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  1. ocean + ripple solver setup

    just to update who's interested in the topic, after a few test I think the best is to simulate the wake with the ripple solver, and then apply the ocean displacement to that mesh, main reason is the fact that the ripple solver is simulated over time, so I think is better to get that sorted, and after apply the ocean displacement, which is easier to control. I'm happy to share an example scene if someone needs it
  2. ocean + ripple solver setup

    hey! I'm doing a water surface using the ocean tool under H16.5 and it's all good so far, now I want to intriduce a little wake in the deformed surface. I'm not using the displacement pipeline so I have the actual geo that I can bake and then apply the wake. is the ripple solver the right way to go? I'm struggling to combine the two effect and to apply the ripple solver on a moving object...any idea?
  3. ocean + ripple solver setup

    interesting enough I was looking into the same page, on another topic, I found a way to add deformations on a plane http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Houdini#Point_and_attribute_transfer_with_lag_via_solver_sop and then feed it to the ripple solver thanks to an entagma tutorial, I'm hoping I can now combine the ocean and the ripple together, I guess the best would be to feed the grid with the ripples into the ocean deformer, rather than doing vice-versa, or maybe I can cached them separately and add the difference later on a per-point analysis
  4. cloud with interaction

    I think I made a good test worth sharing, it was quite simple to be honest to put together, if I understood well from H17 velocity is an attribute and not a volume anymore so this method is already deprecated, but still useful if you still work with 16.5 test_custom_vel_v001.hip
  5. cloud with interaction

    hey! I'm doing some clouds (static) and I need to make one of them "dynamic" as a character jump out of it. since I created them with some geos, then convertem into volumes and applied some noise, so no solver obviously, I'm looking into some tips to convert it into a source for a dynamic cloud cheers
  6. cloud with interaction

    hey Atom! thanks for the link, unfortunately I'm still on H16.5, I think I've seen something maybe from jeff wagner about it!
  7. Hey I'm wondering if there's a way of preventing houdini to go back to frame 1 when I interrupt a flipbook, I quite often launch flipbook to check sims and then stop to look at the sim from different perspective. I know I can write the cache but if there's a setting to avoid that it would be great I think... cheers
  8. cloud with interaction

    while working on it, I recall a tutorial or someone saying that it could be better to replace collision with some velocity injected into the volume from the moving object...I supposed is going to be faster and more art directable than the collisions, does anyone have any thought?
  9. waterfall

    Hey all! I need to start an fx of a waterfall that looks like the image attached. I'd like to get ideas on how to approach it, I think there is no need of meshes but just lots of points...
  10. cloud with interaction

    here it is as you can see the cloud has both turbulence and dissipation mapped to speed value, so the main cloud shape keeps the volume, while the moving parts get turbulent and fade away. hope it helps! test_cloud_interacting_v002.hip
  11. cloud with interaction

    hey! sure let me just grab the scene and clean it a bit and I'll upload it
  12. apply gas turbulence based on velocity

    thanks a lot Marco!
  13. apply gas turbulence based on velocity

    hey! I'm trying to apply gas turbulence based on the velocity of my volume, what I want is turbulence only where the volume has some velocity, but I can't make it work although it seems pretty straightforward (see image attached)
  14. apply gas turbulence based on velocity

    hey Evan works perfectly! thanks!
  15. cloud with interaction

    hey thanks for your reply! I think is working quite good, I think is a good idea to set the activation only at first frame toavoid a constant emission
  16. sim bounding box of pyro trails

    hey I'm trying to set up a missile trail, and started from the shelf tool I encountered an issue due to a strong wind I'm applying. basically the sim is going out of the bbox of each segment of the trail. Is there any way of letting the sim going out of the original bbox size? cheers!
  17. Hey! I'm looking into rendering some clouds with arnold, but as far as I understood I can only render cached vdb files, problem is this workflow looks very slow as I have to go back and forth between volume shaping and rendering, and if I have to write out vdbs each time I change something I'm not sure this will be ideal for me! cheers!
  18. scatter points on animated mesh

    hey! thanks for your reply, I found also this from farmfield, and he's using point deform as well! interesting the way he uses vdb to sheres to have spheres that are not intersecting each other
  19. scatter points on animated mesh

    hey! I'm about to create a fairly simple effect where a deforming mesh (a man running for instance) is made of spheres, not only on the surface but inside as well. Of course I can scatter points inside, but my question is how can I keep the distribution of spheres constant through the animation so that each sphere moves with the body (and on top a little noise to make each sphere alive...) a good example is this video at 1:32 any tip? cheers!
  20. scatter points on animated mesh

    update: found a point-deform example that looks exactly what I need...will do some test!
  21. wacky waving inflatable man

    hey! I didn't have the chance to look into h17 and vellum yet, and I'm looking into a way of simming the wacky waving inflatable man, like the one in the ref. any idea or advice? is it achievable with vellum? I've seen objects inflating/deflating but this has some complex dynamic I'm not sure about
  22. fit mass for bullet

    hey! sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the example really appreciated! awwww now I see, this is what I was missing, is what you wrote in the post it "you can actually observe 3 different masses. first frame (DOP has not been solved yet) the mass is whatever gets set in SOPs, 2nd frame (DOP has solved 1 timestep) we get the computed mass, 3rd frame (our sopsolver is active only on that frame) the mass gets set to the number in the sopsolver" thanks again!
  23. fit mass for bullet

    Hey! I have a bunch of pieces from a fractured geo, and I plug them into a rbd bullet sim. I have very big and very small pieces, which is fine, but the problem is that if I let the rbd packed object to calculate the mass obviously I get very different mass result (and that is absolutely correct), but you know, sometimes we don't want exactly the real thing so is there any way of fit the mass so after is calculated I can fit it to more suitable values? I was trying to find a way of setting the mass in the fractured pieces and turn off the calculation in the rbd packed object, but I'm not sure if there's a way of calculating the mass at sop level... thanks!
  24. hey! I just installed arnold 5.2.1 on houdini 16.5.571, it works fine *but* shaders are not in the tab menu in shop context, but if I manually install a digital asset library and browse to the standard surface otl file and choose to "install and create" the shader is there and is working!, just not appearing in the tab menu doen anybady experienced this before? any workaround or a way to manually add those nodes to the tab menu? cheers!
  25. arnold shaders not showing on tab menu

    hey! problem solved, this is what they replied from solid angle We removed the depreciated shaders from the root SHOP menu. You will find all the shaders after creating an Arnold Shading Network, and creating your network inside that VOP network. https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/x/2IBQAg Thanks