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  1. Oh yeah I did do that. Yeah I saw some feature on the website that I thought you were referring to. Never mind my bad haha.
  2. huh; I didn't even know that was a thing. Thank you though by the way, it helps a massive amount.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I've gone with Typeform and here is the link to it. Please do fill it out, it'll help a large amount and I'll edit the original post as well. https://zephyrx24.typeform.com/to/DpzbrH
  4. Hello My name is Nathan Kelley and I'm currently studying Computer Animation and VFX at Leeds Beckett University. I'm currently making my dissertation and I need people to be involved in the research which I've chosen a questionnaire. The Dissertation topic is called "Can Houdini be a good alternative to 3DS Max and Maya". If you have experience with Houdini whether a beginner or advanced user please answer my questionnaire at the link below. https://zephyrx24.typeform.com/to/DpzbrH All the help will be appreciated, Thank you very much for your time. From Nathan Kelley
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