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  1. From what I've seen OpenCl 3.0 support begin with driver 465. Don't know for Atom, but since I run 456 It doesn't seem to be the cause of my problem, but yes while I update windows I also update nvidia drivers. At same time I can't rollback due to redshift version !
  2. As I said, in my case all Houdini versions are affected. I've udated my first post and I suspect something with Windows updates. In wich specific node can I find pdb_constraint.h ? I try a grain sim but I get no error.
  3. Hi Something strange happen. Ocean Evaluate doesn't work anymore no matter which version of houdini I try. I try H16, H17, H175, H18, H185 Even the old file that worked generates an error. Diving into the node it appears that the probleme come from the ocean.h include in the Volume Wrangle named calc_X_Y_Z. Here is the type of error it generates : C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.499/houdini/vex/include/ocean.h: Invalid declaration type for variable X: complex (404,37) C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.499/houdini/vex/include/ocean.h: Invalid declaration type for variable Z: complex (404,40). ..... long list Does anyone have an idea ? [edit] While continuing to search, I tried on another machine that has a version of houdini and it's the same thing. The only common thing between these two machines is the windows update done in december. Does this speak to anyone?
  4. https://kitbash3d.com/collections/kits/products/brooklyn

    did you try to combine this technique with your tensorflow stylise tests ?
  6. Redshift Displacement with Instances

    It depend on your geometry and the "Maximum subdision" setting. 'min edge length' is a limit to restrain number of polys when subdivision is high. If your subivision is not sufficient, you may not see the displacement effect. a "min edge length" at zero don't help in this case. And by the way, "min edge length" to zero setting, is an advice, but not required. Basically once screen space adaptive is deactivated, you are on your own to get the best result.
  7. It's fun, but without wanting to be harsh, the editing ruins your film a bit. Especially you should avoid the succession of shots with 180° orientation points of view. And slow motion is cool, but you shouldn't abuse it. Editing is a crucial part of making a movie.
  8. Redshift Displacement with Instances

    It's not an error. It's the way redshift works. If you use render instances you must use fixed tesselation setting. Obviously With massive scenes it can be penalizing. A workaround could be to have two groups of objects. One for the foreground where you keep the displacement, but no screen space adaptative, and another for the background where you disable the displacement and with which you can use the screen space adaptative. Difficult to answer without seeing anything
  9. You don't seem to be a hobbyist. Asking some help is a thing. Asking someone to do the job for you, or collaborate is another things. Maybe you should specify if there is a fee or if it is a free service. At least things will be clear.
  10. bake the texture with the redshift baker. Then use the result texture in a classical way ?
  11. Don't know if you already do like this but in case Use : Render to Disk AND In the Output->Common tab of the redshift ROP : disable render to MPlay I frequently render High resolution sequence and using Mplay make renders fails. Once I totally "deactive" it, there is no more problems. As Romano say, it's a RAM problem. MPlay shall keep the images in memory, and can't handle memory overflow. The fact that the rendering fails every 135 frames confirm this.
  12. Volume Rendering (Redshift)

    Try to play with density or emission range in the advanced tab of the volume shader. (old min & old max) Maybe the value of your volume are not in the range 0-1. In this case you have to adjust the values. In some cases a misalignment can cause this pixelation effect.
  13. Weaving trail In houdini?

    ConnectAdjacentPieces ?
  14. Copytopoints material color

    For keyshot I don't know, but for C4D you better to use Alembic. You will get colors in a vertex map. no need to go through a material.