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  1. i3d problem

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. It turned out to be a space in the path to the i3d file that was causing the problem. Changed the location and it works great. Cheers, Dave Carroll
  2. i3d problem

    Hi all, I am trying to work through Jason's volumetrics tutorial but when I come to render my i3d file I get the following error: 'Unable to execute program: i3dgen' Any ideas? Thanks, Dave Carroll
  3. midifile help

    Ok, I've got it now. Apologies, I mis-read your initial instructions. Cheers, Dave
  4. midifile help

    No, I didn't see any options when dragging the CHOP name. I'll try again. Thanks, Dave
  5. midifile help

    As follows: 'Error: Unable to evaluate expression (Expression stack error (/obj/model/fractal1/scale))" ?
  6. midifile help

    Thanks for the reply. When I try this I get the red 'error' flag on the fractal SOP though. Probably something I'm doing. I'll tinker with it some more. Thanks again, Dave
  7. midifile help

    Hi, I am trying to use the data in a midifile (channel 6) to drive the scale parameter of a fractal SOP. I know Houdini can make light work of such stuff but I just need some pointers. Any and all help is appreciated! Cheers, Dave
  8. Lsystem presets

    Thanks for the quick reply; that's another one I owe you! Cheers, Dave
  9. I'm trying to figure out how to apply the various supplied Lsystem presets. Or do I have to enter all the data into the parameters manually? Can anybody enlighten me? Cheers, Dave
  10. GeForce 4 display corruption/artifacts

    Thanks for the reply. It is wire over flatshaded but I get the same with smoothshaded. The wireframe only display appears fine though. I am using the Detonator 30.82 drivers on Windows 2000 sp2. I will try setting the variable as suggested when I get home tonight. I had tried altering all the OGL variables but to no avail. Didn't try the one you mention though. Fingers crossed! Thanks again, Dave Carroll
  11. Hi, I am just getting started with Houdini and am having some display problems with a GeForce 4 card. The image below shows this better than I could describe it. Has anybody else had a similar problem and, if so, is there a fix? I have installed the latest display drivers, etc. Thanks, Dave Carroll