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  1. Hey Tristan, I don't have houdini with me now but I think you can download the hiplc attached to check what that wrangle is doing
  2. wow! there's a huge gain in performance, it took around 50 minutes (!!!) to deform 500 cars with the for each loop, now it takes 45 seconds!
  3. I was looking at this page https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/compile so I tried to apply it to your setup just to test if it works, but I'm getting this error /obj/sim/compile_begin1 : Violation of strict nesting of blocks. Incompatible Compile Block Begin /obj/sim/compile_begin1 encountered while processing Block End /obj/sim/foreach_end1. A Block Begin in Fetch Input mode may be needed.
  4. update: I think I can live with the file size, I just discovered I can do sequence of alembic and vray proxy should load them fine. still would be good to optimize the point deform time
  5. okay so now I'm having two issues, well, I would say inefficiencies because it works great but... I have the sim sorted out and transferred to the high poly mesh, I think there's room to optimize time and disk space: at the peak of the sim I have 500 cars, and the for each loop with point deform took 1 hour to loop through all the 500 cars and move them in the right spot for just one frame! and that produced an alembic file that is quite big. So I was reading that the for each isn't multithreaded so is not very efficient, one solution is to compile the block, but I'm getting an error, I was also thinking about using pdg for this kind of task, so I can query each car on a separate task and merge them later. Also another solution could be to split in group of cars, say 50 cars at a time and getting 10 alembics which is also more manageable later on in render... any other idea?
  6. oh man! I was doing the same but having two issue, isolating each instance for point deforming one at a time and feeding rest position was giving me weird result when the instance was not there yet...you solved both!
  7. those spheres are just an example, I'm doing this with cars , I'll try what you told me, but can't do it straight into the solver because in my case objects will intersect at some point, I guess I can bake the sim ang get infos about the birth frame, and then with a loop iterate and point deform...
  8. Hi! I'm simulating a few hundreds soft bodies (all identical) with vellum, and what I'm looking for is a way of simming with a low poly proxy of the objects and then transfer the sim baked into the hi res geos. I see there's a cloth capture / cloth deform process that seems to do exactly what I'm looking for, but in my case the soft bodies are emitted frame by frame, so the output is from a dop network. in the past I did something similar where I used point deform but in this case I'm not sure it's going to work as I don't have a rest position...here's an example just to clarify what I'm doing... softbodies_proxy.hip
  9. you just need to take care of normals so the cubes will align properly, and I think it could be a little trickier if you need to add some rotations to randomize the cubes as you need to enter quaternion-land!
  10. Hey Konstantin thanks for your reply, just saw it today coming back from xmas holiday. I tried to open your hip but I get an error of probably an hda missing or something in the distancealonggeometry1 node but maybe is beacuse I opened it with an older version of houdini (16.5) I was looking at the entagma tutorial, very interesting! I was also looking into the comb sop, so basically I think I can groom vectors with it, and the use those vectors to move the points! this way I have the artistic control I need
  11. hey! I'm looking into some techniques to move points along a surface where I define (paint maybe) the direction they should follow. any idea on how to do that? I was thinking on painting in some way some curve guides and then transfer the direction of the curve to the surface, and then maybe sample the closest point on surface to get the velocity I should apply to the points...but I'm not sure that would be the smarter idea...I was trying to stay away from uvs to get complete control over the sim without having to go back to uv layout... cheers!
  12. are you packing when you copy to points? My setup was sort of a matrioska (the russian dolls that gets smaller and smaller) so I packed one tile, then copy the packed tile to more tiles...that kept my memory low! btw the image you see is rendered in 2 layers, foreground and background...
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