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  1. Hi Aleksandar, Orient is a vector4 attribute and assigning z rotation is not like that in orient, I am attaching a file with some ways to get this you can have a look and see which one works for you best. Thanks Vineet rotMethods.hip
  2. keep positions

    Hi Gabriel, I think if you just hold your moving sphere on a single frame using time shift and put it in the 2nd input of your vop and use 2nd input 'P' using "importPointAttribute" as reference position for your noise only, should work for you as that will work as a rest position which is not changing globally per frame. Hope this should help. Thanks Vineet
  3. Hi Aleksandar, For this you could try giving orientation attribute of some value to the points and multiply it with the point numbers suppose in your case if you give Zrotation 2 to all the points and then if you multiply it with the (ptnum+1) your first point will take the same rotation then the 2nd one will be 2x and the 3rd one will be 3x and so on. I have used (ptnum+1)because you point numbers starts with 0 so if you multiply directly with the point number your first object will not take any rotation. Hope this will help. Thanks Vineet
  4. Hi, i baked a displacement map of ripple over a grid and i want to add that displacement over ocean spectrum displacement for raining ocean i tried adding ocean evaluate displacement and texture displacement node displacement but effecting ocean shading properties as well and not giving desired result. Thanks
  5. you can do that after your simulation by point vop and make the variations in y direction to static as of the first frame.....hope this will help...thanks....
  6. DOP, constraint SOP problem

    hi jamshid, you import your glue network from your geometry level using object merge which will not get update as per your sim..all you have to do is take your glue network from relationship node which is already present inside your sop solver this relationship node take your glue network from dop net so get updated as per your sim...hope this will help thanks....
  7. Rivet tool is best for that kind of work but some time i feel a bit complicated with that......thanks
  8. Glue Network follow RBD object

    hi, i have checked your file jim what you did is just deleted the network using vdb that's why all your pieces having that network are breaking..nd i think u want your pieces to break in clusters kind of so for that you have to make a cluster on you your glue network by which you piece can detach from your original cube but still intact with other falling pieces and can break after the get hit on the ground....for clustering you can use glue cluster node for simple and break your cube as per dynamic impact without using manual deletion of network which will also delete your cluster attrib also for manual deletion you can use sop solver and play with you network...hope so this will help...thanks
  9. you can try select a point on his mouth where you want to attach the tube and keep only that point using blast sop(delete non selected) and then pack you tube geometry and then simply use a transform node and call transform values from that point....or use point vop or wrangle to apply point P values to tube...for wrangle u can use @P=point(1,"P",@ptnum); where your tube geo is connected on the first input and you point is connected to the second input...hope this will help thanks....
  10. divide in exact ratio using vex

    thank you konstantin for your reply..........i tried that method earlier but that doesn't give me the exact control for the ratio
  11. divide in exact ratio using vex

    thanks for the reply ikoon your expression is cool i also used same kind of logic for my work but now i want to make it more procedural so that we can change the no. of objects as well as the ratio at any point of time i will share with you when i will be done with this thanks
  12. hi... i want random value between 0 -3 in the ratio of 2:2:6... i used "fit(rand(@ptnum),0,1,0,3)" and it gives me random no. between 0 to 3 but i also want to get them in exact ratio in a procedural way thanks in advance
  13. Grain particles explosion

    you can try to use volume collision by making proxy volume in sop level of that butterfly using vdb....hope so it will work.....