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  1. rbd sim lost uvs

    aaand it did the trick! thanks!
  2. pop speed limit keep affecting the sim

    update: looks like keeping activation 1 and keyframing the value does the trick...I guess keeping activation is needed to evaluate the value you want, so has to be 1 otherwise the solver doesn't get the change...
  3. pop speed limit keep affecting the sim

    Hey I'm applying a pop speed limit to some rigid bodies to clamp the explosion force to some min/max at the explosion time everything looks okay, but I can't turn off the min speed limit, looks like once a piece is clamped by that limit it will be clamped forever, even if I turn off the node or switch to a null...almost like that rbd is marked as "never go below that limit", so I end up having pieces travelling for no reason... am I correct? is there any workaround? cheers!
  4. Hey all! I'm shattering an object with voronoi and obviously the result is a bunch of pieces with straight segments, but what I want is pieces with curve profiles, like the image attached. does anybody have any idea on how to achieve that kind of look? cheers!
  5. voronoi fracture, how to avoid straight segments

    hmmm...nice idea, maybe I can create some macro pieces by hand and let the voronoi shatter do the rest
  6. randomize mass on RBDs

    great! thanks!
  7. randomize mass on RBDs

    hey! I have a fractured object I'm trying to blow up, one thing I noticed is all pieces have a mass of 1, how can I calculate a proper mass based on the size of the bounding box or at least randomize it? cheers!
  8. missing reflections from fire

    both solutions worked perfectly! thanks guys P.S. Colton your solution worked well but in my sim I was having a bit of density in render as well...
  9. Hey I'm having some troubles getting reflections of a pyro sim into a ground plane. everything was just fine, then I changed the sim starting from the shelf tool "candle", and for some reasons now I'm not getting any reflection whatsoever, I'm attaching my hip file, if you play through the fast sim and render a frame you will notice the ground is not reflecting the bright fire, and I'm not getting the reason... cheers! debug_refl_v001.hiplc
  10. missing reflections from fire

    awww you're right, if I display density there's nothing...do you have any idea how I can workaround it? I don't want to change the look of the flames though
  11. missing reflections from fire

    look like an issue from the candle setup...even in a fresh scene I'm not getting reflections
  12. emit particles from pyro sim

    hey! thanks a lot! didn't have a chance to look into it but I will asap! thanks!
  13. emit particles from pyro sim

    hey! I'd like to emit particles from a pyro sim, sort of a embers effect, so basically emit from areas where temperature is higher than a specific treshold. I'm using a volume VOP to bind the temperature, then a compare and a switch to use 0 where temperature is lower than and 1 where temperature is higher than the treshold. Now I don't really know hot to use this information to emit particles...I tried to map that on the density and maybe convert to a surface but no luck so far...
  14. emit particles from pyro sim

    it does make sense! just looks a little too complicated...how would you approach? I mean I'm looking right now into emitting embers from the same source as the fire, then drive the particles with the velocity field from the pyro sim, you are talking about transferring opacity and incandescence from pyro to the particles based on proximity?
  15. emit particles from pyro sim

    thanks! I'm having hard times to get the source of particles right, look like is emitting from anywhere in the scene... test_embers_v001.hiplc
  16. fire propagation

    great resources there! cheers!
  17. fire propagation

    Hey! I'm doing a pyro sim and I need to set some objects on fire, I'd like to recreate a sort of propagation effect where an object is set on fire on a specific point and then the fire run across the surface. I found some example where some people suggest to go for the "real" solution, set a volume with density and low temperature on the entire object and inject some heat and let it go. that's nice but I'm looking for a more art directable approach, because I'll have to be very specific on when some part of the object will be on fire or not...any idea on how to approach it? thanks!
  18. Hey All! I'm importing a bunch of animated spheres through alembic inside houdini, and I'm trying to delete all the spheres outside of a bounding object, this simple setup works but it culls points so I end up having half sphere deleted and the other half still on. How can I tell to keep or delete the whole sphere, without having half of it. it could be something like "if the center of the sphere is inside the bounding object keep it, otherwise delete it", or "if at least one point is deleted, then delete the whole sphere" thanks!!
  19. flip fluid vortex

    Hey! I'm trying to replicate an fx like this one, flip fluid (water in my scenario) creating a vortex...just wondering if anyone has an idea on where to start from, examples, hints... thanks a lot!
  20. cull spheres based on bounding object

    perfect! thanks!!
  21. hey all! I'm trying to put some noise on the internal faces of a shattered model with voronoi fracture, I promoted the group "inside" from primitive to point to use the mountain sop, but I'm getting noise everywhere...inside and outside...I'm also struggling to subdivide a little more the faces inside keeping a nice topology...does anybody have any idea on it?
  22. noise on internal faces of a shattered geo

    thanks! boolean fracture techiques?? where??
  23. how to customize rop alembic output

    thanks! weird enough the abc export works perfectly with one frame, but when I cache a sequence maya doesn't seem to like it, it just crashes when I try to open it. Of course if I open the .abc back in houdini is fine... ...awwww maya!!
  24. how to customize rop alembic output

    hey Rob, thanks for your help! I got something and that's great, only thing is the meshes in maya have the name in the shape node, not in the transform, but I guess I need to fix it maya rather than houdini...
  25. snow falling from tree branch

    hey I need to put some snow on top of a tree branch - see attached image - and then after a shake of the branch the snow has to fall down I found some tutorials on how to place snow on top of objects but I'm not sure what's the best way to simulate the falling pieces any help would be great!cheers