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  1. Hi everyone, I'm making an automated pipeline where high poly photogrammetry geometry comes in, and low poly geo with baked textures come out. Everything is working, but all the materials in the fbx are simply called 'baker'. The textures are working fine, but I'd like to get the right name in the fbx model, so UE4 can automatically import the meshes and create all the textures. I've tried by using the PDG variable inside the quick material inside the labs baker, but that only works once and keeps the same name. I've also tried renaming the material by using a prim wrangle: 's@shop_materialpath = "/obj/fbx_test/maps_baker2/sop_quickmaterial1/matnet/MI_`@filename`";', but no success here either... So I either need to be able to change the way the labs baker writes out material names (and link to PDG), or be able to change the name afterwards and make sure the material stays assigned. I've attached the file, any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot! TextureWorkflow_20200216_01.hiplc