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  1. I'm trying to turn this into a for loop in Vex, for each point attribute: Step 1: to take all the points that have >0 and group them, name of the group is the name of the point attribute. if(@pointattribute1 > 0) @group_pointattribute1 = 1; if(@pointattribute2 > 0) @group_pointattribute2 = 1; if(@pointattribute3 > 0) @group_pointattribute3 = 1; ... Step 2: Promote each of these created point groups to primitive groups
  2. How to get the switch node to choose randomly from its inputs every frame?
  3. Is there a way to art direct the "voronoifracturepoints"? How can I control where it places the groups of points?
  4. I have a geometry that I converted to sdf (image sdf) I applied some noise (aanoise and turbulence) in a volume vop, but i can already see lines, which are also visible once converted to polygons. any idea how to get rid of lines?
  5. Gobo lights

    I have added a texture map to an area light hoping to get the gobo light effect, but it doesn't seem to work, I can't see the difference. Is this the right texture map field for the Gobo light?
  6. I need to get rid of all primitives that: have more or less than 4 points, and of those that have 4 points, I need to delete the primitives that are not perfect rectangles (they don't need to be squares, I just need to get rid of the "distorted" rectangles
  7. I'm try to orient the pyramid object to follow the normals of the tube, each pyramid should face where the normal (of the primitive on the tube) is facing. Polyframe on the pyramid doesn't help. Now they are all facing the same way. The last image with the red arrows shows where the pyramids should be pointing. (there is a hip file at the end) orientation in copy to point.hiplc
  8. 2 flip objects in one sim

    Just trying to have the spherical water interact with the flip tank, but it doesn't seem to see it, it's ignoring it, have I set it up right?
  9. particle fluid tank VS Ocean Source (Type flat): Does it matter which one I use for a FLIP simulation? is it old vs new? is it standalone flip vs ocean merging? or it doesn't matter which one I use even for simulation time or other?
  10. [HELP] Heightfeild to polygon terrain problems

    The simulation is it volumes (smoke), or also lava? in other words, RBD collision just for the crater or collision with scattered rocks and trees? If the sim is only for smoke going up, then your scattering should not even care about the eruption, it's as if you have a normal terrain, you scatter your stuff on the heightfield and cache it as geometry to add later. Since you have already a texture in Cops, you know you can bring in any mask or erosion result into cops with a sop import, and channel copy. About the texture it's unclear what the simulation does, does it blow up the top of the mountain? I don't see a crater on your mountain. Are you scattering rocks that will be thrown as part of the eruption? or do you plan to blow up the top part of the mountain? Maybe if you post the dynamics part, it will be clearer. or if you have a reference you're trying to replicate.
  11. This nodes seems too greedy and I cannot get anything out of it: It reaches the max RAM (32GB) very very quickly with very low res mesh, while with the same terrain a Convert Heightfield node gives me dense mesh. The maximum I can get out of it is what you see in the screenprint, (33000 polygons) completely useless, if I go higher than 0,03 in base density, it asks for more than 32GB RAM. While the detail is there and I get it with Convert Heightfield (16.7 million polygons) with no RAM issues. How do I get it to work: less density in the flat areas and more density in the detail areas?
  12. Thank you. It's not working. That one is dealing with interior detail. I need the functionality of the old "Delete Exterior Cluster Edges". I've tried the new node but it's not working:
  13. It's not the first time, but when the firewall catches mplay sneaking out to internet, it asks me whether I let it out or not. mplay being mplay, in mind should not need internet, a player. But it then refuses to work.I go to the firewall, let it out. and it works. Any idea if SideFx is doing "something" with mplay? I mean there is a separate choice in the launch screen to send anonymous data or not. Or does it need some update? (it's a daily build, fresh?!).
  14. I'm having trouble with an animated alembic, that remains static. To test I have limited the selection to "Only deforming or Transforming Primitives", and it's still there, so the animation is there but I can get it to move.
  15. Substance Plugin in Houdini doesn't work with Painter, works only with designer. Right? It accepts only sbsar files (designer files) both the "Lab Substance Material (Beta)" in Sops, and "Labs Substance Archive (Beta)"in Cops. Has anyone somehow Substance Plugin with Substance Painter? I seriously don't get it. they've done quite a lot of work, months of waiting, and they've pluged it with Designer. But designer outputs sbsar files for Painter to use it. So you bring in your designer material and texture in Painter. They've pluged houdini to Designer, but you've painted in Painter?! Am I missing something?