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  1. Hey, I am making some shelf tools at the moment and in one, I am linking some paramters from one node to another (which works fine by just setting one parmater to be the other). I have a seperate tool that breaks all the references using deleteAllKeyframes(). Now this does get rid of my references but it also breaks all kinds of keyframes that the channel had at any point. I would love to be able to delete the reference but keep the keyframes, but I am struggling to figure out how. I am fairly new to python but I am currently investing some time learning. Could someone help me out? Cheers
  2. Hey everyone, I am currently doing a vellum grain simulation (ground interaction) of someone running along a path (camera following character), which has to run for quite a few frames with a lot of ground covered. I am looking into ways for me to optimise my sim and avoid me having to sim the entire path at each frame of the sim. I am pretty new to vellum. My first thought was to set all the grains to inactive/stopped and only activate in proximity to the character. I have tried this but I noticed that even with all points being stopped, it still takes forever to solve a few frames (I am not sure why this is, if someone can explain I appreciate). My next idea was to dynamically delete areas of the path once it was covered and out of camera. I have done this but I get quite a lot of explosive behaviour along the edge of deletion. I have quite a few clusters and glue constraints which I am also deleting in a separate sop solver but I assume there is some precision issues sometimes which causes individual points to go nuts? I am pretty out of ideas. I would really appreciate some input from someone with more experience then me! Cheers
  3. Destruction of previously animated object

    Hi kvaletet! Oh wow, thank you so much! This is great I really really appreciate the effort! This helped me out so much, it was exacly what you said, my constraints weren't lining up properly. Sorry about the slightly late reply, I had a really busy week. Thanks again!!
  4. Destruction of previously animated object

    Heya! Great thread but turns out this didn't actually solve my issues! I have constraints with my object and I am really struggling to get the constraints not to explode when activating my pieces. I read there might be issues with glue but I am using soft constraints. Without constraints, I can get this to work fine Any chance someone can help?
  5. Destruction of previously animated object

    Awesome, thank you!
  6. Heya Houdini guys, I am doing some destruction and I was given some animation of an object flipping around. Now I wanna destroy that object, wherever it hits the ground. I have done quite a bit of destruction but I have not really been faced with a situation where the object I am destroying is animated and I am wondering about workflows. I can't really change the animation so somehow I have to get this into DOPs. I have fractured the geo in the origin and build my constraints there and then moved it back into animation position but that's where I get a bit lost. I was thinking I could pick a piece that isn't breaking or deforming, bring it in as a static object with animation and constrain everything to this, but I guess this is limiting in a way. Also I guess unless this is quite a big piece, its hard to keep the animation very much the same. What are your workflows for this? Thanks! EDIT: I just realised this should be in FX but I am not sure how to move or delete it. Sorry about this!
  7. Compress vdbs

    Hey pclaes! Thanks this is super helpful! I was thinking the same thing but I did not want to start doing this and then get problems when rendering later on that I might not like initially notice. Also yeah this was only thought to be a post simulation, pre rendering thing
  8. Compress vdbs

    I see, thank you! Do you recon it would make sense to pull out the fields that might be less important and compress these separately, but leave important stuff as it is? I am mostly trying to save space and making this whole process more efficient with a limited amount of storage for huge scale sims If you have any other suggestions in that area, I would be excited to hear!
  9. Compress vdbs

    Hey celd, thanks so much! This is a lot clearer now I am wondering if this is something studios do in production or if this is a case by case kind of scenario? Just trying to figure out if this is something that I should be implementing into my future workflow, as there is defo upsides to having to store less data.
  10. Compress vdbs

    Heya! I am looking into compressing down the size of my volumes and I have stumbled across compressing my vdbs down to 16 bit float. This make my guys nice and smaller and I don't see any difference in rendering but I am not 100% understanding whats happening behind the scenes here. Is there any disadvantages to doing this, such as loosing res? I would be happy if someone could help me out with this! Thanks
  11. Woops, sorry here is a file! test_dynamic_vellum.hip
  12. Hey guys, I am currently working on understanding vellum better. Right now, I am trying to dynamically add a point and a new constraint to that point each, lets say 5 frames, to my vellum sim inside a POP wrangle (original Input is a single point, I am trying to get to a long infinitely increasing string). I can make these, but the points just sit where I made them. I am not sure which attributes to set to have them join the simulation. Can anyone help me with this? I would appreciate it Thanks
  13. Flip initial velocity without shape change

    Hi Atom, thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I have thought about this as well but sadly, my source isn't static like this. I am sourcing from some moving sop geo, that has differnet bits come in at different times. Imagine something like loads of balls being thrown at a wall and as they are about to hit, I slice of a chunk and turn that into my source which my velocity which then goes to flip to make me some splashes. This means I couldn't animate the switch properly and as this is procedural it would be hard to slice and break the pieces off, if that makes sense? Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you!
  14. Hi, I have a really simple problem but I can't find a workaround for this. I have a flip sim with some sources popping in over time and I want to give it a really high initial one time velocity from SOPs which is driven by some stuff I calculated there. Thats all nice and working but in my sim, on the first frame, the source takes that velocity into consideration and deforms into a nasty shape representing this velocity. This wouldn't be a problem but as my velocity is really high, the deformation is quite big, which is going right through my collision objects and I have no idea how to overcome this. I tried playing with transferring the velocity inside a SOP solver so the points get created in the source shape and then get the velocity but as I only want this once right after creation and never again, I can't quite find a way to pull out the right points to transfer it to. I will be super grateful if anyone has any suggestions how to go about this the right way. Thank you!
  15. Hi, I am doing some vellum stuff but I am struggling to have my hair remain in the shape I initially put it in (I have a deforming hair that I want to influence my sim). Is there a way to have something similar to "target geometry" like the wiresolver had? I saw the vellum rest shape SOP but I am struggling to understand how to use it and if that would be the answer to my issues. Can anyone help me? Thank you!