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  1. @numpt vs npoints (VEX vs Hscript)

    Thanks for asking this Noobini, I had the exact same question. Everyone seems to be saying USE VEX USE VEX Hscript is old... even the help documents are like HScript will probably always be available for certain jobs where it’s handier than VEX. For geometry manipulation, however, wrangling and VEX/VOPs is the way forward, and it’s worthwhile to learn the new workflow. But there have been cases where VEX doesn’t work. for example, I had a scatter sop and I wanted the total number of scatter points to be equal to the total number points of another geometry (geoB). So naturally one would think to get the @numpt from geoB and enter that into the number of points parameter. npoints(“../geoB”) in hscript works fine. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to use @numpt to get the same result. Is it a rule to only used hscript expressions for parameter controls? If this is true the help documents should make it point clear somewhere instead of saying we need to move toward vex vex vex. btw could you explain @ptnum%(@numpt-1)<1 looks fancy what does that % do?