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  1. I think you're right. When I try to open hic (build with H13) with H14 or H15, Houdini crashes. Or when I try to switch hic (build with H13) to hic (build with H14 or H15), Houdini crashes. So I think the best way is to re-create that hic in the newest Houdini.
  2. Save to Disk also does nothing for me. I have to use File (DOP) to save .sim file to disk. I find this topic which pointed out that Apprentice version can't use Save to Disk, but I'm not sure. Are you using Apprentice version?
  3. hdk SIM_SolverHair.C example hip

    Me, too. I also can't get SNOW_Solver.dylib to work X_X
  4. houdini snow solver

    Can you share a .hip file of this? I can't get it work X_X