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  1. Fuse with no gaps

    I need to properly fuse these lines of bricks so that after bending I do not have gaps, but at the same time I want to keep the offset of bricker polygons. Any idea?
  2. I can't find a heightfield node to invert a mask, any idea how to do that? if it's not in a node, can I do it with vex, something like mask=-mask? how would you write it? and is it in an heightfield wrangle?
  3. orientation when copying to points

    many thanks, it works like a charm using the point vop and quaternion, although I didn't understand what is really happening.
  4. When I copy ( a circle) to points on another circle, and the number of divisions is high (e.g. 50), I get the impression the orientation works fine. But in reality, the shape is twisted. So when I reduce the number of divisions to say 5, I end up with an obvious twist. I used the cross product of the position with the up vector for orientation. I need the shape not to twist, any idea?
  5. I have a shape that has 9 primitive, I need the whole thing to become one primitive only, which node should I use?
  6. bbox (beginner question)

    Thank you. I guess for a box it would be ch("sy") instead fo ch("rady")
  7. bbox (beginner question)

    Thanks, I get an error for the ch(rady): it says Warning Bad parameter reference: "rady" in parameter /obj/geo1/transform1/t.
  8. bbox (beginner question)

    It's quite a beginner question: how do I use bounding box information to let the sphere come exactly on top of the box, and the torus on top of both, in a way that when the size changes they all stay on top of each other. Thanks
  9. I have 20*2, each 2 are (2 sides of the same plane, copied 20times) are supposed to show up in a rectangle. The first 9 seem to do it well, the other 11 (2nd row) are getting too cozy and want to share the rectangles with each other. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. I know there bounding box or bounding spherem but what if I want to delete or group based on an object. The object I want to use as bounding "box" is the same as the object I want to impact but smaller.
  11. Any idea what is going on in the mesh? I've tried fixing the normals with normal sop, facet sop, didn't help. Have you come across this before? what is it?
  12. I liked this effect of trees bouncing as the heavy explosion happens (though I would tone it down a bit), but I'd like to know how you would go about doing it in Houdini if you have SpeedTree trees. He did it in C4D:
  13. I found a very old tutorial (2010) ad I'm wondering if there is a better/faster way to make a turntable of a simulation
  14. I know how to target a group, but how to protect it? in this case not group 1, how do I write it?