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  1. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    hey all! thanks for all the replies, I'll look into all of them asap, I've been busy trying to get outof a shitstorm of work lately
  2. Hey! I'm looking into a way of doing this sort of abstract models, and I'm copy/stamping cubes on a grid, driving colors from a map and the height of the cubes (from another map + noise) is piped into a copy stamp, it works fine but I find it very slow when the number of copies rises too much, it takes roughly one minute to copy/stamp 1 million cubes. I noticed is not multi threaded so I wonder if there's a smarter/faster/better way of approaching this cheers!
  3. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    Hey thanks! I didn't think about extruding primitives, definitely faster, the only problem is that this way you are limited on the shape of the geos, I think I need to have more control over the shape of the instanced geo
  4. ocean + ripple solver setup

    hey! sorry for the late reply just came back from holiday, do you still need it? I don't have access to my houdini right now but I can put something together in the next few days if you still need it
  5. ocean + ripple solver setup

    hey! I'm doing a water surface using the ocean tool under H16.5 and it's all good so far, now I want to intriduce a little wake in the deformed surface. I'm not using the displacement pipeline so I have the actual geo that I can bake and then apply the wake. is the ripple solver the right way to go? I'm struggling to combine the two effect and to apply the ripple solver on a moving object...any idea?
  6. cloud with interaction

    I'm glad it was useful!
  7. cloud with interaction

    hey! I'm doing some clouds (static) and I need to make one of them "dynamic" as a character jump out of it. since I created them with some geos, then convertem into volumes and applied some noise, so no solver obviously, I'm looking into some tips to convert it into a source for a dynamic cloud cheers
  8. how to export material stylesheet

    thanks! didn't notice it!
  9. Hey! I'm working on some material stylesheet for crowd, and I'm wondering if there's a way to export those rules to a separate file, so I can import it in different lighting scenes cheers!
  10. how to export material stylesheet

    Hey, thanks for your reply, I'm using 16.5 and it doesn't seem to work, I can't find the "view JSON" option...
  11. kill pop force contribution on Y

    thanks Filip!
  12. kill pop force contribution on Y

    hey! is there a way of limiting or killing the contribution of pop force in an axis?
  13. kill pop force contribution on Y

    hey! well this way I set to zero the velocity of the point, while I want to set to zero the contribution of that particular pop force. I just found out inside the pop force there's a geometry vop to set the force, where basically you can do whatever you want with the force resulting from that pop node I'm too used to maya where you don't have access to nodes, they are just black boxes you have to use the way they are designed and that's it. so good in houdini you can basically modify everything just by diving inside and having a look!
  14. Hey! I'm in a situation where I have cached a huge amount of points on disk and I want to render those points. What I do in the scene is reading the bgeo.sc caches, merge them all together, trail the points to calculate velocity, apply a pscale, assign a shader and render. If I run it on the farm with IFDs it takes a lot of time to generate the IFDs for render, and I'm trying to reduce the time of this task. I noticed that the IFD itself is tiny, the big part is that under the IFD folder there's a storage folder where basically I have a huge bgeo.sc file per frame which I suppose is the geometry I'm about to render. I wonder if all of this is not redundant since all those operation can be done at rendertime I suppose...I tried to set the file sop in "packed disk primitive" but it seems I cannot apply pscale after that, all the points render at pscale 1...
  15. Hey! I'm trying to setup a top network which is pretty simple. I have a dop network where I simulate points, and I have a top network to wedge the seed of the pop source. Now I would like to cache out those wedges, and ideally gather them all together to render. I found examples on how to render the points straight away, but nothing that tells me how to cache them. I tried the rop geometry output in top with no luck. anyone that can help me with that? thanks!
  16. cache out points seqeunces with top network

    awww ok got it, too bad you can't use $JOB. I mean for me it makes sense to design a setup for a single iteration, and take advantage of $JOB for caching. then incorporate the setup in TOPs without changing too much from the original setup. shouldn't be too dificult to transfer variables to TOPs processes in my opinion...now I can use $PDG_DIR or hardcode the caching folders...
  17. cache out points seqeunces with top network

    Hey Ben I managed to make it work using external sop, the only thing I-m havnig is that once simulated it looses the $JOB or $HIP...it-s caching out but in my documents folder rather than the project. also because is reading a previously cached velocity field since it has no $JOB is not erading it...I wonder if I have to do something to propagate variables to TOPs
  18. pyro vortex going out of bounds

    hey! thanks for your reply Joseph, I wonder if I can manipulate the existing velocity adding a bit of inward velocity rather than adding a custom field, I need to dig a bit more in how to customize data inside the pyro solver! anyway I think this is the easy way, although requires a lot of try and fail to get the right amount Pavel, thanks for the vex code, will definitely try this as well since I'm using that volume to move points, what I'm doing at the moment is doing the tornado at point level rather than volume, definitely easier to setup
  19. pyro vortex going out of bounds

    Hey! I'm looking into a way of keeping my volume inside the vortex boundaries, at the moment when it spins it goes out, any idea? I was thinking about a torus shape volume around it with custom velocities to push it inside when it goes out, but maybe there are better solutions! cheers!
  20. source flip fluid with velocity

    thanks for all the details! will check very soon!
  21. source flip fluid with velocity

    hey! I'm trying to emit a flip fluid with some velocity, I can add a generic velocity in world space but in my case I want to add velocity along the normal of the object sourcing...just can't figured it out yet
  22. flip points id vs ptnum

    hey! I have a flip cache and I want to delete some points that go out of control. I just discovered that id and ptnum are not the same, so if I select and blast those points houdini reads the ptnum of points and blast them which is perfect in that frame but wrong in the others, so I'm looking to find a way of telling the blast not to delete base on the ptnums of selected points, but on the ids of the selected points...or build a group with the same idea... cheers!
  23. flip points id vs ptnum

    Hey Andrea! I have IDs already, I was looking to make a selection in the viewport by id and not by ptnum, on a facebook group a guy called Miguel Mendes told me this trick which works perfectly! Go to viewport select the option on top select by group then in sub menu select by attribute and then chose in point attributes id. Then select then on viewport and press delete on keyboard. You can always put a blast first then select the arrow button on the node and do that process... Then you'll have an expression saying @id=1, 2, 3 etc
  24. source flip fluid with velocity

    hey Alvaro! that's what I did first thing, unfortunately is not working on H17.5
  25. source flip fluid with velocity

    update: since my points have all the same N I just copied it this way from point 0, but there must be a smarter way, also when points have different N