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  1. Proper autosave feature (yes, I just lost an hour of work :D). Current one works in a weird way - you have to enable it every time (easy to forget). Why not just turn it on every time by default (or global toggle) and if someone didn't save at all display a prompt "please save the damn project, you woked for 20 minutes without saving stupid". Something like that
  2. aaaaand there it is. New shiny curves in ver 19. Thanks a lot! It's funny how happy that change made me. What have I became It's hard for me I'm more of a hobbist-artist than a programmer but thanks.
  3. Just HDA in Blender. There are some old community made solutions like https://github.com/eliemichel/HoudiniEngineForBlender and there's even a Blenders renderer inside Houdini (how cool is that?! :D) I understand that there are problems with licensing in Blender, but it can be done and i can wish Oh and one more tiny thing - setting pivots in fbx rop output! The Path Attribute added earlier is an awesome change. In games, pivots are very important when it comes to rendering and sorting things for the camera.
  4. Better curves... Just this one thing. Please! Selecting point by point is such a pain Having multiple curves in one node, easily selected by box select is dream come true. edit: oh and more blender integration would be nice!
  5. Hi there, I had similar problem. You have python set as language, not Hscript. Check this post for more information https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/43043/?page=1#post-293793
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