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  1. Peak with normal

    I have updated the file, hopefully it's clearer. peak.hip
  2. Peak with normal

    Well, I did an extrude on a curve. So I want to get is the same result polyextrude, with using the extrude but peak. Is it doable?
  3. Peak with normal

    Here's the hip file. peak.hip
  4. Peak with normal

    Sorry for the spam about normals, but I have another question regarding normal. This is what I have, the template is done with polyextrude. When I apply peak, this is what I get. What I want is the same as the polyextrude kind of extrusion. I have tried normalise the normal length, but it work for me. Is there a step I am missing here? Cheers.
  5. Normals direction

    I am a beginner too, learning more about Houdini, especially the ways to model differently.
  6. Normals direction

    Thanks, mates. It works for me. I didn't realize there's a tangent attribute on the resample. From Noobini case, I get the tangent and cross product with Y vector to get the perpendicular normals. Iskander's method is more on attributewrangle, I am not very sure how it works, if you may possibly explain it thanks. Cheers.
  7. Normals direction

    I want to get a curve with normals facing the direction as shown below. I did this curve with add, follow by an asset which is similar to carve. I tried with polyframe, it didn't give the result I wanted. What should I do to get the normal? Cheers.
  8. point normal

    Thanks for the help, I applied both the polyframe and attribwrangle method and got the desired results. Cheers.
  9. point normal

    Hi I need to have a curve with point normal that is perpendicular to the point itself. In which when I move the position of the curve, the point normal will not be affected. Is there any way I could achieve, maybe in VOP or SOP? Cheers point_perpendicular_normal.hip
  10. Multiparm Material

    Does anyone know how to multiparm material shader? I have created a multiparm asset, but I need to provide a control to adjust some parameters in shaders. E.g. I have created an individual control for emission, but I can't seem to control them individually. In this case, I like to emit each geometry with different emission intensity. Does anyone have any idea I could go about this? I have considered stylesheet, but I kind of realised that it won't help in my case. Cheers material_emission.hip
  11. Greeble plugin for Houdini

    How do I compile on linux? Sorry, haven't a full idea how does the whole compile works. Cheers.
  12. Greeble plugin for Houdini

    I have watched your greeble demo, I wonder if you have a linux version. Cheers.