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  1. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    polyextrude still needs a reverse checkbox. So you can extrude negative and not have to drop a reverse node every time.
  2. Object level motion paths.

    the pose tool motion path could work if there was a way to extract to curve and use it in chops.
  3. Object level motion paths.

    Oh right, the pose tool. thanks
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to create motion path curve based on an object level animation. I want to keyframe an object and procedurally create a curve that i can use for follow path. This way I can start animating the object and then tweek the motion path to refine the animation. In the same way as Adobe After Effects motion paths work. This, for me, is a more intuitive way of working compared with drawing a motion path first and then attaching the object to it with a follow path chop. Maybe i'm missing something obvious here? thanks,
  5. shop_materialpath from attribute

    I have become aware of an awesome script that generates redshift materials from a shop_materialpath attribute. This makes importing FBX files much more manageable. big thanks to kaiserlicht! http://kaiserlicht.at/tools/ Currently it assigns a random color to the diffuse_color channel. Unfortunately i'm not very sophisticated with my python scripting. I wonder if there is a way to get the color from from the geometries material and assign it to the diffuse_color channel. Or even better, if it could get the texture paths and assign them to a rs texture. I though I would post this here in hopes that a python genius on here might have the answer to share. here is the script import hou import random import re def main(): sel = hou.selectedNodes() if sel: node = hou.selectedNodes()[0] if node.type().category() == hou.sopNodeTypeCategory(): if node.geometry().findPrimAttrib('shop_materialpath'): shop_materialpath_atrr = node.geometry().primStringAttribValues('shop_materialpath') materials = list(set(shop_materialpath_atrr)) # Get the last Part and remove empty Materials materials = [x for x in materials if x !=""] matnet = node.parent().createNode('matnet',node_name="matnet",run_init_scripts=False) materialNode = node.parent().createNode('material') materialNode.setFirstInput(node) materialNode.setDisplayFlag(True) materialNode.setRenderFlag(True) materialNode.moveToGoodPosition() materialNode.parm('num_materials').set(len(materials)) for i in xrange(len(materials)): matname = materials[i].rsplit("/", 1) if len(matname)>1: matname = matname[1] else: matname = matname[0] matname = re.sub('[^a-zA-Z0-9-_*.]', '_', matname) # Create and Connect RS Material Builder redshift_vopnet = matnet.createNode('redshift_vopnet',node_name=matname,run_init_scripts=True) rsmaterial = redshift_vopnet.createNode('redshift::Material') rsroot = hou.node(str(redshift_vopnet.path())+"/redshift_material1") rsroot.setFirstInput(rsmaterial) # add random diffuse value color = [0,0,0] for j in xrange(len(color)): color[j] = random.uniform(0.3,1) rsmaterial.parmTuple('diffuse_color').set(color) redshift_vopnet.moveToGoodPosition() materialNode.parm('group'+str(i+1)).set("@shop_materialpath="+str(materials[i])) materialNode.parm('shop_materialpath'+str(i+1)).set("../"+matnet.name()+"/"+redshift_vopnet.name()) main() thanks.
  6. Oh good idea! Super cool. Thanks again!
  7. Amazing, thank you! I'm working with points created with the Table Import sop. The points are created at the origin. I'm not exactly sure why your solution works. I guess @P.x = 0.1*@ptnum; starts them off in a line and the relax sop works like a solver to continue pushing them apart in that direction. this was helpful for me. thank you.
  8. I tried that but I need the points to all in a line. The point relax pushes them into a circle.
  9. If i have 5 points all at the origin each with i different pscale, how can i move them apart along the x axis so that when I copy spheres to them the spheres will touch but not intersect? thanks in advance.
  10. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Alright I've got one. On the file cache on the missing frame pull down can we have a last frame option along with the "error" and "no geometry" so i don't have to set up a switch every time? thanks
  11. hqueue add client

    I was able get the second client to show up by changing the firewall settings. The second client is there but it is off line. Status: not available i don't now what to try to wake it up. any suggestions?
  12. hqueue add client

    I have hqueue server and client installed and working on one machine. I am trying to add a second computer in a home network, as a client. when installing the client on the second computer i need to enter the server name and port number. I am not savvy with networking and do not know how to find this information. the houdini docs say to set this field to the machine hosting the hqueue server. I didn't know what to enter so i entered the ipv4 ip address of the first machine where i installed hqueue. and used the same port number 5000. this didn't succeed in adding the client to hqueue. Help would be appreciated. is there a way i can look up the correct server name info? thank you
  13. The openGL rop isn't rendering mantra materials in my linux install. The materials are displayed in the view port. When i render an image with the openGL rop, no materials. It works fine with windows but not linux. any ideas? thanks
  14. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Here's an idea. a workflow convenience that would save me clicks would be an option to open containing folder from the file cache Geometry File field. Or even better would be a delete cache button on the File cash node. I often find myself needing to clean up intermediate simulation files from my file system. And i think to myself i with there was a delete button.
  15. I updated to today's Daily Build and the problem when away.