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  1. Yep, it's been some time. Good to 'see' ya too ;-)
  2. This bug has been fixed in Nuke 6.04, which came out today.
  3. Confirmed as a bug by The Foundry. Logged as bug 10921.
  4. Got an email from The Foundry that they'll look at this ussue. Also, orcavfx.com is going down in 2 weeks. You can now find the tools on https://sites.google.com/site/freecgtools/
  5. I traced the problem to the .setKey() method on the AnimationCurve object. According to documentation, the method has not changed, but as soon as the camera import script tries to execute it, Nuke crashes. Same happens when I run it manually from the Script Editor. So I think it's a bug in Nuke 6.03. I'll contact The Foundry, let's see what they say.
  6. On Windows 7: I looked at the crash log file and is says the 'culprit' is python25.dll (which is installed along with Nuke 6.03) The exact same version of python25.dll is installed with Nuke 5.2v2, which does not crash.
  7. crashing for me as well. i'll have a look over the weekend.
  8. Math in VFX?

  9. version 1.4 is out: - Nuke support - PyMEL (for the Maya-specific tools) - cleaned up the code http://www.orcavfx.com/downloads/mt_tools/
  10. The source code is now available to download. About 2500 lines of Python code and 1000 lines of comments. Took me a few weeks of R&D, testing and documenting, so you may find some useful pieces there. There is also a Q&A page outlining what you can learn. http://www.orcavfx.com/downloads/mt_tools/
  11. TD/Developer looking for work

    update: not relevant
  12. I just released an update of the Houdini and Maya tools. If someone is interested to find out how I created everything, you can buy a license of the code - 2600 lines of Python code + 1000 lines of comments, for the price of a training DVD. http://www.orcavfx.com/downloads/mt_tools/
  13. My tools reel

    That's exactly the approach I use - Point SOP forces fed to an Attractor POP, with a Speed Limit POP added to make sure the particle traverse the curve within a specified amount of time (but they need to be close to the curve for that to work reliably). With some added bells and whistles like expressions, caching, collision detection to keep the particles close (since there are no particle goals in Houdini, afaik) and ability to change all creation parameters (in Maya you can't change the origin and the number of controls and sub-controls once you create the curve flow). And of course all that done at the click of a button ;-) ps: you can download them at http://www.orcavfx.com/downloads/mt_tools/
  14. My tools reel

    the updated version is up. less text on the slides, more slide 'hold' time, sound volume is a lot lower.
  15. My tools reel

    Thanks. I agree, and already got a similar feedback elsewhere, so you are not alone when it comes to reading the text. I will edit the reel to increase the screen time of the titles and will post an updated version this weekend.