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  1. Redshift fog

    You can also take a look at this tutorial by adrian from the redshift team. He use shader on lights to control distance fog. It's for C4D but it's easy to reproduce in houdini.
  2. Modern example for Midi In

    Here is a test file I do some time ago. it's based on the doc example, but a bit more clear. Working in H19 (not tested 19.5) Midi files for test are included. Midi Automations.zip
  3. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    Interesting that this seems to have sparked a bit of a controversy haha
  4. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    I just get my invite fot DALL-E 2 and my first try was the same kind of prompt than above. "a red sphere in a green bowl on a table in front of a blue wall". And the result is.. I think it's going to happen muuuch faster than I thought haha !
  5. This is the tight place to point this. Let's hope an admin will see this post. May be send them a PM, But I don't know to whom. It's true that this new way of working is rather annoying
  6. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    Here is an interesting excerpt from an interview with David Holz (founder of Midjourney), in which he discusses issues related to terms of service, copyright and authorship. The link to the full interview https://www.theregister.com/2022/08/01/david_holz_midjourney/ and a link to the decision against Steven Thaler and his AI https://news.artnet.com/art-world/us-copyright-office-rejects-artificial-intelligence-art-2076830 " America, land of the lawsuit In terms of Midjourney output, current US jurisprudence denies the possibility of granting copyright to AI-generated images. In February, the US Copyright Office Review Board rejected [PDF] a second request to grant copyright to a computer-generated landscape titled "A Recent Entrance to Paradise" because it was created without human authorship. In a phone interview, Tyler Ochoa, a professor in the Law department at Santa Clara University, told The Register, "The US Copyright Office has said it's [acceptable] if an artist uses AI to assist them in creating a work as long as there's some human creativity involved. If it's simply you typing text, and the AI generates a work, that pretty clearly is not subject to copyright protection under current law." Midjourney's Terms of Service state "you own all Assets you create with the Services," but the company requires a copyright license from users to reproduce content created with the service – a necessary precaution to host users' images, even if it looks doubtful that those making Midjourney images simply through text input have any copyrights to convey or enforce. That may not always be the case. Ochoa said that he believes Steven Thaler, who created "A Recent Entrance to Paradise," may want to challenge the Copyright Office's rejection of AI-based authorship in court, though that hasn't happened yet. There are also potential copyright concerns arising from AI models trained on copyrighted material. "The question is whether or not it would be a fair use to use those images for training and AI," said Ochoa. "And I think the case for fair use in that context is fairly strong." Additionally, there's potential liability for those who generate images that are substantially similar to existing copyrighted material. "If your training set isn't large enough, what the AI spits out might look an awful lot like what it ingested," Ochoa explained, noting that the issue then is whether that's a copyright violation. "Indirectly, I think it very likely could be." As for potential legal risk to clients using Midjourney-generated assets, Ochoa said he thinks it's fairly low. If the training of an AI model infringed copyright, that was done before the client was involved, he explained. "So unless the client sponsored the creation of the AI in some way, I don't think [the client] would be liable for any infringement of the training set," he said. "And that's the strongest claim here. So I think clients are on pretty solid ground in using these images, assuming it was well done." Holz acknowledges that the legal situation lacks clarity. "At the moment, the law doesn't really have anything about this kind of thing," he said. "To my knowledge, every single large AI model is basically trained on stuff that's on the internet. And that's okay, right now. There are no laws specifically about that. Maybe in the future, there will be. But it's sort of a novel area, like the GPL was sort of a novel legal thing around programming code. And it took like 20 or 30 years for it to really become something that the legal system is starting to figure out." Holz said he believes it's more important at the moment to understand how concerned parties feel about this technology. "We have a lot of artists who use our stuff, and we're constantly checking with them like, 'do you feel okay about this?'" he said. Holz said if there's enough dissatisfaction with the status quo, it may be worth thinking about some sort of payment structure in the future for artists whose work goes into training models. But he observed that assessing the extent of contributions is difficult presently. "The challenge for anything like that right now is that it's not actually clear what is making the AI models work well," he said. "If I put a picture of a dog in there, how much does it actually help [the AI model] make dog pictures. It's not actually clear what parts of the data are actually giving [the model] what abilities."
  7. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    If you want to use the midjourney images as is, the terms of service are indeed rather prohibitive. But in a professional context midjourney is more of a source of ideas, and in this case it is not a problem. I already use it for a professional project, and the images allow me to either : to add proposals to mine to know where the client wants to go. It's just "concepts" that will end up in the trash. Or to get some textures, or elements such as skies or meadows but that I will recompose completely, and will be jsut some parts of the final work. That's why I'm not too worried about the professional concept artists. It will be an extra tool in their kit. But when it comes to fulfilling a director's specific request, there is still time before midjourney is able to do the job. Just try to get a green ball in a red bowl in front of a blue wall, you will see that there is still a long way to go before midjourney would be able to answer a precise and complex request, with framing, perspective orientations and character positioning.
  8. Effectively It seem Profil pages UI as get some change. By curiosity I try to see all post I started and I get nothing before November 2021. Wich is obviously not true. But viewing another user, say librarian :), I can't find the filter "threads started only" either. And the button "see more" wich is at the bottom of my profil posts page, is not present on the librarian page... who have post much much more that we can see now. It was far more simple before, or we miss something.
  9. This should work. You should post even a simplified file to see what's wrong with it.
  10. animated uv alembic issue

    I'm pretty sure that the UV tag in C4d doesn't support animation. That must be the problem. This should be possible by placing your UVs in another attribute that will be read as a vertex map. Then in c4d you would have to use expresso or python to transfer your uvs on the fly. If anyone would have a simpler solution I am also interested
  11. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    Houdini sidefx seen by the AI
  12. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    Is this your Library (first two images) ?
  13. If sideFX removed these contexts there would be no compatibility with files made with older versions. Nobody wants that.
  14. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    @Librarian Especially for you Starting prompt : Art_Forms_in_Nature_drawing_by_Ernst_Haeckel
  15. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    @Librarian Thank for the invite but I have already get mine. Can be usefull for someone else And by the way yes it's totally addidictive, And effectively can be very cool for some inspirations And a mix of two "render"