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  1. hi my dear friends In fact, I tried to imitation cinema 4d's Slide Tool >Clone edges https://help.maxon.net/us/index.html#XSLIDETOOL-MDATA_MAINGROUP Do you have a better idea? I use polyextrude node on a primitive, I want to merge point number 26 to primitive number 4, and primitive 4 , it has five point, it becomes N-gon Should I use facet or fuse node? Please check the attachmenthow to make a n gon.hipnchow to make a n gon.hipnchow to make a n gon.hipnc. Thank you!
  2. Hi ! my friends who can help me solve this problem Thank you very much $CEX GCX BBX ? how to move the pivot.hipnc
  3. Hello!teacher after copy2 node, How to connect these pieces by procedural ? ------ Excuse my poor English,Sincerely ask ! lianxi copy-1.hipnc
  4. in Houdini, how to rotate face along Normal thanks! how to rotate face along Normal.hipnc
  5. upgrading license server

    I do this: 1, delete sesi folder (Macintosh HD \ Library_Preferences \ sesi ) 2, reinstall latest version.