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  1. I don't understand how to have a chop play a sound at a given time. I have a channel somewhere that specifies that the file should be played once in its entirety when its value changes from 0 to 1, but I don't understand how to have the audio chop do this.
  2. Is there a way to rotate the camera along its three axis at the same time ? Basically manipulating the two handles at the same time. I understand the two handles don't commute, because .. math.. but I'm looking for a way to tune the virtual look_at point of the camera
  3. Render on idle

    What I would like, is that when I walk away, I would like my workstation to work on the rendering of whatever is in the render queue. Note that I may have an instance of H running on the same (only really...) host, because it's the only one I have right now.
  4. Render on idle

    This is a minimal setup. One workstation, used to both create the hip files, and render them. I'm trying to have it render as soon as it's idle. Indie license.
  5. Using a principled shader, I'm using a texture file for the displacement. With effect scale set to 1, I have the expected result at render time, but in the viewport window the effect scale is too big. The textures used are: https://texturehaven.com/tex/?t=cobblestone_floor_13
  6. Render on idle

    While working on something in Houdini, how can I have start rendering another file as soon as the as the machine is idle ?
  7. So if I understand correctly, spatial audio listen to sounds through microphones. I don't understand how to play one sound at a specific frame, nor how to save the spatial audio file. When I set the Sound active to 0 in the only sound that the microphone is listening to, I can still hear when I set the audio panel to scrub and the chop set to spatial audio. Same thing with the Microphone. So the questions are: how do I play sound X at from F, and how do I save the sound track ?
  8. I'm importing an Open EXR sequence in Blackmagic Design Fusion. How do I match the image I have in the preview windows in Houdini ? There is a Gamut node to adjust the gamma. Here are some default settings in Fusion:
  9. I'm trying to move two objects along two curves, so that the objects will collide at some point, like some kind of puzzle (wooden bead maze) In pseudo code, this would be init bead positions (in detail attributes a=0 b=.1 c=.2) for each frame: SOP carve the curve to values a,b,c and copy the beads at those points some collision detection to detect which of a,b, and c can be increased to avoid collisions increase a,b,c accordingly I'm not sure how to initialize the details values using the solver..
  10. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    At geometry level, some way to find which node(s) created the point / primitive / something you clicked in the viewport. I know this concept is not really well defined at GEO level, but let's say you merge two curves in a merge node. How can you find the curve node which create the curve you selected in the viewport ?
  11. How do you handle this without any loss ? They are not equivalent in general, so I can't just convert from point to primitive or the converse. Also, how do you debug such problematic merge ? The exclamation point is just nagging me (in a good way...)
  12. Vellum cloth preset settings

    Is there some kind of presets for vellum ? Similar to the ones that come with Cloth Objet 2 ? Chiffon, silk, denim, and so on.. Vellum clothes are so bouncy with the default settings.
  13. Find node from viewport selection ?

    I think he meant something like: for a given point, find the node the furthest upstream in which this point is created. I'm not sure this notion is well defined. For example if you merge two curves, it would allow to change the selection in Network view to one of the two curves I don't know a way to select something in Network view based on a selection in Scene View, (unlike at Scene level)
  14. Find node from viewport selection ?

    I don't think you can. This is a feature that is available at Scene Level AFAIK BUT... Let's say you want to tweak the curves, while having a node downstream set as the DISPLAY node. The information you're looking for doesn't exist in Geometry Spreadsheet, so in a way it's lost, unless you store it somehow. It's possible to have the node name displayed with Visualizers, attributes, point wrangles.. but it's intrusive, and it won't allow you to jump to it However, you can use persistent handles. Go to the node(s) you want to tweak (later somewhere in your graph). Switch to handle mode, then right click on the handle. Enable persistent. Now you can display another node, and still have the handles for that other node Obviously the handle is unaware of anything that happens downstream, so if you transform the curve after that, the handle won't match the curve. You can mitigate that by templating the curve (violet button, second from right on the node itself) while you work on it.
  15. How to constrain the hand of simplefemale

    The steering wheel is a part of a larger object, and it's moving as the vehicle follows a path. I had some luck with the Points constraint, which also allows to use a direction attribute to set an orientation. I think it should be good enough to have the palm of the hand face the steering wheel. It looks like the IK chain stops at the wrist, so I'll do the rest by hand. I would have been so nice to have IK for the fingertips and the palm..