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  1. add a GLTF for Houdini

    HEy, How hard would it be to add the capability from on of the open source libraries and add GLTF loader to FileIO for houdini? -k
  2. Nail Board Rig

    ah.... memories
  3. Pt cloud with Cd attribute to Maya ?

    I will respond to my own question so the next person has information. Need to make Pt Colors to Vertex FBX from Houdini to Maya will keep the data. OBJ will not survive as the format doesn't play nicely. You can stuff it the normals or UVs if need be.. that works. Alembic will keep the data. nothing else to see here.
  4. A point cloud from Houdini to Maya, I need the Point color on them to survive. this is a sequential problem as well so I need to do this for ##### frames. Pointers/suggestions welcome -k
  5. substance Nodes?

    Saw this on the orbolt today http://www.orbolt.com/asset/ophi::sbs_uv_map::1.0 anyone have comments on it ? Have YOU used it ? -k
  6. BSDF Bonanza: GGX, Microfacets, Disney BRDF and More

    Jim, You are still wicked dangerous. Thanks for sharing! -k
  7. Houdini on a Surface tablet

    there is a guy next to me runningXSI on his pro... I'll ask him if he can try out Houdini
  8. anyone have a pointer for calling up a attribute you just created via a paint sop ? Scenario... I have an attribute create for a point variable single float, I append a paintSop and paint it using the overrides and all is groovy. then I want to add another attribute create SOP to flip the result so the remaining points are the inverse of the first variable. So I go and do a 1-$VariableName in the Default field and it doesn't like the attribute, so I try to use a point expression to call it up --> point ("../paint1", $PT, "VARNAME",0) and it works only to the point it assigns the attribute, but NOT the right number? thoughts?
  9. haunting... -k i know it is a day late but i just stumbled on this thread today.
  10. UV Stretching problem

    was worth a shot. you would have to rebuild the surface through a series of most likely messy networks to ensure an uniform distribution so you uvs would be consistent. WHICH is probably what is in the last example file posted. good luck -k
  11. UV Stretching problem

  12. Translate Geometry to World Origin

    technically you could use an objectMergeSOP and use the transform field at the top so it points to something sitting at the origin. i'm not sure how H12 handles objectMerge.. but it used to double you memory for whatever you are merging back into sop land. the pointSOP with the $TX-$CEX, $TY-$CEY, $TZ-$CEZ is the easiest. -k
  13. Houdini Marking Menu??

    I'm pretty sure that the marking menu and interface is not something anyone outside of the autodesk family can make without getting sued...
  14. Facial Rigging Q&A

    You can try to use pt groups and isolate what it is you are trying move with the latticeSOP. I haven't tried H12, so I'm not sure if the new geometry structure would be as slow as previous versions, there might be some speed ups if once the pts are declared and set to be used in the sop itself. otherwise, do it in bones. The blendSOP (i think it is still called that) has/had some good toggles for speed increases and they do work as long as your input isn't changing then that kinda negates what the toggles could do for you. You also should try as much as possible to keep the blendSOP above your deformSOP. Any deform after the deformSOP will slow you down. I would personally avoid the lattice and use blends then bones.... wires maybe... depends on what you are doing. -k
  15. well there is always the ancient art of changing the NURBS CV's weight via the pointSOP.... kinda creepy after working with polys so long but that is what it is supposed to do.