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  1. Area preserving deformer

    How can you simulate a sheet of paper being pushed through a hole ? It can't be just a local deformation, not sure about the physics behind this, but some kind of constraints propagate to the whole sheet, while other stay local (like just folding a corner)
  2. Curve parallel offset

    Use Sweep SOP with the curve as backbone and a Line SOP in the x direction, Enumerate SOP the line points, then after the sweep, delete SOP the points which you don't want (group: @index==0), then Add SOP / by group You'll still have to handle somehow the case where the curvature of the curve is less than the length of the line, you'll maybe have to read some differential geometry..
  3. I have several features of an animation tracked in Davinci Resolve. In Resolve (Fusion really) I can export it to a text file, the format is: DFMO 0.750000 0.140625 0.000000 0.750073 0.140554 0.500000 0.750146 0.140483 1.000000 0.750179 0.140426 1.500000 0.750212 0.140369 2.000000 i.e ( Column0 space clumn1 space column2 ) relative_X relative_Y time What is a path to an animated null ?
  4. Get rid of subdivide artefacts

    The setup is : polygonal tube without end caps, 12 columns, then a polyfill set to triangle fan to cap it. Then subdivide at depth 0, 2 and 3 How can I get rid of the 12 ridges on the bottom right geo ? I would like it to converge to something non convex at least.. I understand that at step 1 of the subdivide, it's breaking the smaller side of the top triangles in the middle (on the top cap), making it closer to the center than the other ones, hence the wavy effect.. Is there a better topology to start with that won't generate this wave ?
  5. Not by default, but you can assign one to Disconnect Inputs and Outputs in Edit / Hotkeys / (search bar..)
  6. 35:50 Look at bend1 parameters.... Sometime it's good to have a lot of parameters..
  7. Hit D as the mouse hovers the scene view, or right click the pin icon on the right of the scene view (with display options enabled) It's in visualizers. It also exists at SOP level : Visualize SOP.
  8. So here is how I did it Once the grid's cells align with the texture, Facet -> Unique points, Name each primitive (assign the name attribute) Pack the geometry (using the name attribute) Work on the point locations of the grid in an attribute wrangle, using a second grid for example in input1.. Randomize the points order ( sort / points / random ) of the second grid. @P=point(1,"P",@ptnum); unpack, and the rest is trivial.. I tweaked the colors and shifted every other row randomly.
  9. So I have a few textures for a hardwood floor, and the textures align nicely on a grid object, but it's still obvious that it's not a seamless texture. With the correct number of rows and columns set, I have one primitive per apparent plank. Some planks may have a seam somewhere but it's not too important right now. Now how do I shuffle the primitives ? I'm looking for the most Houdini way to do it.. Either actually shuffle the primitives, or copy the uv from a random primitive, which should look the same.
  10. Using a Mate, a window manager from Gnome descent (hence GTK), the close button on the info windows are missing. It's a bit tedious to have to right click and hunt for the close menu, although I take advantage of another bug ( the pin button closes the window when unpinning, so a double click on the pin closes the window). Is there a workaround, or is there another WM that handles this info window correctly ?
  11. I don't understand how to have a chop play a sound at a given time. I have a channel somewhere that specifies that the file should be played once in its entirety when its value changes from 0 to 1, but I don't understand how to have the audio chop do this.
  12. Is there a way to rotate the camera along its three axis at the same time ? Basically manipulating the two handles at the same time. I understand the two handles don't commute, because .. math.. but I'm looking for a way to tune the virtual look_at point of the camera
  13. Render on idle

    What I would like, is that when I walk away, I would like my workstation to work on the rendering of whatever is in the render queue. Note that I may have an instance of H running on the same (only really...) host, because it's the only one I have right now.
  14. Render on idle

    This is a minimal setup. One workstation, used to both create the hip files, and render them. I'm trying to have it render as soon as it's idle. Indie license.
  15. Using a principled shader, I'm using a texture file for the displacement. With effect scale set to 1, I have the expected result at render time, but in the viewport window the effect scale is too big. The textures used are: https://texturehaven.com/tex/?t=cobblestone_floor_13