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  1. Wobble (rotate) points on axis using VEX

    Hi, i like that little wobble sin code. Any way you could tell me how to make that loop on points please? I tried it on an animtion i have with scattered points that lasts 20 sec at 30fps, but i can't find a way to make it loop so far. Thanks. A.
  2. Sorry, Mate. Couldn't figure out what was wrong with your .abc file earlier. Hopefully someone better skilled will jump in. A.
  3. Hey guys Jumping quickly into your thread as i'm bumping into trouble while trying to offset the animation of my instances (using Redshift point instancing here) and sync the start of each instance animation with the birth of the particles. Right now it's only looking at the absolute time and playing instance animation in sycn regardless to the moment the partiucle instancing them is being born. I'm very reluctant to use Copy SOP and stamping and i'm hoping to find a simple solution to do that with Instances. Would you please be so kind to show me how to? Cheers, A.