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  1. Mentalray Shading Network

    Well here is the thing that i am kinda confused while not being able to see in Vex MentalRay. So the question is, is it possible to build mental shaders inside Houdini, except those in Shop Phenomenon built ones? When i work in Maya i can create blinn shader and hook up Occlusion to ambient but i don't think this is going to work in Houdini! So how do you go about building mentalray shaders. when there is no way of building shading network for mentalray?
  2. Export Of Dynamic Objects' Baked Simulation

    Well i don't understand what's your problem! I work in Maya for over 5 years and in Houdini for one year, i've done rigid bodies with around nearly thousand pieces in maya and everything is fine. Well there ain't easy and fast way of doing dynamics, you have to know the pipeline, it has nothing to do with the particular application, it's all about how you work around. So in your case i would you proxy objects nearly match your highres geometry, do you think people who work in Houdini, doesn't do that? Of course in production case we use always proxies, when dealing with dynamics etc, large scenes.
  3. Effects In Houdini

    Hi i am Maya user too, and been tweaking Houdini for more then a year, i can definatly point out the good side of Houdini, it's more easier to setup effects in Houdini then writing lots of expression and mel in May, when dealing with effects with particles so on. So there is not such word as powerful, cuz they all look alike, except usability and ability to make it faster! That's just my point
  4. Well here is the situation, i have simple chair, that has around 20 pieces of groups. I have my chair falls down collapse and breaks apart. In Motion and Audio i can only see box Position but i cannot extract those groups and save them as chan files, so i only able to extract it's main Position but not the rest of the groups. I am kinda confused, course if i want to use HighRes geometry with Fetch node, i get only chair falls down and that's all i get, without any fractured pieces as i expected. What can i do in this situation? Thanks!
  5. Please the odforce download site is down for the moment, and i can't get or find this script chandump.mel, could someone please post here! Thanks!
  6. Challenge: Houdini Vs Maya

    Well i can do that in Maya too, just don't know how to do that in Houdini Looks like you had fun with it !