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  1. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    @Librarian Thank for the invite but I have already get mine. Can be usefull for someone else And by the way yes it's totally addidictive, And effectively can be very cool for some inspirations And a mix of two "render"
  2. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    ai generated images become very interested these days. I've also apply for an invite some day's ago, but nothin fot now.
  3. Subdivision levels

    And the answer is ?
  4. Every week shaping Ernest Hackel

    Ah well, you are getting closer. We were starting to get impatient
  5. parenting light to crowd agents

    May be some clue here :
  6. What I do know is that the channel works the way you use it. Just enter the name of a volume that works to try. If you enter density, heat or temperature, which obviously must be present after the VDB conversion you will see that it works fine. Now I'm not really a pyro user. Just my two pence guess : I don't see where in the DOP network, the absorption volume is processed by the pyro solver. Maybe it's just that all the values are zero. In my opinion this is where you should look.
  7. After your vdbvectormerge there is only two volume : density and vel. Thus in the color channel field you can't use absorbtion, just density or vel.
  8. The connectivity SOP use the name attribute created by the booleanfracture. Delete this attribute and you can see than the connectivity will no longer consider the cube as two separated pieces.
  9. May be you can find some clue in this asset, as it generate control point diynamically. https://richardcthomas.com/image-to-ramp And by the way it's a nice usefull asset.
  10. Inflate mesh

    I've downloaded the grasshopper example file of the video and asked a colleague who uses rhino to take a look. @sebkaine You were right, the topology is actually done with Quad remesher (the one included with rhino, I don't know if it's the same). For the rest of the set-up it is more or less the same. Then... sebkaine is the winner haha. clap clap clap clap clap. Librarian you will have to offer a prize
  11. Inflate mesh

    A try with Polyexpand2D node. However, as you can see, at circle intersections, the topology is not crazy. The real challenge here is topolgy. By the way the setup easily fails when you change circles size. would need some improvements ! inflate F.hiplc
  12. How can I convert a point cloud to a surface?

    Yes I tried the differents methods (those of the forum and particles fluid normal) but the jacke rice one is definitively better. Thank.
  13. Free Pig Head Sculpt

    Finally found some time to paint some textures. I try to keep it "cute". it's why skin bump is light. I even like it without any bump. This gives it a slightly cartoonish look. My renders are done with redshift, but in the file it's a (pretty close) Mantra version. hop you like it :). textures geo and hip file attached. Pighead_eol_paint.hiplc geo tex.zip
  14. How can I convert a point cloud to a surface?

    These command line and asset are pretty cool. By the way I have two comment these two lines to make the asset work #cmd.append("--color") #cmd.append("16") But without normals (Which is often the case with point clouds), you still have to use mash lab, which reduces the interest of using them. Is there a way to calculate the direction of normals on a point cloud without recoding the algorithm in VEX ? I tried with the @N = @P trick, it's not as bad as I expected, but it's still not great.
  15. When creating geometry I prefer run in detail Mode if possible. Can sometime be tricky in point mode. But you can easily convert it in point mode after if needed. If primitive number is the same, It's that there is no problem. Probably more experimented guys don't do that