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  1. Attach Hscript To A Node

    I know you could do it in a callback script in a digital asset, but I don't want to push a button. I want it to happen in the main houdini cook loop. I was trying to mimic an interactive renderer by using the render COP. I would start to render on say 16px x 16px, and when it it rendered I wanted to trigger a hscript that changes the parameters gradually to say 256x256 and up step by step. I tried putting the script in the output operator that the render COP is referencing, but that doesn't seem to get executed in such a particular case. You would set a min and a max iteration to avoid staying in the loop. I've started to look at the IPR, an my first attempt didn't make me happy. As I'm learning about it, it's kind of okay, but I'm disappointed to see that moving the camera doesn't update the ipr accordingly. I was expecting that when the "lock camera to view" is on and that camera is selected in the renderer used by the ipr, you would see an update. Am I missing something? Control clicking an object to get its shader is awesome. Can we assign Ctrl+Shift+Click to display displacement shader properties? D.
  2. Okay, thanks. A pity though. I so often use $PT, $PR and the lot that I want them everywhere :-)
  3. Hi, How do I attach a piece of hscript to a node. That script should be executed when the node is cooked. I would like an hscript to change a parameter of another node and then recook. Can I do that? I've looked at digital assets, but none of the events listed there are something like "On Cooked".
  4. I'm creating a custom POP with a VOP network. It has a parameter that scales the effect. The operator works as expected, but when I put $ID as an expression in the digital asset, I get an "Undifined Variable" error. I remember have the same issue with a custom SOP where I was trying to use $PT. Is there an option to enable these global variables in my asset? Of course I can always read in the variable I need in VOPS, but I was looking for a more universal method. Thanks.
  5. Add Point At End And At Start Of A Curve

    Thanks from me too. Very useful Sop. This sop is a bit hidden on exchange maybe, I was looking in modelling section earlier.
  6. Add Point At End And At Start Of A Curve

    Interesting. I'd like to do sort of the same thing. I was wondering how to get the right coordinates of a point that would follow the tangent of a curve when using the add sop, procedurally.
  7. Functions in VEX?

    I tried this and although the custom diffuse function seems to work for poly's, Nurbs are resulting in black. Any idea why? D. Okay, I'll answer my own question again: You need to normalize N. Not sure why the problem didn't show with polys, but for a diffuse function, normalize is what is needed, right?
  8. Hscript In Functions

    Thanks for your understandig edward :-) While I can get away with this simple function to generate a timecode to us in a Font COP, don't you think it would be a good idea to have $TC next to $T and $F as well? for 24 or 25fps timecodes it is simple enough, but there are also dropframe timecodes and PAL/NTSC issues... Tip for H9? D.
  9. Hscript In Functions

    string tc() { d = padzero(20,3); return d; } This is what I get: /obj -> echo `tc()` 3 /obj -> Can I not use hscript commands in a function then? [sOLVED] You have to declare your variables Dries! string tc() { string d = padzero(20,3); return d; } Duh, didn't you know beforehand you were going to find the solution right after you posted the question?? Thanks, very much appreciated. D.
  10. Houdini And Ubuntu 6.06

    Installed it today. Houdini works very well on it. I had hoped to run 64bit houdini version, but that is unstable. The official 32bit runs well while on Ubuntu 5 I had problems running the help system, probably because of java 32bit issues. If anyone want to try ubuntu 64bit, I'm still running into these issues (nfs issue solved though): http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...ighlight=ubuntu
  11. fetch chop

    Wow, okay. It seems to be in the little thinks. Both edward's and malexander's technique work well, just the last one seems more universally applicable. Thanks. I'm glad I asked.
  12. fetch chop

    Interesting, don't know what record does. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks.
  13. chs or chf?

    Hey Simon, it's a good feeling to know people like you are still out there. Maybe you hadn't noticed, but I'm back in Belgium and even though I'm pretending as hard as I can, it isn't exactly houdini land. D.
  14. fetch chop

    yeah, have to answer my own question again: fetch chop does work for keyframed channels, but not for expressions; I had sin($F) in the bank parameter. That's a pity actually because I was looking for a universal way to export objects. Now I first have to check whether there is an expression and do those separately. Or has anybody a better idea? D.
  15. fetch chop

    Hiya, I can't seem to get the fetch chop to import channels for the whole animation range. That seems odd. The object chop can do it, but that has only a limited number of channels to import (transformation). I definitely like the select options of the fetch chop: all, created or non-constant, but importing say "bank" only gives a constant channel allthough it's animated at object level (of a camera). D.