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  1. Rain particles going through the ground

    Happens to us all
  2. Rain particles going through the ground

    I made a simple setup like this a few months ago as newbie practice, I'll try and remember to upload it later. Also, if you replace your grid with the Ground Plane from the collision shelf, it works fine.
  3. Help with the Cube Man

    I think this is different to the look you're going for, but interesting nonetheless. So in your case the cubes would rest on top of the characters skin? Houdini blocky male
  4. group by velocity in vex H16

    You're using the Y velocity, maybe some of those points are moving upwards as they move around? What about using P.y instead of v? Then blast what you don't need. I tried both v and P along with particle 'age' as another test, and my group worked fine.
  5. Align geo to normals then Blow away

    Oops! in my haste I forgot to do the POPNET part of the question, my bad! @Atom saves the day, hehe.
  6. Align geo to normals then Blow away

    Does this work for you? quick_align_normals_OD.hipnc
  7. VDB scaled up?

    Decrease the voxel size on your VDB from Poly node. The closer you get to 0, the more accurate it will be to your original geo. So start with 0.05, and then lower slightly from there if it's not enough. So a decrease in value causes an increase in resolution on your VDB. Edit: just fought off the sleep that's currently trying to overpower me, don't think I answered your question...
  8. counting nodes

    What about the 'Find Node' option? Gives you a numbered result and a few filters.
  9. Particle scale

    @ejr32123 - I added an example inside your scene file. (I made it in 10 minutes but I think I made the vop properly.) rando_pscale.hipnc
  10. Is this the same as your other thread...? Regardless, I'll take a look at this version tonight seeing as your other one seemed a bit broken.
  11. Particle scale

    Create pScale attribute with an AttributeVOP and control it with a ramp? (random ID, fit range, into ramp, bind export out.) Usually a good way to do it. Could do it in a wrangle also, use certain attributes from your popnet or a Point SOP like @Hector_md suggested. (Age can be a good one.) As for the scale from the VBD node, the Point Radius Scale is multiplying the particle scale.
  12. Make a static version of your hand geo at origin and do your effect on that, and transfer it to the animated geo with a point deform node? I opened your file last night and it wasn't even working after importing your alembic, I'll maybe try again later.
  13. Dust Simulation Question

    I always blast my animated mesh to the parts I need (feet for example) and just use an attribute transfer onto the environment mesh (floor or whatever) to set up the emission areas and then blast by colour to remove the remaining area of the ground. With the remaining points you can add velocity with some noise to randomize it a bit and then feed that into a 'vdbfromparticles' and a 'fluidsource' and then merge those together, then feed that into a null and use that as your input in your source volume in your DOP network. If I have time, I will make an example for you within the next few days. I use the same method every-time in production and only ever add extra nodes if really needed (usually just velocity modifiers) and get great results with a simple volume surface shader.