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  1. On Growth and Form

    Master of patterns !
  2. Boat explosion

    May be you have seen this video. if not take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA8cYEn7Mfg There is a shot very similar to yours at 30s. And at 1:19, there's a hull tear also interesting. and by the way in this shot the rythme is BOOM--wait--pop-pop
  3. On Growth and Form

    I give a second try at this Hai le tutorial, and this time I got it. As it's fun here is the file. I added some parameter to play with. FancyTimeWithHexagon_F H16.hipnc You can see the damages here : https://forums.odforce.net/topic/45450-crazy-hexagons/
  4. Crazy Hexagons

    Another confinement consequence inspired by Hai le tutorial and some hypnotics works of @Librarian. Put your headphones for an immersive transcendental experience The file if you want to play with FancyTimeWithHexagon_F H16.hipnc
  5. Idiotic Jones and the Crumbling Donut

    and here is the consequences of confinement !
  6. On Growth and Form

    I've done this tutorial (hai le) but don't have succes with it. Just get circles, not hexagons. I am bumped my head on this, checked each character in this code, but no way. I've get another method to make squared shapes but different flavor. I would be really curious to find what's Wrong. is it possible you post the working code ?
  7. Procedural Robots

    impressive I like the "no more human" design of somes.
  8. Non-standard Spiral Staircase

    Here is a procedural VEX & Group appoach for an "oblong spiral" curve You can use it to distribute the setps Oblong_Spiral.hipnc
  9. Volume strange result Redshift

    As the temperature value are not in the 0-1 range, you need to tweak the old min and old max value of the emission Remap Range in the advanced tab of the rsVolume. By the way I've worked in sRGB as I'm not comfortable with OCIO truc F.hiplc
  10. Getting VDB Color Data

    I finally find the correct way. On the AttributeFromVolume just use your color Volume name (ColorA) in the Volume field. not @name=Color A in the group Field. As is, the delete sop is not needed anymore
  11. Getting VDB Color Data

    Here is a fix You nedd to delete the surface Volume. Don't know Why simplly use @name=ColorA is not good enough. You don' need attribute transfert as AttributeFromVolume do the job Fluid_Liquid_Sphere Fix.hipnc
  12. Actually, you're right. Problem with rsProxies beteen DCCs is with materials. Checked my files, I did a little export test last year, to get particles in C4D in various way, and rsProxy works. Don't remember why, but I preferred to use alembic. I attach the file, et au cas ou, I put also the generated rsProxies, tested in C4D, and not empty. Particles_Export_with_rs_rop.rar
  13. As far as I know rsProxies are not really cross-platform compatibles Better to use alembic
  14. I totally miss this one Thanks But I'm still curious about the sop solver.
  15. Getting VDB Color Data

    I didn't really understand if it work or not for you. Can you post a file ?