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  1. Getting Houdini Global Vars With Python

    Hey Jeff! Did you find a solution for this?? I'm trying to do the same and got stuck.
  2. Deadline ROP inherit Env Variables

    Hi Wizards! I'm trying to use the Deadline ROP to send sims/renders to farm, but it's not using the Environment Variables from my scene file. Any idea on how I can inherit the environment variables? Thanks!
  3. Render Path + AOV Path Expression

    Hey cybor09!! Did you figure out a way to do this easily?? Please let me know. Hoping to find a efficient way. Thanks!
  4. deadline customize question

    Hi, Just wondering if you could manage to get the auto cache change by submission?? I'm trying to do few things with pre-render scripts, but having a difficult time setting it up with deadline. It works fine locally. I'd really appreciate if you could give me some hints on how you did it. Thanks!