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  1. Bullet and Constraints learning ressources?

    It is true that it is not easy to find some on this particular subject. I had looked at this one. Not too bad even though it's in Turkish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_8aGjSnigU [edit] Just see your link. Interesting too.
  2. You can Always get the redshift demo to learn a bit and see if it can fit your FX needs. The demo is fully functional. Just renders with a watermark.
  3. Noise type value visualization

    I've done a snippet like this... but with a menu it's better thanks
  4. On the redshift forum, Tortoise ( I think it's here also ) post an houdini asset who do the stuff very nicely( but for redshift obviously). Sort of stochasting thing thing. https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/31947/
  5. volume position

    That's a good point, actually, this setup just return P ! But why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?
  6. volume position

    Here you get the idx of the current volume. May be like this.
  7. Take a look at this topics not specifically VEX though, but the last one is not for-each loop.
  8. volume position

    Check this. There's two examples in here. Be careful that there are two types of volumesamplefile nodes. volumesample and volumesamplevector. For position and color you obviously choose the vector one. volumesample.hipnc
  9. Simple Curve Rig for Trains

    May be check here :
  10. rendering properties... damn it, of course! Since I don't use Mantra very often, I never think about it ! Thank you very much Tomas
  11. Hi With Redshift to render instanced object from point, I sometime simply use the @instance attribute and it works directly. But doing this with mantra it just render points. I search in the render tab of the object and in the mantra rop but found nothing. I know I can use an instance sop or object. But I wonder to know where is the option to make points with just @instance attribute, render in mantra.
  12. Grouping nearby points with VEX

    It actually works as is, and I can't really explain why. It seems that when the resampling options are unchecked, the resample node gives the u values for the points as if they were equally spaced. Which is strange, but exactly what we want. Another strange thing, it's like the resample node gave the u values before resampling. In the doc it's clearly written that these are the values of the output points. You can see this in the second set-up on the right in the file. am i missing something ? Can Someone give some light ? Group points with Vex_F2.hipnc
  13. Grouping nearby points with VEX

    Efectively with this snippet it's required. But I'm pretty sure it would be not to hard to fix. Just thinking of it, make a resample with same number of points but evenly spaced, then a copy attribute on the original curves could do the trick. I'll try it if i find some time.
  14. Grouping nearby points with VEX

    A simple u based solution. i@nbpt = @numpt / @numprim; i@uidx = (@nbpt-1) * @curveu; int itsprim[] = pointprims(0, @ptnum); i@primid = itsprim[0]; s@grp = 'group_' + itoa(@uidx); setpointgroup(0,@grp,@ptnum,1,'set'); By the way, almost all variable are attributes, but it's just for "debugging" purpose. I get a little lazy sometimes. Group points with Vex_F.hipnc
  15. Indeed this technique is very interesting. On the unity's shader author page here you can find a detailled descripton and the glsl code. I tried to run it in "shadertoy" and it's a semi-success. The definition of the elements used for the color space changes are done in the application. it would be really cool to adapt this for houdni. Or to redshift as soon as osl is available. So I took a quick look at the possibility to play with a glsl shader for houdini, but it looks like glsl it's only for viewport visualisation. Is that right ?