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  1. Polybevel issue

    Here is a hip file. spiral2_F.hip
  2. Polybevel issue

    As you can see, you have disconnected primitive. Use fuse and join sop to reconnect them before the bevel. but probably you must rebuild your group.
  3. Ahh Thank you very much. So in materialBuilder context the displacementBound of the principled Shader don't work and you must use a mantra propertie ! it's a bit sneaky IMO. I could never have found it on my own. And yet I searched. This should be indicated in bold and red in the displacement section of the doc. Thanks again
  4. If you find the solution, let us know. Really curious to unserstand why it don't work in material builder !
  5. @primzahl I try what you say, but I get this. Trying to crank up the bound value don't change anything. Maybe there's something I didn't understand. @kiryha Look at the Houdini VOPs // Illume Webinar with Jeff Wagner. In the exemple files, there is one called vops_grunge_up_diffuse.hip where there is a material with displace visible in the viewport. Why it's work and mine not, I really have no idea. Displace_F2.hip
  6. Aah, I just had a hard time dealing with this problem this weekend. Found some solutions but overcomplicated IMO. With just a principled shader at Mat level is so simple, by the way no need to unwrap or rest sop in the sphere object... but I can't get it to work in a material builder. trying all sort of tranform space but no way. But thank to sreltak network I guess why. Need to retry. Displace_F.hip PS don't forget to frequently stop and restart mantra (not only refresh) when you do your tests.

    Please try to avoid double post Thomas already give you a file in your previous post here Just need to tweak a bit to get this effect.
  8. sort by attribute ?

    Yes you right. Don't know why but with the group promote the primitives are reordered correctly after the merge. No more numbering Hole.
  9. sort by attribute ?

    Many Thanks I had tried the group promote, but edge to primitives Group by point to sort primitive... I'm not used to Houdinian gymnastics there yet
  10. sort by attribute ?

    Oops I thought locked the file sop was enough ! Anyway here is the alembic file Paths_int.abc
  11. Hi I'm trying to resample several primitive groups differently. (Marked in red in the picture) the curve comes from an alembic files. The problem is that split then merge seem to break the skin sop. I guess, as you can see on the picture, it's because after the split there is a hole in the prim numbering. That's why I put a Sort sop by a attribute but I can get it to work. (the @pid attribute is ok) I think I'll just lengthen the shortest curves, so I won't have to split the curves, but I'd like to know why this set-up fails. Some ideas ? Coque resample.hipnc
  12. As I have my old version always installed I test it. The most notable difference is on the large spheres. As on the old version the parameters are always activated I set it to have the same result as yours. Top to bottom H15, H16, H17 or 175
  13. Thanks Good to know.
  14. In fact it's what I want. But thanks to your answer, I can ask my question again in a more relevant way. Is it correct to have multiple streams of data live together in a same dop network ?