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  1. The result I want is: Average vertex positions while maintaining the correct shape. When using edgeequalize node, the shape is destroyed. Maybe there are other solutions, would you like to tell me? Pay attention to the contents of the attachment thank you all edgeequalize.hipnc
  2. hi my dear friends In fact, I tried to imitation cinema 4d's Slide Tool >Clone edges https://help.maxon.net/us/index.html#XSLIDETOOL-MDATA_MAINGROUP Do you have a better idea? I use polyextrude node on a primitive, I want to merge point number 26 to primitive number 4, and primitive 4 , it has five point, it becomes N-gon Should I use facet or fuse node? Please check the attachmenthow to make a n gon.hipnchow to make a n gon.hipnchow to make a n gon.hipnc. Thank you!
  3. Hi ! my friends who can help me solve this problem Thank you very much $CEX GCX BBX ? how to move the pivot.hipnc
  4. Hello!teacher after copy2 node, How to connect these pieces by procedural ? ------ Excuse my poor English,Sincerely ask ! lianxi copy-1.hipnc
  5. in Houdini, how to rotate face along Normal thanks! how to rotate face along Normal.hipnc
  6. upgrading license server

    I do this: 1, delete sesi folder (Macintosh HD \ Library_Preferences \ sesi ) 2, reinstall latest version.