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  1. Ramp interpolation

    My god! You gave me a lot of inspiration. Just add two more points at both ends. Thanks a lot and share my code here, you can see some differ(want to buy you a drink haha). deBoorTestC.hipnc
  2. Ramp interpolation

    Hi, thanks. It does achieve the same result as ramp, but what I want to know is what interpolation formula it uses (Bspline). Because i want to use it outside houdini.
  3. Although I don't expect to get an answer, I still want to ask: what kind of base function is used for the B-spline interpolation of ramp panel in Houdini. Because as shown in the figure below, the shape I draw with vex according to the B-spline basis function is basically the same as that of the convert node, but this result is different from that of the B-spline in the ramp panel. And i found that the curve shape of the ramp panel is better to use. The biggest difference is the position of the extreme point of the curve. I drew it in blue. So I would like someone to indicate what base function (or method) is used by the B-spline of the ramp panel in Houdini?
  4. hi guys ; recently i want to make a river by narrow band ; but meet some questions ; the water falls down with nb turned on ! can someone help me please , thank you ; test_nb_river.hip
  5. Hi everyone , I recently encountered a problem : the two pics are rendered with all the same settings but a reverse node act on pink prim , as you see , it is obvious that the effect of displacement is different ( pink part ) . By the way , why the displacement of two prims in the red circle are atypism ? The same P , the same N... with same turbulence , get different results ? Someone help me ? Thanke you . displace_test.hipnc
  6. Tree wire deform issue

    hi ! did you solved this problem? I have this problem, too.
  7. Dop impact data

    it's so difficult to learn..many questions... however, thank you very much!
  8. Dop impact data

  9. Dop impact data

    hello everyone. i want to know what does these impact data means and how to find it in help, i did not find it ,such as 'otherobjid' ,what's the define of it? Please help me guys, thanks a lot.