then feed it to the ripple solver thanks to an entagma tutorial, I'm hoping I can now combine the ocean and the ripple together, I guess the best would be to feed the grid with the ripples into the ocean deformer, rather than doing vice-versa, or maybe I can cached them separately and add the difference later on a per-point analysis
  11. ocean + ripple solver setup

    hey! I'm doing a water surface using the ocean tool under H16.5 and it's all good so far, now I want to intriduce a little wake in the deformed surface. I'm not using the displacement pipeline so I have the actual geo that I can bake and then apply the wake. is the ripple solver the right way to go? I'm struggling to combine the two effect and to apply the ripple solver on a moving object...any idea?
  12. cloud with interaction

    I think I made a good test worth sharing, it was quite simple to be honest to put together, if I understood well from H17 velocity is an attribute and not a volume anymore so this method is already deprecated, but still useful if you still work with 16.5 test_custom_vel_v001.hip
  13. cloud with interaction

    hey Atom! thanks for the link, unfortunately I'm still on H16.5, I think I've seen something maybe from jeff wagner about it!
  14. cloud with interaction

    while working on it, I recall a tutorial or someone saying that it could be better to replace collision with some velocity injected into the volume from the moving object...I supposed is going to be faster and more art directable than the collisions, does anyone have any thought?