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  1. emit particles from pyro sim

    hey! thanks a lot! didn't have a chance to look into it but I will asap! thanks!
  2. emit particles from pyro sim

    hey! I'd like to emit particles from a pyro sim, sort of a embers effect, so basically emit from areas where temperature is higher than a specific treshold. I'm using a volume VOP to bind the temperature, then a compare and a switch to use 0 where temperature is lower than and 1 where temperature is higher than the treshold. Now I don't really know hot to use this information to emit particles...I tried to map that on the density and maybe convert to a surface but no luck so far...
  3. emit particles from pyro sim

    it does make sense! just looks a little too complicated...how would you approach? I mean I'm looking right now into emitting embers from the same source as the fire, then drive the particles with the velocity field from the pyro sim, you are talking about transferring opacity and incandescence from pyro to the particles based on proximity?
  4. emit particles from pyro sim

    thanks! I'm having hard times to get the source of particles right, look like is emitting from anywhere in the scene... test_embers_v001.hiplc
  5. fire propagation

    great resources there! cheers!
  6. fire propagation

    Hey! I'm doing a pyro sim and I need to set some objects on fire, I'd like to recreate a sort of propagation effect where an object is set on fire on a specific point and then the fire run across the surface. I found some example where some people suggest to go for the "real" solution, set a volume with density and low temperature on the entire object and inject some heat and let it go. that's nice but I'm looking for a more art directable approach, because I'll have to be very specific on when some part of the object will be on fire or not...any idea on how to approach it? thanks!
  7. Hey All! I'm importing a bunch of animated spheres through alembic inside houdini, and I'm trying to delete all the spheres outside of a bounding object, this simple setup works but it culls points so I end up having half sphere deleted and the other half still on. How can I tell to keep or delete the whole sphere, without having half of it. it could be something like "if the center of the sphere is inside the bounding object keep it, otherwise delete it", or "if at least one point is deleted, then delete the whole sphere" thanks!!
  8. flip fluid vortex

    Hey! I'm trying to replicate an fx like this one, flip fluid (water in my scenario) creating a vortex...just wondering if anyone has an idea on where to start from, examples, hints... thanks a lot!
  9. cull spheres based on bounding object

    perfect! thanks!!
  10. hey all! I'm trying to put some noise on the internal faces of a shattered model with voronoi fracture, I promoted the group "inside" from primitive to point to use the mountain sop, but I'm getting noise everywhere...inside and outside...I'm also struggling to subdivide a little more the faces inside keeping a nice topology...does anybody have any idea on it?
  11. noise on internal faces of a shattered geo

    thanks! boolean fracture techiques?? where??
  12. how to customize rop alembic output

    thanks! weird enough the abc export works perfectly with one frame, but when I cache a sequence maya doesn't seem to like it, it just crashes when I try to open it. Of course if I open the .abc back in houdini is fine... ...awwww maya!!
  13. how to customize rop alembic output

    hey Rob, thanks for your help! I got something and that's great, only thing is the meshes in maya have the name in the shape node, not in the transform, but I guess I need to fix it maya rather than houdini...
  14. snow falling from tree branch

    hey I need to put some snow on top of a tree branch - see attached image - and then after a shake of the branch the snow has to fall down I found some tutorials on how to place snow on top of objects but I'm not sure what's the best way to simulate the falling pieces any help would be great!cheers
  15. snow falling from tree branch

    Hey Matthew thanks for your reply, while searching around I found this and it looks great to me, looks like wet sand is doing a pretty good job mimicking snow. If I understood well your approach is more of a rigid body style, with particles on top of it to sell the ideas of snow, am I right?
  16. workflow for flip fluid sim/mesh/render

    great! thanks again!
  17. workflow for flip fluid sim/mesh/render

    Hey! I'm wondering what could be the best workflow for working with flip fluid, from sim to render. I mean, I have the usual setup for flip fluid with autoDopNetwork, particle_fluid and particle_interior. In my very simple workflow I made 2 steps: 1- I wrote to disk my flip sim using the "import_particle" Dop I/O node under the particle_fluid node. This way I have my sim cached out, then 2- I wrote to disk the "particlefluidsurface" mesh using the "surface_cache" node, still under particle_fluid node, then 3- I render What do you think? Any suggestion? I'm wondering if there's a way of doing all of these steps in one go so I can launch the process overnight and find my sim cached and my render done the morning after cheers!
  18. workflow for flip fluid sim/mesh/render

    btw, I'm looking into gridmarkets for cloud sim/renders...do you know if this setup will work on gridmarkets too? I'm looking into their tutorials and they use a slightly different approach, using the "batch" instead of the "merge" , here's a link http://www.gridmarkets.com/submission
  19. workflow for flip fluid sim/mesh/render

    great thanks! now time for step 7 "Grab a beer, have a nap"
  20. workflow for flip fluid sim/mesh/render

    Hey I have 2 questions... first, is this setup correct (see attached image) ? second, I don't get one thing: in this way we cache the particles to disk and we do the same for the mesh, but we're not telling to those nodes to actually read the cache from disk. I mean, after I manually write a cache on one of these nodes I check the "load from disk" checkbox to enable the "reading" of the cache. How this setup is supposed to deal with this?Am I missing something? cheers!
  21. workflow for flip fluid sim/mesh/render

    Hey James thanks for your help! I'll give it a go asap and let you know! awww...step 7 is definitely my goal for this!
  22. Custom Vortex Field - FLIP Whirlpool

    hey, look at this topic I created a few weeks ago could be very helpful for you as well...
  23. apply noise to flip fluid source

    Hey! I'm trying to replicate some sort of noise on my flip fluid emission volume in a volume I can use a volume VOP to multiply the density and create some interesting shapes that change over time, but when I emit flip fluid I have this fluid source and I couldn't find a way of eroding it to get a much nicer and organic shape. I'm introducing some noise on the emission speed and that works well, and also I'm applying a mountain SOP to the original shape to break the surface, but I still miss some noise on it. Any idea? fluid_source_noise.hipnc
  24. apply noise to flip fluid source

    Hey Miguel! you got it right and solved my issue! thanks a lot!
  25. Hello! just wondering what's the best way to gradually decrease the amount of fluid emitted by an object...is there any way of multiply the emission volume by a noise that slowly goes to 0 in amplitude?