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  1. Hello, and forgive me if this is already covered, but after searching here and google, I couldn't find an answer that would work. I have a plugin, Axiom specifically, that I want to run from a network drive. Here are the things I've tried: - dropping the axiom folder and corresponding .json file in C:\Users\rupert\Documents\Houdini18.5\packages (this worked...but of course it did) This worked so I know the .json file is good, right? So then.... - create a network directory S:\plugins\houdini\packages - add to houdini.env HOUDINI_PACKAGE_DIR = "S:/plugins/houdini/packages" - drop the axiom folder and it's json file in the above packages dir This didn't work. Le sigh. Edit houdini.env, - remove HOUDINI_PACKAGE_DIR - add the direct path to the axiom dso and otls folders for houdini 18.5.408 to HOUDINI_PATH HOUDINI_PATH = "S:/plugins/houdini/packageaxiom_v01_b006/houdini18_5_408;C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/18.5.408;&" AND...no luck. Nada. Sad me. I go to read toadstorm's post on packages, which give me resolve...to post here, because I clearly am lost. Help a brother out...teach a man to fish...Help this Maya TD help our Houdini team out. Thanks in advance. -ctj