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  1. Python 3

    Thanks for the quick answer. I'll give it a shot
  2. Python 3

    Is there any way to use python 3 in Houdini. I tried to use different packages in Houdini, for example, the discord API. All my python scrips work fine on their own. But if I try to use them in Houdini, I get a lot of errors. I assume it happens because of oft pyhon2.7. But I'm not 100% sure cause I'm quite new to python in Houdini. Hope anybody can give me some advice
  3. Scale Vellum

    Its a scene with a ton of jellies and they sadly intersect by layout, so I'm not able to just scale them down or move them apart. I need to keep the original position but need to fix the penetration. And then Do the simulation. This scene was just an easy example as Tomas said
  4. Scale Vellum

    Thank you so much Tomas, that did the trick.
  5. Scale Vellum

    Hey Guys, I have a bunch of jellies and a want to do a vellum soft body sim on them but the issue is that they all intersect and I don't want that. So I threw them in foreach and scaled them down. Now I want to scale them up while doing the vellum soft body sim. I tried the pressure thing already but it destroys the shape completely. So I went with a sop solver but that doesn't seem to work with vellum. Attached you find an example file. I hope somebody can point me in the right direction. Cheers, Lucas jelly_lb_v003.hipnc
  6. Hey Guys, after adding a RS camera tag to my camera in Houdini. My ocio fails, it worked absolutely fine before I added it. Plugin Version is 3.0.13 Houdini Version 18.0.0287 Hope somebody can help me, cheers, Lucas
  7. Hair Gen issue

    Hey there, I'm trying to simulate hair, that works so far. But if I try to use the hairgen they always disappear after a few frames. The strange thing is that they only disappear if I'm caching the Simulation and load it from disk. If I'm not loading from disk everything works just fine. Hope somebody can help
  8. Redshift motion blur issue

    actually found my mistake, i forgot to tick on velmotion blur under my redshift object tab.
  9. Redshift motion blur issue

    alright, I'll try to update my RS version. That should do the trick then. Thank you
  10. Redshift motion blur issue

    Mantra also works fine. tower.hip
  11. Redshift motion blur issue

    I can't seem to figure it out. The bricks won't render with motion blur no matter what I change. I unpacked them and checked if they have velocity vectors and they do. Also, there is motion blur if I hit the render points as spheres option in the redshift obj tab. I hope someone can help me out here
  12. redshift Error opening the tile device

    Thank you, I'll give that a try.
  13. Hey my Render View is working absolutely fine but if I wanna render to Disk I always get a short freeze followed by an Error: Error opening the tile device. I’m using RedShift V. 2.6.41 and Houdini 17.5.173 Hope somebody can help me with that.