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  1. I was hoping to leave the frames for the animation, the initial example for the question is an animation with 240 frames and I want to save each animation coming out of each item in the loop. But now I realise that the File SOP doesn't have the option to save frame ranges.
  2. forget it, it's working, I forgot to add the ` at the end. thank you.
  3. Do you mean a file cache? just by setting the file mode to write files? how do I add the iteration number in the file name?
  4. I just need the exact node under a different geo. Normally under the same geo node I would simply create a reference copy, but when I cut and paste it in another geo node the reference copy starts complaining, it doesn't work. Any idea how to use a reference copy from another geo?
  5. No matter how many items I plug as input for a switch it only picks the first and the last. It's also irrelevant how many points I'm copying to with the copystamp. Do I need to change something so the other inputs show up as well.
  6. is it for rbd or modeling?
  7. I've created a mantra node, I have a 2 takes, the main one and the HQ one with more ambitious specs for rendering. It works fine, but when I copy this mantra node and paste it a few times to make different versions, I've noticed the HQ take parameters were not on the list for those new pasted nodes, they are still on the mantra1 (original) node. Is there a way make new copy pasted nodes inherit the HQ take parameters as well?
  8. Since a couple of days when i launch a mantra render (using render to disk) that tiny progress bar dialogue box doesn't show any more, I only know it's done when the fan slows down. How do I bring back that render progress bar.
  9. split by normal

    I've tried splitting by normal directly in the split node but it's not working, can i do it without creating a group first, because there are a 6 primitives that need to be isolated separately.
  10. I need the object merge to pick up the name of the parent obj node automatically
  11. Why does the attribute noise on velocity cause the whole simulation to go in one specific direction? and I'm not even able to change the direction, it's always the same. Here are screen shots with the attribnoise enabled, then disabled and the pyro solver settings. How do I tell that attrib noise not to go in that direction? I've changed its settings but it doesn't change direction. Even if I change the source geometry behind the smoke, even if I rotate the source, the direction stays the same.
  12. Here are two simple volume noise set ups: 1. One uses position, but needs a volumesamplefile 2. The other uses both position and density and doesn't need a volumesamplefile Both give results, different results. if I however start messing with combinations using the volumesamplefile I get this: 3. position_without_volumesamplefile 4. position_and_density_with_volumesamplefile Any idea what the real role of the volumesamplefile and its relation with the position and density?
  13. Which one would you rather use?
  14. I have 5 different inputs feeding a switch. These 5 need to be copied to points using copystamp. It work but I need to define the percentage chance of each of the 5.
  15. Align longest edge to z axis

    I have a primitive and I need it aligned to the z axis. It has to be procedural as it's for a lot of them and in a for each loop.
  16. How to get the switch node to choose randomly from its inputs every frame?
  17. I'd like to create and assign materials using the object names, for objects that have the display flag on, each object gets a principled shader created using its name and assigned to it
  18. How do I Export JSON file with translate, rotate, scale.. information of objects in a scene for use in other DCCs?
  19. When I add volume visualization node, and click on the blue display flag of the node, the smoke is no longer visible. Any idea?
  20. I'm trying to turn this into a for loop in Vex, for each point attribute: Step 1: to take all the points that have >0 and group them, name of the group is the name of the point attribute. if(@pointattribute1 > 0) @group_pointattribute1 = 1; if(@pointattribute2 > 0) @group_pointattribute2 = 1; if(@pointattribute3 > 0) @group_pointattribute3 = 1; ... Step 2: Promote each of these created point groups to primitive groups
  21. Is there a way to art direct the "voronoifracturepoints"? How can I control where it places the groups of points?
  22. I have a geometry that I converted to sdf (image sdf) I applied some noise (aanoise and turbulence) in a volume vop, but i can already see lines, which are also visible once converted to polygons. any idea how to get rid of lines?
  23. Gobo lights

    I have added a texture map to an area light hoping to get the gobo light effect, but it doesn't seem to work, I can't see the difference. Is this the right texture map field for the Gobo light?
  24. I've done the UV's, a simple box, flat. Repeated several times. How do I get UDIM tiles, with each segment (box) in a separate tile. Do I need to create any UDIM stuff before the UV layout?