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  1. it's better if I lower the shadow intensity, but you can see the color difference between the those areas. I prefer not to lower it since it looks weird without the shadow shadow =1 shadow=0.8 shadow=0
  2. Good Idea! Just added the file. Thanks!
  3. shelf_beach_compare_shader_test.zipshelf_beach_compare_shader_test.zipshelf_beach_compare_shader_test.zipshelf_beach_compare_shader_test.zipI am trying to use the default beach tank and do a test render but I found out some area of the surface like the water droplets are a lot darker than the rest of the water. I tried increasing the refraction and reflection limit and the displacement bound but it didn't help with the issue. It's looks fine if the refraction is at 1 when everything is transparent but it's not the look I was looking for. Does anyone know how to fix it? shelf_beach_compare_shader_test.zip
  4. multiple target particle morph

    Anyone have ideas how to make this kind of morph with multiple goals? I am trying popsteerseek with switch but they aren't sticking to the target position. Thanks!
  5. collision sparks emit direction

    After looking at more reference, I think sparks are emitted in all direction and inheriting part of the velocity from the collider. Sparks are usually appears backwards since the camera is moving forward with the car.
  6. collision sparks emit direction

    I am trying to create some collision particles that appears when metal collides with surface. Right now the particles are emitted from the ground with the velocity of the ball. I am not sure the particles should be emitted in the direction of the ball travels or opposite to the ball travels. I think it should travels in the direction of the ball but backwards looks nicer. Which version do you guys think is better? Also anyone have a good reference for this kind of sparks?