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  1. Hi guys, i have been learning about Pyro from Applied Houdini and an older 2 part video on Pyro by Peter Quint. Other than that it seems that there is not that much out there. While these are good resources to get an better understanding of the Pyrosolver i really do not like the results it gives you. I think i would like to play around and maybe even animate some of the different fields.. Just to get a cooler behavior - even if its not realistic.. Is there more info on that? Unfortunately i have no scene here but its similar to your usual pyro sim.. not much to it. i would like to know how to shake things up a little or actually a lot! It feels like all the tutorials do similar stuff and also get pretty similar results.. I hope someone knows a good resource that goes a little crazy.
  2. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Hi Follyx, wow thats looks cool actually! Will download for sure. Can anyone verify if something was wrong with my initial setup? I really wanna find out about my active/inactive issue..
  3. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Hi sepu! Thanks for posting - this looks nice! I just looked at the file. So the active/inactive works in this layout... does that mean that there was something wrong with the "RBD Object" in my setup? Its not like i want to use "RBD Object" but i still would like to know what i did wrong or if it is some sort of bug. All the best!
  4. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Was there something wrong with the way i set up active/inactive?
  5. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Hi - thanks for the quick answer! Somehow i cannot download the file hen clicking on it. Error code: 2S328/1
  6. Hello people, pardon me, i know this must seem super basic but somehow my RBD-Sim does not work properly. I wanted to have a sphere affect a a simple prefractured box. To avoid having the box fall down upon itself i selected a few bottom pieces and set them as "i@active = 0;" But in the sim - now nothing reacts to my sphere. I have double checked and the active shows up correctly in the spreadsheet in the sim. Since this is hard to explain i have attached the file. I hope someone can take a look. It is a very basic setup. I guess this is some weird bug or i am missing something super obvious (sorry, still new to RBDs) All the best! rbd_active.hiplc
  7. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Sorry, i hope double posting is alright! Actually the constraints on Matts site are exactly what i had in mind. The only difference would be having the same kind of setup, but with the boxes being able to fracture!
  8. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Sorry, you are right. In this case i shouldve said glue constraint (that holds pre facture together). So what i want to do is have bunch of prefactured "glued" cubes next each other connected with a spring constraint. With a single geo i could not have the spring constraint between them.. thats why i would need at least two. Sorry for the confusion! It sucks that i am not home now! EDIT: Thanks for the link, Matt! I think i checked your page but i guess i missed something important (as always)
  9. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Hi Varishtraheja, thank you for your message. I cannot send i file right now since i am at work! But i will do one tonight. The thing is basically that i dont know how to apply two constraints to one object. So say i have for cubes lined up i would like to have them connected/constrainted to run a springconstraint. But i also want to voronoi each individual cube. Really weird to explain it is best to just put together a file i guess Will do so in a few hours!
  10. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Hey Guys, so i have been getting more and more into Rigids recently after steering clear of them for the longest time. Its actually quite cool but i am still taking baby steps and the sims are rather simple. I have been going over the different constraints and i am getting a good feeling for them. I wanted to take it a step further and kinda combine/mix these and ran into some problems. What i was trying to do was this: Copy a bunch of boxes with some distance between them (via copy sop) and have them "connected" via a spring constraint. Now i would also like to try to have the boxes voronoi fractured as well. So that i could basically have them swing around with the spring constraint and then be destroyed if the hit a solid object. I hope i am making sense. At the moment i am only able to do one of the two - but i would like to combine them. Could someone guide me how i would need to go about that. All the best!