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  1. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    integration of mutual interaction for rigid bodies with vellum
  2. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Just build your grow solver ; ) I think you have to explore more the nature of houdini. The web is full of growth solver examples, you can build you're own, save it as an otl and by the time upgrade it. Just look at this talk from BenWatts youtube.com/watch?v=O4XC08Gd9uw , starting at 3:40'' he's showing his custom grow system tool, and he is using it all over his projects over the talk. It's more powerful to build little tools like those compared to prepackaged node (like other software developers are doing) and wait years for features to be added. There are already a lot of prepackaged nodes in houdini, but they're are needed for bigger/complicated node structures. So my advise for you is to spend more time with this very nice software and day by day build you're personal arsenal ; )
  3. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    -Revamp of the flipbook interface and better support for exports in flipbook -Possibility to include in hip file backgroung images
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    would be cool to fire up houdini projects pressing a key to force the manual mode, avoiding load times
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    we do not need any rush! we know that sidefx works really hard. when it's done, it will come out ; ) btw... I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    ability to create presets for sequence export inside flipbook!
  7. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    1) The chance to copy/drag parameters between interfaces (maybe holding down a key to avoid some unwanted drags?) for a faster workflow would be awesome. Maybe another key combination to rename on the fly label names? 2) I come from a c4d background, I was using mograph a lot... IMAO I think is way better to construct a proper network (and maybe save some custom assets?) to build up an "houdini mograph tool" ... you can build it up in thousand ways as Dalvi shows, you got way more power to customize it in the houdini procedural way !! 3) Unified Houdini networks? no thanks!! ; ) cheers!
  8. get dop hitpath data in vex

    I can't get it...
  9. get dop hitpath data in vex

    sorry but I am really a vex noob...! how do you think I can use it?
  10. get dop hitpath data in vex

    by the way you solved half of the problem! I forgot to merge the dop_import node with the object merge to keep the data! but stiil wrapping my head around on how to get the number of the group from a string attribute...
  11. get dop hitpath data in vex

    Hi atom thanks for your answer. But I think I exposed my problem in a wrong way....! The set up I have needs to remain inside the dop net. So far I could get the data in the dop net (using a solver inside it) but I can't understand how to get the data from the "Geometry" attributes inside dops. In particular using the "hitpath" attribute since it is a string containing a group number.
  12. get dop hitpath data in vex

    Hi guys. I am trying to set some attributes based on my hitpath id's. The original scene was using a flip fluid and a gas collision detect,... by the way I'm uploading a scene file with a pop net set up for speed reasons. In the file scene I have uploaded I have created a pop network with a collision detect and a sopsolver to fetch the attribute data from the dop geometry. I do not understand how to get the right data from the hitpath attribute to set my "colliderid" attribute. It seems to be a group as well and I am wrapping my head around it! Another thing I noticed, it is that the geometry spreadsheet doesn't seem to show the correct feedback of the hitted points...they seem to be not enough...I am doing something wrong? cheers paolo hitpath.hipnc

    Ok, I've found the issue. In the opengl "Scene Path" I was selecting a node inside my onj path instead of selecting directly the full obj path directory.
  14. Hi guys! I have a scene were I have a rop network that is caching out a sim. After that I would like to automatically made a flipbook out of it... how can I do that? I was tryng out the opengl rop but it doesn't seem to work, all frames are black. thank you
  15. affect rbd object by pop wind in dops?

    oh I see! Thanks a lot Sepu!