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  1. Bee Movement

    Hi Karl, sorry for the delayed response ,I was away for a while. Thanks for the file.Your setup looks nice, but somehow I couldn't manage to get it around any other object.Mean while I just tried to achieve using minimumposition and curl noise.Still quiet not there yet. Any suggestion on both the approaches? bees_v01.hip
  2. Bee Movement

    Hi, Hope I get some help on this. I am trying to create bees covering an object and moving randomly over the surface, exactly like in this image. minpos with some noise gets the points over the surface with noisy movement. But don't know how to get the kind of movement as in the image. Can anyone help me on this.Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Foam Advection

    Hi, I am trying to create beach waves that kind of shrinks overtime, like in the image.I am facing issues with foam movement. The foam doesn't get the flip volume advection. I want the foam to move along the surface according to the waves.I don't know where I am wrong.Could anyone help me on this? BeachWaves_Test.hip
  4. Need help on beach waves

    Hi, I am trying to create beach waves that over a period of time shrinks or draws back as the ground gets revealed. I tried animating the water depth but that affects the height of the water.Animating the geometry to push the water in yields undesirable effect. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Gait speed animation in crowds

    Hi All, I am trying to move crowd along a curve path.I want the crowd to slow down, stop and then start moving again along the curve.I tried keying the gait speed parameter but it doesn't work. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Blood Drip Question

    Okay. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Blood Drip Question

    Additionally, if may I ask, What is the approach to get the blood on the floor to spread in a non circular pattern...?
  8. Blood Drip Question

    Thank you Atom. It worked
  9. Blood Drip Question

    Hello everyone, I am trying to create a blood drip effect.Please find in the hip file and gif image. Blood drips fine as long as it slides over the surface.Once it comes off the surface, there is too much of curly noise.How to avoid it? Can anyone help me on this.Thank you. Blood_Drip_Test.hip
  10. Parameter values using VEX function

    Thanks a lot jiri
  11. Parameter values using VEX function

    Similarly, how to use a value from vop to set parameter values?
  12. Parameter values using VEX function

    Hi ... Thanks for the replies. Both the solution works fine.
  13. Parameter values using VEX function

    Hello Everyone, Can anyone explain how to set parameter values using VEX function? Say for example,there is a sphere, scattered. If the current frame is between 5 and 10, the number of scatter points should be 10 else 0. if(@Frame >= 5 && @Frame <= 10) { @scattercount=10; } else { @scattercount=0; } How to set @scattercount to force total count parameter of scatter sop. Thank you.
  14. Mercury spilling using flip

    Yes ,I tried adjusting surface tension.
  15. Attractor force for flip particles-Question

    yes, I have watched that tutorial.The suction force is uniform . I would like to have some variation in the force. Also I found this tutorial http://www.affex.no/houdini-liquid-attractor/