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  1. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    So much yes! I cant believe this is not possible, because you can even alt-click and drag to duplicate nodes in the network view. It is really annoying, Houdini already has more than enough features for modeling, but that such a shift-drag clone is missing in viewport is what slows things down and is what keeps it unattractive for any sort of modeling. Please submit an RFE if you havent yet, i have already done so while back.
  2. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    Well i knew nothing, so thanks for this is information! Speaking of Renderman/Pixar they were also mentioning USD/Hydra somewhere in the comments of the Houdini 17 teaser. If we get another teaser before the event, we might see it any day now.
  3. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    Hi - is there more info for the "new" Renderman for Houdini?
  4. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    Of course its true, they used eventbrite for the H17 launch event as well: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/houdini-17-launch-event-tickets-49857673644
  5. Radeon 7

    Hey Guys, does someone already know if the Radeon 7 will work with Houdini? I have not read any issues with Vega so far. But I heard some of the AMD cards were hit and miss in the past - hopefully someone can shed some light on this. All the best!
  6. Procedural hard-surface geometry with Boolean/Fracture SOPs

    I saw that too the other day and think it looks great! I think what Akira Saito talked about at SIGGRAPH is at least similar and maybe a conversation starter.
  7. Hi bunker! Thanks for your thoughts! I will do it like you suggested! Actually i had the highres already simmed out and ready to shade, when i remembered how you can add details via the rest/rest2. So i was wondering if they can go together in some way. I just needed to make sure i am not missing anything Really nice! Also thanks for the examples! Thanks for clarifying! TBH i like the upres workflow more anyway.. it first it was a little confusing, but with the shelf tool it is actually very easy! All the best!
  8. The thing i am also wondering is at that using upres or not using upres but the dual rest fields - i guess in the end they both are meant to give more detail to the sim. If you only can use either - and cannot combine them - which would be the preferred method?
  9. Hi bunker! Thank you so much for your response - your posts on pyro and upressing have already helped me a great deal! Really great stuff! As for my situation, Yes, the rest/rest2 fields i would like to use for details in the shader! How would you go about that? Could i use the low res rest and merge with the high res (thus having density, temp at 0.02 via upres, and rest/rest2 is 0.04) or any better way to achieve this? I really like the extra detail you get via shader!
  10. Hey guys, i would like to know if it is possible to keep the Dual Rest fields i created on a low res volume all the way thorugh the upres (using the upres container) process. As far as i see it, you can only create one new rest field using the upres DOP. I have a few questions: - There is no way to upres your dual rest field? - Is there a way to do it without the upres DOP and can you just merge them after? - Would it maybe be okay to have the rest fields at a bigger resolution (bigger voxelsize, lets say sim is 0.02 via upres and rest/rest2 is 0.04) and just merge them? I assume this would be a big nono.. - Is the one rest field that you get out of the upres good enough? I assume dual is "better" - Is there something to keep in mind, when converting to VDB down the line. I had a few issues, where the one rest field i got from the upres, would not really convert to VDB and stayed zero-ed out in the sim. Hopefully you guys can help me out on this and also shed some light on the topic of upres/rest fields. All the best!
  11. Snap a move" like in Maya

    Yes, please do the RFE - i have been asking for that for a while now. Same with other usual modeling operations that are very common in other programs. RFE them all!
  12. Give me varying trail lengths per point

    Thanks for that karan! Really cool of you guys that you keep adding your setups to the existing ones. This way there should be a method for anyone^^ Is there a technical reason why the trail sop for example cannot read in attributes?
  13. Give me varying trail lengths per point

    This is also a nice solution - pretty straight forward with the wrangles. Thanks for posting the file. I am happy to see there was not one button i missed or something like that. Another thing i did is just grouping the points based on the rand(@id) and divided them into a few groups. With each splitting off to a different trail sop. Not the most elegant way, but what the hell.
  14. Give me varying trail lengths per point

    Hi fencer! Thanks for your file - i definitely like the non linear motion version! Looks really good! With the linear version i only have the problem, that the lines get drawn the moment the particle is created. The non linear version is great though! Thanks for the help! On a side note - should it not somehow also be possible with the popreplicate? I found another thread that got a similar example using the older split pop node. Anyway - really liking the solution!
  15. Hello Guys, i am struggling with something and i am asking for help. What i want is quite simple in theory. I have points from a particle sim and i want those points to have trails that have a different length for each point - can be totally random, but should the length should just differ in some ways. I am unable to change the length in the trail sop for each point - i tired a for each loop over every point and using the "iteration" etc. but somehow could not get it to work. I also tried to use the points as source for another particle sim, but also that way i did not find anyway to have them emit particles in a trail like way and having different lengths. Also the particles then got new IDs, so it is hard to group them (to get lines from the add sop via attribute) Same with the sourceptnum - there are sometimes points from the same source point emitted (with time in between) and they should not go together. I have attached a scene file that hopefully further clarifies my issues. My request/challenge would be - take this scene and give each point a different trail length and connect the trails to a line! All the best! trails.hiplc