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  1. Viewport display issue

    Cheers Sepu! Due to the GPU situation recently I have been using Intel onboard graphics ...which for the most part has been working surprisingly well! I'll try a driver update, or if I'm really lucky just be able to pick up a RTX with a decent amount of vram soon.
  2. Viewport display issue

    Thank you very much ryew, that was definitely worth a go but unfortunately didn't fix it. I did get 'Generating new icons... Done generating new icons.' output in the console but the viewport issue remained the same using just the default files generated from launching Houdini. I'll keep exploring.
  3. Hello Posting in case anybody has an idea on this weird camera display issue I have in the viewport? Have just installed version 19.0.455 and any camera I add displays like the below in the viewport. As I move around it flashes in and out but is always just lines and looks as if the icon for the camera has been stretched massively. Most of the time it isn't visible at all though. Had nothing like it in the 18.5 version I was running before. Realise it's a bit esoteric but would love to fix it if I can.
  4. Cloth sim shading problems

    Hadn't even thought to look there in display options, cheers marty!
  5. Cloth sim shading problems

    Hey thanks very much! I had tried a normal node with little success, but tried again adding it after the dopimport ....then added a smooth and another normal node and was able to remove the artifacts. Obviously there's a loss of detail and some extremely subtle remnants of the problem, but it does look and render clean. Cheers again.
  6. I'm more or less brand new to Houdini and have been trying a basic cloth sim but have had some problems. As you can see in the image both in and on the folds I'm getting some strange shading artifacts like the smooth shading is breaking down, almost as if the direction of the shading is being flipped on some faces. It's a tool shelf grid for the cloth object and static torus for the collision object. I feel like I must be missing something really basic but have googled, read the docs and just hit a wall with how to fix this. If anyone could shed some light on why this might be happening it would be really helpful, I've played with the settings a lot and tried normal and facet nodes (though I may of been putting those in the wrong place!).