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  1. Fix overlapping primitives (RESOLVED)

    Boolean Union did it!
  2. Hello! I got a very simple setup here... it's a cross shape with 2 primitives... one diagonal another vertical. How can I fuse/fix/clean this so there are no overlapping primitives? I tried clean/facet/divide/triangluate2d/polydoctor with no success... fix_overlapping.hipnc
  3. Snap transform handle to component

    I can also chose different alignment modes from the right click "Align Handle" menu once I'm happy with the new position of the handle right? So basically I first chose the desired position for the gizmo then use the Align Handle menu to chose the orientation & then finally do the transformation... does this seem like a good way to go about it? Edit: The " ' ; snap ' transform " flow is pretty decent! Thank you Tomas
  4. Snap transform handle to component

    OMG yea it works! I was going nuts with the myriad of modes and controls lol. SESI should really mention something about the insert key in the Snapping, Construction Plane & Alignment section of the help... or anywhere else relevant for that matter. I can't find any info about the insert key or the gizmo only mode... But regardless, thank you so much Noobini Saved me a headache
  5. Snap transform handle to component

    Just wanted to clarify: I'm looking at the "Snapping, construction plane, and alignment" section in the help and I cant figure out how to move/orient JUST the handle, without affecting the selected geometry I want to transform. I also tried the ; key for editing the align state... and again this moves my selected faces and the handle both at once... which is not what I want. It seems like no matter what I try, it moves/rotates my selection along with the handle instead of just the handle & let me manually transform with the handle's new position! Any help would be appreciated... :|
  6. Hello! I can't figure out how to use a point/edge/primitive on an object as the center of transformation for the transform handle... Moving the handle manually with the ' (apostrope) is not practical or convenient. Is there a way to make the handle snap to a specific object component & use it as the transformation center? Something like XSI's "Ref" menu where you can pick an object/point/edge/prim as the transformation center and the transform gizmo/handle moves and aligns itself with your selected component.
  7. Hello! I can't wrap my head around this one. I applied some random colors on the primitives with the default @Cd attribute & set the roughness to 0.1 on the principled shader. The colors show up and everything seems to work fine. BUT, just as a test, I tried to bind a custom roughness attribute with the same exact roughness values (0.1 on all primitives, just like it's set on the shader) and when I plug it in, the colors don't come through... I get a black & white render instead. I am lost as to why the shader/renderer is behaving this way... logically the outcome should be identical & I have no idea why the colors disappear. custom_shader_attribute.hipnc
  8. Hello! I can't figure out why the bind vop inside the material network will not grab a primitive float attribute from the geometry. I just made a simple float primitive attribute with some random values & want to use it as a roughness parameter on the principledshader material. *EDIT* Oops! Nevermind! it's working! By some luck I named the attribute "rough" which is the actual default attribute name for the shader's roughness... so it was reading the attribute directly without needing a bind vop.
  9. New PC only for Houdini

    It looks like Renderman will support raytracing acceleration with the Nvidia RTX cards! Probably other renderers might follow... So for rendering I think it would be worth waiting for RTX... and AMD gpu's are outclassed in this department. Speeding up Pyro & other sims that run on OpenCL is the only situation that might make AMD gpus somewhat useful... But I cannot recomment them just for that limited usefulness so please disregard my first reply.
  10. Channel parameter from a variable

    That's a bummer :| I was planning on using the output to drive parameters on other nodes (copy/paste relative reference etc..) I don't know anything about python... just learning vex is daunting enough for a non-programmer lol. But it's good to know that the functionality is missing at the moment. Does SESI have any plans to add it? Something like: ochf("parametername", myvariable); to output a float channel would be nice :s
  11. Hello! I'm trying to create a channel parameter but with the exception that I want it's input or it's value to be driven by a variable & not a user input/slider. Am I even going about it the right way? I just want to get my variable (it's just a float) out of the vex wrangle and on to the UI at the bottom. So basically the opposite of pumping a value into a wrangle. Is this even doable? Channel_Parameter_from_variable.hipnc
  12. New PC only for Houdini

    Here is a quick build I put together just to get a ballpark figure... https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/QqPmmq
  13. New PC only for Houdini

    1600$ and up for 128GB DDR4 quad channel matched kits... assuming your mobo has 8 DIMM slots. Pretty much all ATX TR4 socket boards come with 8 slots. ( 8 x 16GB modules). https://www.newegg.ca/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007610 600563496 601190328&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&PageSize=36&order=BESTMATCH And around half that for 64GB kit (4 x 16GB modules). https://www.newegg.ca/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007610 601190328 600336949&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&PageSize=36&order=BESTMATCH
  14. Polyexpand failing in a for loop

    I'm getting the same error copying an expanded line to a bunch of points. The only difference is my polyexpand node is outside the loop... I think the node might have a problem with data coming out of a for each loop in general.