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  1. How do I use boolean fracturing in Houdini 17? is it already part of th enew rbdmaterialfracture? or is it still the separate boolean node, if still the sepaate boolean node, how to fit it in the newwork with the rbdmaterialfracture?
  2. Any idea how Boolean sop fits with the new rbdmaterialfracture node in Houdini 17?
  3. xyz problem for imported fbx

    Many thanks, it works.
  4. xyz problem for imported fbx

    2nd example Houdini xyz axis issue for imported fbx individual objects, I attach the second fbx as well, any idea what this is due to? Cyprys_House.fbx
  5. xyz problem for imported fbx

    Both were already there (Y up in settings, and convert to y-up in import), any idea what else could be the problem? the model was made in 3ds Max (2013) I attach all formats available: Hut_2013.max Hut_fbx.FBX Hut_obj.obj
  6. Imported an fbx (attached) and i get the wrong behaviour of the dopnetwork with the xyz, gravity pushes the geometry to the side. Here is a visual description of the problem: any idea what the problem, how to fix it now, and how to avoid it in the future? Hut_fbx.FBX
  7. Many thanks, does it mean that when modeling I should avoid "paper thin" and make sure everything has some dept? do you have some checklist to make sure the model is ready for destruction? I will use existing models, or make them, but in both cases I need to end up with something I can use. And for this current building model, do I just need to add dept to the paper thin parts, or is there more to worry about? because the chimney is not paper thin, yet it has the same problem.
  8. Paul, grateful if you could point me to the exact video you have in my about rbd preparation.
  9. Here is the fbx: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/253a5978e9bc8ff18d6b0f725f9349d020181026214450/ad09a91e71ea30a312abc3cf0aa17cad20181026214450/5fe3e3 thanks
  10. Thank you, I have do it by sub-element and it is still there actually I can see it clearer, I made another video: Any idea what there are?
  11. Hi, I have imported a model, applied voronoi fracture and some weird blue faces started showing up, I have made a short video showing the problem: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&ar=1&video_id=bWiPswILZ0s any idea what these are? is it an issue at the modeling stage? normals?...
  12. Any idea how I can add procedurally a brick wall structure to this circular watchtower?
  13. I run a pyro simulation (flames), using Houdini 16 non commercial, cached the sim (120 frames) using the import_pyrofields node (save to file->save to disk). I can see the cache in the hard disk 115MB file. But when I try to play in the sim after clicking load from disk, I hear a weird noise (this happened on two different days, the noise has to do playing the simulation), and the sim is completely frozen on the last frame I had played. Even if I go back to frame 1 you would see exactly what in the picture. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? After closing and reopening the file, I no longer hear the noise but the simulation is still frozen on the picture you see no matter what frame I move to.
  14. Any tutorials on animal fur?

    Hi, I have seen this lion fur in vimeo and would really like to know how to do something similar,how to achieve that level. There is a tutorial from cmiVFX with a lion as well but you will see the huge difference in result, I need something of this level: Thank you