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  1. Hello! Python & programming newbie here having problems with syntax and hierarchy. I want to use... not sure what the right description is but: full function calls / paths with the complete path from root (hom module) to leaf (a method inside a class which is inside the hom module) In order to better visualize the hom module structure. The default Python SOP with the 2 starting lines "node = hou.pwd()" and "geo = node.geometry()" creates some kind of typing shortcut and this hiding method might be good for seasoned programmers but for someone new like me it's confusing! Sorry about the rant! Here is the basic task I'm trying to accomplish in the Python SOP. 1: Create a vector 3 variable 2: Create a point 3: Set new position of point with the created vector 3 variable Here are the 3 terrible lines I tried to write: position = hou.Vector3((5.0, 5.0, 5.0)) newpoint = hou.pwd().geometry().createPoint() newpos = hou.pwd().point().setPosition(position) Result: Python error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 7, in <module> AttributeError: 'SopNode' object has no attribute 'point'" Q1: How do I fix the syntax here? Q2: Is there a better method of accomplishing the same thing in the Python SOP? (I'm aware VEX is better for data manipulation but this part of the process requires Python) **EDIT** Discovered the 2 problems (both in line 3). 1:Missing a self argument '0" in the point class's "setPosition" method/function. The Doc doesn't mention anything about this argument requirement. 2:The full path of the point class is inside the geometry class but the Doc help has them listed side by side "hou.point" & "hou.geometry" without hierarchy consideration. Here is the working 3 line code with full paths. Please let me know if there's any improvements or better methods position = hou.Vector3((5.0, 5.0, 5.0)) newpoint = hou.pwd().geometry().createPoint() newpos = hou.pwd().geometry().point(0).setPosition(position)
  2. Awesome thanks dudez! You rock!
  3. Hello! I am struggling with solving a fairly simple problem: Create radial text/font in Houdini! The more obvious route of the bend sop deforms the text geometry and for my purpose this is not suitable! How can I take a long string (a small one line sentence made of a few words lets say), and copy every single letter/character separately on to points of a geometry as attributes? IE: I have a string called "Houdini", I want "H" to be copied on point 0, "o" on point 1, "u" on point 2, "d" on point 3 and so on... (in this case the geometry is a circle with variable point count with proper orientation vectors). After this is done, the font SOP can be used to read the string attributes through a copy stamp setup and generate the text as polymesh but I'm not sure how to generate the text on a single line and turn it into individual string attributes on a geometry. Will this require some sort of an array operation or loop? IE put the whole text into an array and run an array loop of sorts? I'm not very comfortable with arrays and not a programmer so I really hope that there is a simpler way! I will happily share the tool/asset if anyone can give me some guidance I would appreciate it thank you!
  4. I noticed there is no way to set a rotation angle snap for the construction plane handle. It's absent in the right click menu...tried to create a float parameter on a null and paste it on the construction plane's menu but got an error "no option available". Tried to just select the construction plane with the " / " shortcut and there are no viewport parameters anywhere (usually tool parameters show up at the top bar when it's active?) It's a problem when working with polydraw and needing to adjust the plane often. The only solution is to have the plane parameters menu open on it's own (can't find a way to dock it in the interface either). This is an important tool for modeling imo... it needs better integration and accessibility with the interface & I think SideFX has kind of ignored it while pushing other things... If anyone has any solutions or a python tool or something please let me know thanks!
  5. Hello! I'm trying to render the new substance material node in H18 and I get the following errors on the console: [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/HEIGHT' [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/NORM' [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/DIFF' [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/METAL' [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/ROUGH' It just renders that weird red brown color with that error. I've attatched a screenshot. In the viewport the material and node work fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello! Is the .obj export to other software disabled in Houdini apprentice 17? I'm just trying to export a simple grid geo for testing purposes. I tried the ROP geometry output, the Right click & Save Geometry method as well as the file node set to write mode & can't seem to open the file in either 3DS Max or Softimage. Max gives an error "nothing found to import..." and Softimage gives no error & loads nothing in the scene... so this has something to do with Houdini's obj export imo. The curious part is, I can import the .obj back into Houdini with the file node & it loads fine... I can also export .obj's from Max and Softimage & Houdini also opens them without problem so I don't understand what's happening... *EDIT*: The problem is resolved. Seems like the culprit was a pending system restart from Windows that updated a bunch of .NET framework versions. Exporting from/to Houdini now works without issue.
  7. Thank you Noobini The new constraint works in dops but it doesn't behave as expected... but regardless, that's a different problem. I mostly just wanted to know how to go about connecting 1 source point to many points and both your example are very helpful! Sepu: Also very helpful! Thank you guys!!
  8. Hello! I'm messing around with bullet constraint networks and I can't figure out how to connect a bunch of points to a single point... basically one source point and multiple paths from it towards each packed piece. Connect adjacent node doesn't have this behaviour. The idea is to connect a fractured packed geo with many points/parts to a non fractured packed geo that has just 1 point/part. I know this will requre some kind of wrangle & coding is not my strong point :| ... any help woud be appreciated! Thank you for your time I appreciate it! Attatched a simple scene, it's just missing the 2nd constraint network. polyline_constaint.hipnc
  9. I'd look into the stiffness / stretchiness of the vellum material. IE: start the sim with the material stretched out with low stiffness & then increase it to squeeze/contract whatever it's wrapped on? I'm no expert by any means and I'm sure others will come up with better or more specific solutions
  10. Hello! I got a very simple setup here... it's a cross shape with 2 primitives... one diagonal another vertical. How can I fuse/fix/clean this so there are no overlapping primitives? I tried clean/facet/divide/triangluate2d/polydoctor with no success... fix_overlapping.hipnc
  11. I can also chose different alignment modes from the right click "Align Handle" menu once I'm happy with the new position of the handle right? So basically I first chose the desired position for the gizmo then use the Align Handle menu to chose the orientation & then finally do the transformation... does this seem like a good way to go about it? Edit: The " ' ; snap ' transform " flow is pretty decent! Thank you Tomas
  12. OMG yea it works! I was going nuts with the myriad of modes and controls lol. SESI should really mention something about the insert key in the Snapping, Construction Plane & Alignment section of the help... or anywhere else relevant for that matter. I can't find any info about the insert key or the gizmo only mode... But regardless, thank you so much Noobini Saved me a headache
  13. Just wanted to clarify: I'm looking at the "Snapping, construction plane, and alignment" section in the help and I cant figure out how to move/orient JUST the handle, without affecting the selected geometry I want to transform. I also tried the ; key for editing the align state... and again this moves my selected faces and the handle both at once... which is not what I want. It seems like no matter what I try, it moves/rotates my selection along with the handle instead of just the handle & let me manually transform with the handle's new position! Any help would be appreciated... :|
  14. Hello! I can't figure out how to use a point/edge/primitive on an object as the center of transformation for the transform handle... Moving the handle manually with the ' (apostrope) is not practical or convenient. Is there a way to make the handle snap to a specific object component & use it as the transformation center? Something like XSI's "Ref" menu where you can pick an object/point/edge/prim as the transformation center and the transform gizmo/handle moves and aligns itself with your selected component.
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