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  1. hey sorry matte i had to turn it down due to some issues.
  2. Houdini 15.0 - simulated using flat tank, and custom forces added in front and back of ship to get the wakes.render time : 15-20minsrendered in mantra and comped in nukeThanks to my mentors who taught me the awesome tricks to achieve the results.model downloaded from - cadnav.comAny advice or feedback appreciated.
  3. Too late to reply, but i recently figured out diving inside fluid source we can also add a mask to the 'volumevelocity1' node from the 'add noise scalar' node. works quite well
  4. That's a wonderful sim Igor. I have been trying to achieve the splashes on a shot of ship collision, but mine is a rather calm ocean. Could i know a little about how you managed to get those splashes. I've used custom pumps on mine, on the edges but that doesn't look good.
  5. @stickman....hey sorry bro the model isn't mine. I had that one animated just figured how i could put it to some use. Thanks!!
  6. This is a small project i had been working on lately, mostly had to limit myself with the render settings as this almost took 1 hour per frame. any feed back would be appreciated. Thank you
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