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  1. create a name attribute (primitive) for each primitive group, name is the group name
  2. The prop doesn't stay where it's meant to stay. I've added a simple cube and used the (brand new) agent layer node which isn't covered anywhere and is different than the older one. Any idea how to get the brand new agent layer node to work and to stop the prop from swinging? (Attached screen-print of all nodes and their parameters.)
  3. Is it possible to make the second source emit at a later frame using Pyrosolver?
  4. I was under the impression that painting happens on the surface we paint on, not on the other side as well. I have attached the hip file and a screenrecording. It sometimes draws only on the opposite side, not even on the side facing us. Any idea? physics_painter_draws_on_both_sides.hiplc
  5. When I press on the blue display of the any node, I get permission denied ! What's happening?
  6. For one frame only, when I press Render to Disk on the USD Render ROP (for both Redshift and Karma), there is no progress visible on the screen (the usual pop up dialogue box with Mantra). How do I know how far the render is and if it's actually working other than sneaking in the destination folder? For a frame range, the progress bar does show up.
  7. I've attached the hip file where I'm trying to loft nurbs curves into a nurbs surface, but the polyloft output is polygon, I know I can convert to nurbs surface but it's too late, I need the output of the polyloft to be nurbs surface. In addition when I try to convert I get funny shapes. Here is also a screenprint from Maya showing loft output option nurbs surface. The surface needs to be smooth (as a nurbs surface should be), not faceted with stepping. Any idea? loft_nurbs_surface.hiplc
  8. I've attached a video of the screen recording of the simulation, the faces are jumping. I've used a polyreduce that turned the polygons into triangles. Any idea what's causing this? vellum.mp4
  9. In the attached screenrecording, I draw a curve on a geometry but I need to decide exactly where to place the points of the curve. It seems the draw curve tool only works when clicking and dragging, but then it decides itself where to place the points. If I click only, I just get points not a curve. When I press Enter, there is no curve on these points. Any idea how I can decide where to place the points? curve_on_surface_.mp4
  10. My animation start frame 1 and ends frame 141. I want to simulate with frozen geometry for 300 frames, so no animation for the first 300 frames, only on frame 301 I want the animation to start as if it was frame 1, because the animation doesn't exist after frame 141. When I use timeshift with 300 frames, It shift but my animation ends frame 141. Any idea?
  11. In the attached file I've calculated the Cd vector length which I was led to believe is the brightness, but then there is luminance function that's gives different values than the Cd length. Do you know why there is a difference? In part two of the code I'm trying to find the brightest and the darkest using max(luminance.. and min(luminance ... I don't know how to make it work to get just one value for the max and one value for the min (for all the points). VEX_luminance_vs_Cd_Length.hiplc
  12. I have attached a bgeo file. I have an object that needs to be oriented (procedurally) depending on its longest side, from which ever random orientation it has to standing straight in the Y axis with the longest side (see images from to). Any idea? orient_standing.bgeo
  13. I have looked at the UV mapping done by speedtree, and all the islands have straight lines on all sides except where it connects with another branch/ground. I'm trying to have this UV mapping done procedurally in Houdini, not more than 1 seam, cutting the whole branch/trunk the speedtree way. I have attached screen-prints for the trunk, the roots, the branch, the twig, it's the same approach that's makes tree truly seamless. Any idea?
  14. I get too many seams, I'm trying to have clean speedtree-like UV with one seam that coincides with the edge of the seamless texture hide the seam.
  15. Hi, Maya auto seams gives an excellent starting point (seams) to UV tree trunk and branches, you only need a few tweaks if any and you're done. I'm trying to do it in Houdini, I've tried the Labs auto Uv using multiple methods (UV autoseam,...) but I don't get anything usable. Any idea? I have attached an example geometry (bgeo file) tree_and_branches.bgeo