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  1. Thank you Thomas. Indeed, there should be conditions to trigger it. At first glance a distance thresold. But your exemple help. It's keyframed, and as I think I'm going to lower my ambitions, regular intervals could do the job after all. I should have provided a functional example of what I am trying to do, but for now I am just in search of what I could do or not. I thought it would be easier. My little past experience with unity or flash has accustomed me to events system. In fact, I have to represent a functioning neural network. It is not for educational purposes, it must above all be visually pleasing. But as it's for the attention of a big high-tech company people, I can't just do anything. Hence my hesitation between procedural and manual animation. However, I had still thought give a try to particule collision, But don't understand why this simple set-up don't work. Just trying to make the circle red on first particle collision. VexTrigger_with_pop_collision.hipnc
  2. ahah Thanks Tesan. You are the real Librarian I think it's going to take me a little while to look at all this.
  3. I'm in exactly the same kind of research. It seems that CHOP is one of the solutions. you can look here there is a file with a CHOP example. Don't sure it matches your needs, but may be a clue. In my case, animated instance seems to be an alternative solution. Anyway, I'm also interested if you find a solution. On my side if I find one I will post it.
  4. Moving Liquid in Glass

    When rendering liquids in a container, the shape is crucial. If it's not too heavy you should make a boolean to make the corners of your liquid hard (For now ther are too soft), and make liquid overlaping the glass. But you can also do this with shader using nested dielectric. Check this page of the doc about nested dielectric : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/nested.html This work in most of the renderers now. You could also place, behind the pyramide, a luminescent plane visible only by refraction.
  5. Thank you despite is not extactly what I want, as trigger node does triggering, that is cool, but it's an ADSR enveloppe. it triggers itself in a way. I really need a keyframed clip or a ramp. i tried to make it to trigger a channel node but no succes for now. but thanks for the clue. This help. I still keep looking, and may be using animated instanced objects could be a solution.
  6. Hi Is it possible to trigger a keyframed animation or chop clip from Vex ? I would like a kind of luminous beep with a controled decay. This decay need to be an animation track or clip (or a simple ramp ?), as i need to fine tune it, but triggering by vex under certain conditions. I would like to avoid Sop solver for this purpose here is a simplest exemple to illustrate what a try to do. The bip of the first sphere is from vex. Second and third sphere are keyframed or chopped (just cycle animations, not triggered) Thanks Vex Triggered Animation.hipnc
  7. It's look like you have emission active in rsVolume Shader but Volume contribution scale to 0 on the rsLight.
  8. Matcaps selector

    Yes it works now Vers handy. However, it seems the script, does not support spaces in the path of the texture folder. At first I get this message : Traceback (most recent call last): File "opdef:/Object/oscar_matcap_matt?OnCreated", line 10, in <module> WindowsError: (3, 'Le chemin d\x92acc\xe8s sp\xe9cifi\xe9 est introuvable', 'D:/Projets_2019/0 CommonMaps/Matcap_Textures/Matcap_Textures\\*.*') the space in "0 CommonMaps" was the culprit. Good to know Thanks again
  9. Matcaps selector

    Hi josich Trying to try you nice asset, I get this : Traceback (most recent call last): File "opdef:/Object/oscar_matcap_matt?OnCreated", line 3, in <module> ImportError: No module named oscarscr The python file is in the python2.7Libs folder I tried to put it in a "oscarscr" folder but no way. Thanks anyway
  10. Volcano wip

    Yes, the atmosphere is here now ! By the way, I was surprised that by clicking on the image although it is not so much larger the quality is far much better. On the thumbnail the smoke is totaly washed.
  11. Tree breaking reference

    In Avatar we see the trunk breaking during one second may be.
  12. Volcano wip

    The volcano shape is far better. And the smoke is beautiful. But at this point it is difficult to give an opinion without knowing what you want to achieve. A simulation and just a cool render of this simulation. A realistic image, an illustrative image ? Do you intend to do color grading ? Because the lighting seems a bit strange to me. It's probably because of the foreground. The grass is both too dark and green while the smoke lightning is white and strong. From an "artistic" point of view just crop the bottom with the grass, and strengthen the red lava lighning This will give a more interesting and mysterious picture IMO. But if you rework the foreground it's another story. It's endless
  13. error in /physarum-slime-mold

    Nice. I do the entagma tutorial and I can see why the H16 version was "approximative", like blurry. This time, the set-up is very close to the H17 version. In fact this set-up is very sensitve and for some parameters the range for tweaking is very thin. Tweaking just a bit I get some free spermatozoons. Very biological set-up physarum_2d_01 H16.hipnc
  14. error in /physarum-slime-mold

    it seem in H16 the * syntax in the group sop, not work, or don't work the same. just remove it (this will select all the points). This way the file sort of work. The second problem seem to be the Volume rasterize particle sop. it's not the same in H17+ I'm attaching a capture so you can see and the "semi-working" file physarum_2d_01Error b.hipnc
  15. Pretty contemptuous attitude. The truth is, no one really understands what you want to do. You don't post any files or sketches. Despite everything, people are trying to help you. If it's just mixing two nodes, noise or something else in a vop, like in the video, toadstorm gave you the answer in his file. He took time to make this file for you and you don't even bother to tell him if his proposal is close or far from what you want. If you have more appropriate answers on the sideFX forum, share them, it can be useful for everyone.