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  1. hi, sorry for my bad english. I attached Image , WIP. Q.1.================= I want "paper things" to apply field by individual id or name . like in uniform field z value ==> fit01(rand(@id), 1,10); but not working . and Q.2.================= I also tested @friction outside dopnetwork . but not working. Please. If you have an Idea or solution for me. and simple scene. very thx.
  2. I want to make a shader using attribvop or, simillar shader thing in SHOP. I made simple hip file and attached. If you guys have time to answer, thank you all shopTest.hip
  3. I appreciate your help It is really good example scene thx
  4. hi, all. first of all soooorry about bad my english skill I'm in trouble with trail particle I tried below image(attached) but not good anther attachment is What I want please give me some help. thx ( put example scene if you can....) thx