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  1. Tried to export a heightfield of a terrain in greyscale using cop2net and sop import but I get individual elements (height, water, debris, sediment...). 1. How do I get the full terrain out of it? 2. How do I even get these individual elements out? You've guessed it, I'm new to Houdini.
  2. It's meant to be straight forward, for some reason I've no clue why the bend skill I had in Maya didn't help at all in Houdini. Why is it shockingly straight forward in Maya? There is a bend node in Houdini, once I place it, there is too much going on in the viewport, look at that (attachments). A whole folklore of gizmo tools, Where is one supposed to start? It's as innocent a box as it can be, I can't bend it! Anyone knows how to use it could explain how to bend a dead simple (stretched) box, starting with a blank scene. I'm not looking to see what it does, I know it bends, but where to start? For now I try very hard (often fail miserably) to place the object in the position the folkloric bend gyzmo wants, I can't move the gizmo, don't know how?
  3. As the question is formulated, this is not an A vs B. I have Houdini and it's the heart of everything 3D in the pipeline, but I have worked a bit with Realflow much earlier (when I used to work with Maya) and I wonder if it's worth it to add RealFlow to the pipeline or you think Houdini has everything for fluid simulations. I haven't yet worked with Houdini oceans and fluid simulations, planned soon, but I'd like to know whether I should use the discount period for adding "game changer" applications to the pipeline. I know what I can do with RealFlow, but I do not know how much of that can be done with Houdini. I need small as well as large scale simulations, not just oceans, also playing with fluids (swirling around pillar and other stuff) Why would you add RealFlow to your pipeline if you already have Houdini?
  4. found it, after a lot of sweating and swearing.
  5. Add RealFlow or not?

    From a cost perspective, Realflow (700 Eur permanent license) is more expensive for me than Houdini (250 per year). I have the indie version. It's a one man band. I use Houdini as a full 3d Package, and I love it for many reasons, one of which is: it doesn't need plugins. Sometimes I see some other software, specialised ones like RealFlow, and ask myself: do I use Houdini for that, or is it worth it to use RealFlow instead only for that part, since there is a RealFlow plugin for Houdini integration. I'm a beginner in Houdini (used to work with Maya), so when you say I do not know how quick it can be for a beginner, does it require VEX stuff. as a comparison, I've seen Houdini clouds and it seems very easy to learn, if that's what you mean by pretty quickly then that's great. The same situation about Houdini Cloth vs Marvelous Designer.
  6. How do I get out as an image the texture I created with heightfield quickshade?
  7. Add RealFlow or not?

    Any idea on the differences in simulation speed?
  8. I started with 32b when I got the problem. I moved to 8b to try it as well. I've done it 3 times on 3 different terrains.
  9. Just the default terrain of Houdini default erosion, increased resolution to 4k, exported and I get consistently (3 times) pixelated lines in the heightfield, I can see them when I import in any software (World Machine...) I attach the file and the heightfield output. Do you get the same thing? terrain exports ugly pixelated lines.hiplc
  10. Can I create or import a rectangular heightfield and export it as a rectangle not a square?
  11. When I use heightfield output I get colour images. Heightfield images are greyscale values (white high, black low, greys in between). But why do I get coloured images when I export a png. How do I get the full terrain, because for now I only parts (height, sediment…) spread in colour channels, where is full the terrain in greyscale? like the whole thing?
  12. Thanks, i meant the colour image. Heightfields are greyscale, why colour?
  13. It is solved, thanks again to both of you. I just would like to know what do people do with the exr's? I use the obj for clarisse, the png/tif for Vue/Terragen, but the colourful exr, what use does it have? am I missing something?
  14. Ok these are the parameters. IT WORKS. MANY THANKS to both of you.
  15. Does Houdini, yes or no, export the full terrain? I think this maybe the paramount difference between Houdini and [WM, Vue, Terragen...] Because I have seen the sidefx video on H17 terrains in detail, and I've seen that story of red blue green... and he hasn't given me the impression Houdini can export an image of the full terrain. So is it only in pieces? and how do I bring these pieces together? Why wouldn't Houdini have the full terrain exported?
  16. I'm just trying to get this: https://www.google.nl/search?q=heightfield&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiaj8HksYvfAhXC2aQKHdVzDbEQ_AUIDigB&biw=1920&bih=979 one image in png or tif format that has the terrain, not pieces of the terrain. I know how to export an exr but I do not know what do with it, the exr is in colours. The heightfield is greyscale. I was born in World Machine, In Vue, in Terragen, I've never seen a colourful heightfield before the Houdini exr. Any help is truly appreciated.
  17. Thank you I managed to get 10% of progress and changed slightly the question. I did set planes from sop, I now can see the individual elements but I have no clue how to get them out, and how to get the full terrain heightfield, like the combined heightfield (which I can't see anywhere)? Years in World Machine, I need one file with the full heightfield to import in world machine or vue or terragen...
  18. Any idea how Boolean sop fits with the new rbdmaterialfracture node in Houdini 17?
  19. How do I use boolean fracturing in Houdini 17? is it already part of th enew rbdmaterialfracture? or is it still the separate boolean node, if still the sepaate boolean node, how to fit it in the newwork with the rbdmaterialfracture?
  20. xyz problem for imported fbx

    Many thanks, it works.
  21. Imported an fbx (attached) and i get the wrong behaviour of the dopnetwork with the xyz, gravity pushes the geometry to the side. Here is a visual description of the problem: any idea what the problem, how to fix it now, and how to avoid it in the future? Hut_fbx.FBX
  22. xyz problem for imported fbx

    2nd example Houdini xyz axis issue for imported fbx individual objects, I attach the second fbx as well, any idea what this is due to? Cyprys_House.fbx
  23. xyz problem for imported fbx

    Both were already there (Y up in settings, and convert to y-up in import), any idea what else could be the problem? the model was made in 3ds Max (2013) I attach all formats available: Hut_2013.max Hut_fbx.FBX Hut_obj.obj
  24. Hi, I have imported a model, applied voronoi fracture and some weird blue faces started showing up, I have made a short video showing the problem: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&ar=1&video_id=bWiPswILZ0s any idea what these are? is it an issue at the modeling stage? normals?...