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  1. How to break up advected particles in Houdini

    Juste use the emission attribute of the POP source. You can use Cd or whatever attribute. Some examples. Emission from Cd or attribute.hiplc
  2. Hi terence - You say "a mask of my subdivided, transformed geo", but In your sketch you show white area on non subdivided area. - You say matte, are you after a bitmap mask for some post processing ? - You have already a falloff . probably a solution here, but without take a look at your file difficult to say. A file and some infos will help people to help you.
  3. How to adjust the width of a point multiple times

    class += i@ptnum > 23; class += i@ptnum > 87; I like these two lines I have to remember the trick I've just converted the rig wrangle into a classic detail wrangle. May be more "classical" way. @konstantin magnus by the way, why do you use pretransform rather than transform (who seam to also work) ? Classical vex way.hiplc
  4. How to adjust the width of a point multiple times

    Some for loop ?
  5. Procedural Design

    I will be curious to see the network. It must be very dense to say the least. Do you have any idea of the total number of nodes. Including those in asset or subnetworks
  6. How to avoid stepping/banding in dense volumes?

    May be you better to post a file. Stepping when cranking density on volume doesn't seem strange, and probably I don't have enough knowledge (don't really use pyro) but from the pictures I am not able to say much.
  7. Just search midi in the documentation, you will find an example doing what you're after under "midi out".
  8. If you use point normals its probably the problem. C4d doesn't read prim or point normal from Alembic. To get your pretty normals into C4d you need to promote these Point Normals to vertice normals.
  9. Totally agree. I have nothing to add to what Sebkaine said It's very good advice.
  10. SSS Noise Redshift

    SSS can be tricky to get clean. Have you tried the point based mode? Depending on what you're looking for, that might be enough. Way much faster and less noisy, but yes a bit less nice. It looks like you're using an HDRI for the lighting, I've found that SSS doesn't like HDRIs very much. Just try a physical sky, you'll see a clear difference. Sorry maybe someone else will have more useful advice. Personally for these difficult cases, I use denoiser, even if it means a bit of compositing behind it.
  11. Houdini fixed Point Count

    When you import "as particle geometry" internally C4d use Thinking particles wich is cumbersome. Effectively when importing particles, even with a constant particle count particle id change over time. this is a thinking particle related problem. i've been having a pretty hard time wrapping my head around this problem. But if I understand correctly you want to use the particles as as scatter source. Why export a sequence ? For this kind of workflow I prefer to import the particles "as polygon Object". The imported object has no polygons, but points are here. It's really easy to use mograph stuff with that.
  12. it's not work like this. I should have added that you can't always use this name as an attribute You can use attributes that have been previously defined in the parameter fields, but not all parameters are recognised as attributes. Some nodes recognise a number of attributes, notably predefined attributes, like pscale, orient, v etc... and some nodes recognise some of their parameters as attributes, such as Vellum Sop nodes, but explaining the mechanism of attributes is beyond the scope of a single post. At least by me whose English language is not my strength. I suggest you take a look here : https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini
  13. In the parameter pane, when you rollover the name of a parameter a tooltip appears. You can see the reel name of the parameter, wich is the atribute name. Sometime it's the same as the parameter name (the label), like height, sometime it's different.
  14. mega scan renders always look bad

    or you can just plug your AO texture in the diffuse weight input.
  15. Disgusting thing

    It's very easy to make disgusting things in houdini Set-up inspired by this tutorial from simon Fiedler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqM_3goH4J8 File is available too. I've just added a vdbfromparticule to make the skin, and a totaly non procedural cheating to maintain the "tentacule" consistency on the left. The final Splash is a bit chip, but hey, I needed to ends this awfull thing. And I had fun making the "sound design".