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  1. Hello Magicians! I was wondering, is it possible to save the deep EXR from render view? Let's say your render works properly locally, but on farm it crashes all the time. Nobody knows why. So, you render the frames locally and save it in to the sequence folder. Problem is, deep is needed as well. How do you do it? Maybe it is super obvious, but I can not find it right now. Thanks for any answers already, wish you low render times. Cheers.
  2. Randomize 'Class'

    Another solution: connectivity node just uses prim numbers. So if you put down a Sort before Connectivity, you can randomize it.
  3. "For each" - Shift last keyframe

    check out matt's scene file on this topic. you can find it here http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=ForLoops under "Loop with timeshift" section. miss read sry. but i would try a retime with an expression at the "inputrangey". something like originalEndrame-detail("../foreach_meta","iteration",0)
  4. Puddle Crown Splash

    i think you should check out this forum. Especially the last post at 3. page form KarlRichter Good luck.
  5. more advanced vdb to spheres?

    thanks, i will take a look how to do this in 3d as well.
  6. more advanced vdb to spheres?

    Hi Houdini community, I`m wondering, what is a good way to fill a geo with spheres, just like VDB to Spheres SOP, but with greater control and without intersection. At my studio, we just finished a project, involving close ups of beer foam (bubbles in it). My problem with the node mentioned earlier is that I can not choose a distribution ratio between the pscales, like a ramp would allow me. Now I`m trying to come up a solution just for fun. My first thought would be to scatter in a fog, and than relax is after generating pscale, but that pushes out the points from the original geo to much. Anybody got an idea? Thanks for reading this.
  7. How to backflip(or 180°turn) fallen RBD objects

    after the sim, you can animate each coint with in a for each. just at the transform use $CEX / Y / Z. offset it with iteration value if you want. other way is to animate the primintrinsic like this tutorial does
  8. h17 pyro custom velocity

    thanks for sharing the file but otl / hda missing
  9. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    an escape button, which stop the cooking INSTANTLY. sometimes i (and i know others as well) switch up the copy node inputs and run out of ram.
  10. DOP in for-each loop

    thanks guys. going to take a look in wedging.
  11. DOP in for-each loop

    Hi community! I have a huge destruction scene, where I'm stuck with the ground impact dust. Basically i need to make a smoke sim on every collision with the ground. I have my impact points in place, with birth frame data as well. My guess was to make a for-each loop with a DOP inside of it for every point. It works, but every frame it recalculates the whole sim until the current frame, which is of course is not good. The scene is so huge and scattered, doing this in 1 sim would take an eternity. How can I do this in a correct way? I`m sorry, but i can not post any of the hip file. Thanks for reading this, also a huge thanks if you answer. Cheers. **edit: im on H16.0
  12. Blue lines for groups in viewport

    Thanks! It was bugging me for months!
  13. Hello community! In my viewport, i see blue lines for every group i have. (see on added screenshot). It can be is quite annoying with complex geos, so how can I turn this off? Im on linux mint, H16 btw Thanks for reading/helping.
  14. read back substeps

    i've done something like this. before your cache node just drop a timeshift and divide time by your substeps ($F/4). then after your cache another timeshift and you can animate it as you want. also take a look at this tutorial
  15. Texture looping in vex

    thank you! just what i needed. so simple (as always). thanks again!