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  1. Hey, I have a bunch of moving curves that appear and disappear (meaning the prim id keeps changing), and I scatter points on them which I'm using a solver to kill at the right time but therefore they become static and I want to use an attributeInterpolate to track the point back to their curve. The problem is that the attributeInterpolate is asking for a sourceprim id but as I said above the the prim id keeps changing. I was able to create a unique integer attribute for the primitives which then is inherited by the scattered points. how can I now get the prim id from the curves to the scattered points based on a matching attribute? I tried an attribute wrangle but I'm really new to vex and this is what I wrote which doesn't really work haha. i@sourceprim = int idtoprim(1, id); first input is the points, second input is the curves. Thanks