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  1. 10 hours ago, sadhu said:

    Check this file


    I'm a bit lost here, I meant for each existing shop_materialpath, I do not need to create any shop_materialpath, I need to create groups and materials.

    I have a 3D model pack that has some 30 shop_materialpaths, I just need each one of them to become a group and have a material in the mat context with the same name.

    the shop_materialpath is a starting point, it's an input that we already have.

  2. I'm trying to simulate this vellum rope for the first time, everything falls including the tube that's supposed to suspend the rope. I'm new to vellum, and I'm sure this is a very simple thing, I've searched but didn't find something similar. How do I tell vellum that the tube shouldn't fall as well?


  3. I got a little problem here. I've used transform with -$CEX -$CEY -$CEZ. Then I created a reference copy, and checked invert transformation, but it's not working. It's throwing an error

    Unable to evaluate expression (Bad data type for function or operation (/obj/geo1/transform1/tx)). 
    Unable to evaluate expression (Bad data type for function or operation (/obj/geo1/transform1/ty)). 
    Unable to evaluate expression (Bad data type for function or operation (/obj/geo1/transform1/tz)). 

    Is there a way to invert a transform to centroid? telling in for each connected primitive: go to the centroid, come back again to where you were.

    invert transform.JPG

  4. On 25/06/2020 at 8:26 PM, tamagochy said:

    Put to point wrangle 

    int pts[] = neighbours(0,@ptnum);
    float dists[];
    foreach(int pt; pts){
        vector pos = point(0,"P",pt);
        vector dir = pos-@P;
        float dist = length(dir);
    dists = sort(dists);
    float d = dists[-1]; //longest 

    in first input connect all bounding boxes

    Thank you, I'm almost there, I get an attribute d which has 7,9 and 21, I only need the 21, the highest number, one value, what do I need to add to get that?

    node graph.JPG


  5. I have an vdb (sdf) to which I apply some noise in a volume vop. The noise is applied everywhere. I need it to be limited to some areas, so I need to create a mask. The mask can be driven by a noise.

    Is it possible to create a mask for a vdb?

    P.S. the vdb was a polygon geometry, would it be an option (and how) to use a mask from polygon into vdb? whichever way exists and works 

  6. I've keyframed it yesterday several times, the problem is that the newly emitted smoke needs different settings than the older one that's been around for a while, and this is even in later frames because there is still new smoke being emitted, any change to satisfy the old one upsets the new, any that satisfies the new upsets the old.

  7. Done simulation 18 times, the problem is still there: the smoke is hairy. I've used the control field with speed, tweaked gasdisturb settings, at different block sizes, different strength, tweaked temperature diffusion, the smoke is still hairy. I've watched countless courses / tutorials, I've even replicated their exact settings, the smoke is still hairy. If I bring down the strength of the gasdisturb the smoke is too smooth in the first 100 frames.

    There is something else, I hope someone knows what's going on.

    After 18 times, this is what the smoke looks like:



  8. A sphere and a box, and rbd packed object and a collider, but the collider sphere goes very very fast, it goes in one direction then back again. The problem is that the box (rbd packed object) realises there is a collider only when the sphere is on its way back. Result: the box goes in the opposite direction than where it should go.

    Any idea what puts that box to sleep when the sphere is crossing fast?

    Here is a flipbook



  9. I would truly appreciate if you could tell me how I can do that. I do see that velocity is already the disturb field in bindings, do I need to so something else to add disturbance only where the smoke is moving faster?