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  1. Thanks for the answer, Thomas. I turn off Subsurface Scattering and now is 30 seconds faster. Weird thing: It seems my render time is a little unstable. When I was doing this topic, I've got a 3:13 min render, now is 4:24 min (both with SS on). Same conditions, frame, file and settings. Is this normal too? Thx again man, Shiz Edit: btw, I loved your work. I think code is poetry too and I love to work with Processing and Javascript. Very inspiring!
  2. First things first: – This is not a “why Mantra is so slow” topic. In fact, Mantra is my first renderer, so until now, for what I read, it seems pretty fast and good. – I came from a digital product design background and I’m really new to 3d and Houdini. – I’m using a MacBook Pro for learning which I know its definitely not the best machine to work with 3d stuffs. (Specs: Mid 2012, 2.3Ghz i7, 8GB RAM, GeForce GT 650M 1GB) So after this (not so happy) presentation, lets talk about my problem: I was doing a tutorial from Niels Prayer about how to make a geometry react from an audio file and after that I've tried to render a sequence of 860x540 images. I waited 14 long hours for about 12 secs of video. Is this normal for my computer specs? I forgot to cache the geo, but I don’t know if this could be a great factor to get a faster render, could be? I've read some topics about Mantra settings from Odforce and SideFX forum and found some interesting tips about how to get better and faster rendering trying to get down the pixel sample values, increase the max ray samples and tweak the noise level to an acceptable value. So I’ve attached a hip file with my Mantra settings, and my machine can render this frame in about 3:13 min. This is current the best I can do in terms of speed and quality. Do you guys can check it out my file and see what I can do to get a faster render? Please feel free to hit me with tips on how to get the best of Mantra and Houdini in general. Thanks a lot. Cheers, render-test.zip _render_test_1.exr
  3. Hey Marty, thanks for you answer. Would tell us more about what do you consider Houdini's principles and a way to understand them all? I've finished SideFX's Fisrt Steps | Intro with Ari Danesh and it was really helpful. Although sometimes its get tricky to do some of these old videos and articles from older versions of Houdini. _ Anyway thanks everyone for all the answers. I'll find time to answer all of you soon. In the meantime, I found very useful to learn things with a project-based approach, like tutorials from Rohan Dalvi, and for learning sake normally I would do the tutorial and then try to do something for my own using what I did for the tutorial. What do you guys think about this method? It can be dangerous for learning? Cheers, Shiz
  4. Hey guys, I'm a digital product designer who've always loved creative coding and generative/procedural art. I've heard about Houdini some years ago listening to Ash Thorp's podcast with Albert Omoss and now I'm finally getting to learn this awesome tool. I love to learning new things and everyday I'm amazed about how Houdini works. I'm following the PQ Houdini path (currently studying the SideFX's user guide videos) and I'm really loving it. Sometimes it gets confuse because of some old Houdini version related content but I'm feeling that I'm learning with baby but solid steps. So I want to ask what learning path you guys recommends to learn H, I know SideFX has one learning path too. And please feel free to share about your experience learning it if you like. Cheers, Shiz
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