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  1. Split by symbol

    Thanks to Alexander Alekhin r"\/"
  2. Split by symbol

    Hi! I need to split sptring by symbol \. How to write it correct?
  3. Mantra Error -1073741819

    GameDev tools is problem of it
  4. Mantra Error -1073741819

    Hi! Have a problame with mplay or sequence rendering - Mantra Error -1073741819. Tried houdini 18.0.460 and 499 verisions. Absolutely an empty scene - a sphere and area light. All scenes doesn't render to sequence, just to render view all good. Try to stop the antivirus. Temperature of CPU is good
  5. The Beauty

    Нас окружает красота, медленно сжимая очко) Великолепная работа)
  6. Vex anoise

  7. Vex anoise

    Hi guys I can't understood how does work a vex anoise. Is it a bug or my mistake. At the picture a simple code with result. Noise added just to first component of the vector. Usually Im work in vop but sometimes need write in vex and there another result https://imgur.com/YU2stZN
  8. Snow Solver

    You can use a grain solver
  9. Wire capture weigth

    Hi all. I've a difficult wires with big and intersection elements. I can't to set working preferences and think that wires capture weigth should be controled by spline attrib but how can I set it? Sorry for English I'm from cold Russia.