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  1. Non overlapping UV's

    Hi all, I'm looking for a way to ensure I generate guaranteed non overlapping UV's. (Besides exploding it into all triangles and a huge mess). The resulting UV's don't need to be super great, the importance of fixing the non overlapping issue is key. flattenUV and unwrap and all tools I tried on my sometimes complex meshes produce overlapping artefacts. Thanks for any help!
  2. Embed Texture in FBX

    I've build a post-render script in the fbx ROP. I export the file as name_temp.fbx and the script takes the name and builds the processing string. I've used the autodesk fbx exporter that's freely available. Here's the code in my HDA pythonModule that I call in the script field. def convertFBX(exe, tempfile, finalfile): # FBX_CNVRT = 'C:\\Program Files\\Autodesk\\FBX\\FBX Converter\\2013.3\\bin\\FbxConverter.exe' if exe != '' and tempfile != '' and finalfile != '': #print(arg) subprocess.call([exe, tempfile, finalfile, '/e']) if os.path.isfile(tempfile): os.remove(tempfile) #with open('Z:\\projects\\T3D_Scanner\\01_settings\\houdini\\convertFBX.log', 'a') as f: # f.write('{} : {}\n'.format(datetime.datetime.utcnow(), arg)) # f.close() else: print('Not enough args, need old name and new name')
  3. CPU usage questions

    Hi Jason, Thanks for for your answer, that sound like that makes sense. I've just bought and build a threadripper system and so far I'm very happy with it, it's just that I'm not sure I bought the right RAM modules. I got a decent deal on a 3200Mhz/128Gb kit and from what I gathered on the internet it would work fine. And it does, the only weird thing is that when I disable the XMP profile on the motherboard/ram it goes to 2133Mhz and the performance differences are negligible in benchmarking. So I was looking at a sim and noticed the utilization of my cpu not being 100% in all sim cases, I was wondering is this mem kit bottlenecking my CPU. It's quite hard to find a definitive answer on this, but what you say does make a lot of sense for Houdini related performance. If you have anymore mem/cpu insights I highly appreciate them! Cheers, -Johan
  4. Hi all, If my processor is simming and all cores are used but they are not utilized 100% does that mean the processor is waiting for the RAM to be available? Might the ram be too slow to catch up or is that the wrong way of thinking about it? (There's enough free RAM left in this sim). I saw when I lowered separation I can get the CPU usage up to 100%, but at some loads it's not using it fully. Trying to understand if my RAM is too slow, or if it's something normal. Thanks! -Johan