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  1. Which constraints for wood RBD?

    Hi Illusionsit, working on a very similar approach not without issues : ), did you manage to get a good workflow ? perhaps something you could share about the whole process? much appreciated I meant Hi Pancho ! : )
  2. RBD packed object inherit velocity

    Hey everybody ! I am working on a project , where i have to break a ship that moves through a city in 5 impacts/collisions. Meanwhile the ship keeps going more and more broken, after each collision. I started by giving the ship an initial velocity and interrupted it with RBD Keyframe Active in order to set keyframe of the ship when it doesn't collide with anything else. The problem now, after the first collision is how do i bring back velocity to the ship to keep it going to the next one. I am a beginner and a bit over my head on how to approach this, any help will be amazing thank y all in advance