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  1. For the align topicsmay be you may check this video from entagma : TD Essentials: Parallel Transport. https://vimeo.com/251091418
  2. Ah yes, thanks Trying in the source Windows and it's the same. Does this mean that this condition should not be used in houdini ? (sorry, pretty new with python in houdini)
  3. You can put it in app folder : Houdini 17.xx/python27/lib Probably not the best location, but at least Houdini finds it. On the other side, I can't get it to work. I included a small print test in the library to be sure. And I try with the two sample but nothing happen !
  4. Finally, got it ! (with the help of french houdini discord, though) It was just a fundamental misunderstanding of the use of the SOPSolver. I used prev_frame as my main output without questions. Very bad idea !
  5. Hello I'm stuck on a problem that must be everything stupid. In this set-up I try to use @active attribute to use it in an RBD simulation. To modify @active at thee SOP level I use an attribute transfer. the problem is that the Active attribute must not return to zero when it leaves the object area. I'm trying to use a counter so that the "activation event" only takes place once. For this counter I need a solver, but that's where I get stuck, the SOP solver resets my @active attribute, even if it doesn't do anything. I know other ways to achieve this result, I looked at, among other things, the mestela files concerning these kind of setups. But I would really like to understand what's wrong here, because obviously something is slipping away from me. I also attach the file, if a kind soul wants to take a look at it. ActivatorObject.hipnc.zip
  6. Simple Noiser

    Excellent. I love these small tools, not necessarily complex, which just save time. And for that Houdini is the king. Besides, I wonder why I didn't do it? So thanks for doing it

    You give the response. It doesn't work because your curves are composed from separate primitive. In the original setup each curve is a unique primitive, and all the "u calculations" can be done over the complete curves. Not in your setup.
  8. A few weeks ago I made a similar setup and to start with I made exactly the same as yours, and indeed it doesn't work. Anyway this is the Moritz method to achieve the same thing. The group is used to play with stiffness not activation. Pin to Target F.zip
  9. Remesh using scatter points

    Interesting challenge. Not too difficult IMO for an illusionist... which I'm not Nevertheless here is a way to start. It'all about transfer attributes and UI. For the moment the difficulty (for me anyway) is to add a square mode to the scales. here is a file. I start from an Entagma tutorial : Built-In Nodes vs. VEX: Voronoi-Morph vimeo.com/312285886 There is a control with some paramaters to tweak, and a curve who control voronoi "influence". But the curve could or rather should be used to transfert other attributes. ChameleonSkin_test1.hipnc.

    Alors même en francais il faut faire un minimum d'effort ne serait ce que sur le titre du topics, si tu veux que des gens te viennent en aide. Pour les tutos cherche ruben Mayor, il est canadien et certains de ses tutos sont en francais. Il y a aussi un site dédié a houdini en francais : houdinimatic.fr
  11. MTL To Redshift Material

    Place the code in a shelf tool button or you can just open the python source editor (Windows menu) and paste the script into. Find the line #select MTL file to process Adjust one of the path to point to your .mtl file. Click apply (or click your new shelf button). It's done You find the materials in shop. Super Cool ! However, it seems that it is better to leave the textures at the same level as the obj file. When the textures are in a subfolder, the path in the texture is not good. At least for me. Spaces appear or they should not. Or maybe avoid spaces in the path.
  12. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    My first post here. But we have to get started, right Non linear animation timeline editor like Maya Trax, Blender NLA editor or C4D Motion mode. Characters tools are great. There is really a gap here. Or may be I miss something ?