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  1. vex group by range

    Thanks for the correction. I left out the @ptnum in the second half of my expression. Seems kind of obvious now. Much appreciated.
  2. vex group by range

    how can i create a group from a range of points based on point number. I can make a group with f@group_s1 = @ptnum<30; but how do i get 31 though 60? f@group_s2 = @ptnum>30&&<=60; does not work.
  3. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I know. That’s not the same thing. Thanks.
  4. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Can we have an input on the font sop?
  5. Timer

    I think the simple timer example posted above is not so simple. Here is an example of a sop solver timer that is actually simple. simple_Timer.hiplc
  6. matrix decrypting text effect

    Amazing! Exactly this. Thank you very much!
  7. matrix decrypting text effect

    Librarian, thank you for this very interesting set up. It is a useful effect and close to what I'm trying for. It swaps the position of the letters instead of changing the character value of each letter. Randomizing each character seems like something Houdini could handle. I think they should add an input on the font node. thanks, again!
  8. I'm trying to replicate the text effect shown at the beginning of the attached video. Where the characters are randomized and then are replaced with ordered text. I hacked together something that is nearly a solution however it still have issues. I'm packing the characters in the font sop by centroid in a loop and using the resulting points to copy the random characters. But the alignment is messed up. Maybe someone can suggest a way to align the randomized letters. Or maybe someone can sagest a better way to create this effect in Houdini. thanks! matrix_decrypting_text_v1.hiplc
  9. foreach loop iteration file path

    Thank you for your reply. I didn't realize that spare parameters were not used with expressions like this. I have used -1 to reference the metadata node in the past with out a problem. Thank you for suggesting the strcat function. Unfortunitly I couldn't make my expression work. It's starting to become quite messy. I've decided to use another approach with material overrides. thanks again for you time in answering my question I do apricate it.
  10. foreach loop iteration file path

    sorry for the double post.
  11. How can I loop through texture map names in a foreachloop. I thought this should work with a spare parameter: H:/Assets/1x/Asset_`detail(-1,“iteration”,0)`.png
  12. How can I loop through texture map names in a foreachloop. I thought this should work with a spare parameter: H:/Assets/1x/Asset_`detail(-1,“iteration”,0)`.png
  13. Vellum Group by creation frame

    Exactly! thank you very much.
  14. Vellum Group by creation frame

    I have a vellum sim in a dopnet set to continuous and activation set to $FF%20==1. Which creates a vellum cloth on every 20th frame. How can I set a group to each emitted cloth so i can separate them post sim? thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    polyextrude still needs a reverse checkbox. So you can extrude negative and not have to drop a reverse node every time.